State Meeting and Bill McGowan Birthday

Posted on Mar 15, 2012

In one of the shortest meetings ever, the Board of Directors of the Minnesota Baseball Association went over new rules and handed out league supplies to the faithful baseball people in attendance for the 1:00 P.M. meeting.

After the league packets were handed out, Director Forsman covered the new rules and also went over some that the Board felt should be emphasized. There were very few changes and most were minor. The biggest change involves drafting in the Class C Regions. Each region will be able to set up “their own draft as they agree on, either from their regions or their league or a combination of both.” This could get complicated and each region must state their policy in their region minutes sent to the State Secretary.

Other items gone over were: College “players” changed to “College students;” If you sign a player, make sure he presents a release unless it is a first-time contract; the Board has the authorization to classify or re-classify any team at any time; the Board will appoint Super Section Commissioners; and went over the timing of finishing your league, region and section tournaments in a timely manner. It has been suggested that they all finish a day early for possible rain delays (automatic make-up day). With that the meeting was adjourned at 1:19 P.M. For a complete rule book go to your league meeting or look it up on the MBA website under Documents.

Secretary Zellmann let everyone in attendance know that a former Director and President of the MBA, Bill McGowan, will be having a birthday on April 17, 2012. He will be 104 this year. Bill has been involved in baseball all of his life and he is the oldest living Hall of Famer. Zellmann noted that it would be great if everyone could send him a card wishing him a Happy Birthday. His address is: Bill McGowan, Fairfax Community Home, Fairfax, MN 55332. Happy Birthday, Bill. And many more!!

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