State Board Recap – 04/16/2011

Posted on Apr 22, 2011

Complete April MBA Board Meeting Minutes

The State Board met on Friday, April 15 and Saturday, April 16 and covered quite a bit of ground.  The meeting on Friday night was to establish the 16 Regions for Class C. On Saturday, they presented the Region alignment to the Class C commissioners.  After a little discussion, and one change they finalized the Regions for the 2011 season.  Click here for the alignment

After reviewing a number of player questionnaires and pro-player questionnaires (check the Board minutes for the individual players) the Board made a motion to allow players on teams that have disbanded to come before the Board and request to be placed on teams of their choice.  This would be allowed one time and after that the player would have to abide by the regular eligibility rules.   

Cold Spring announced that a team from their area would be formed to play the St.Paul Saints.  The Board approved this and asked for a roster.  Steve Huls is getting the All-Star team together. The game will be played on May 7th in Cold Spring.  Game time is 3:30 P.M.

The Class B committee presented their proposals for the 2011 Super Sections.  Jim Johnson was elected as the head of the Class B teams for this year and was the spokesman.  Johnson explained how the Super Sections would work.  There will be four Super Sections.  The host sites will be Chaska, Cold Spring, Dundas and Miesville.  Each Super Section will have four teams and play a double elimination tournament the weekend of August 12-14.  The top two teams will qualify for the State Tournament.  The Class B State Tournament will be an eight team double elimination tournament and it will be played over the first two weekends of the State Tournament (More details will be forthcoming in Bill’s Blog this week). 

After a number of questions from the Board and answers from Johnson, the Board voted 9-0 to approve the Class B plan for 2011. 

Steve Loos of DaVinci Software was present to go over some things with the new MBA website.  So far 82 teams have registered.  Director Dave Hartmann expressed disappointment with the figure.  Loos responded that they have been waiting for the Board to select a content management vendor to partner with on setting up the MBA team/league websites.  He pointed to some sites that have done a great job on their webpage and also noted that the Central Valley League had their whole league set up.

Loos wants to remind all teams that a FREE website is available for every team and league in the state.  He also re-iterated that if a team had an established website, they could have that link on their MBA website. In the near future there would be more support offering the opportunity to get individual help to get your webpage up and running on the MBA site. 

The Board received proposals from LudMedia (Mike Ludwig) and the Herald-Journal (Dan Birkholz) to handle maintenance on the website.  They also received bids from Bill Nelson and the Herald-Journal to provide content for the website.  After the presentations the Board met in private and selected LudMedia and Bill Nelson to handle the website maintenance and content respectively.  LudMedia will also handle the training and in-game updates and scoring for the State Tournament. 

The Brownton-Glencoe State Tournament committee was at the meeting and assured the Board that things for the tournament were coming along well.  They also announced that Glencoe would host the Class B Championship game and Brownton would host the Class C Championship game.  There will be six games played at Hutchinson over the first two weekends. 

The Board decided to notify the 11 teams that moved down from Class B to Class C over the off-season that their rosters would be monitored and if it looked like they were recruiting Class B players, they would be returned to Class B.

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