Section/Region Brackets at a Glance

Here is where the state site will store the links to all the Section and Region tournament brackets, as well as those teams that have qualified for their section or region as that information gets udpated. If a hyperlink is not available, ScoreMonster hasn’t yet received the bracket from a Section/Region representative. Please email to ASAP.

The ideal set up, for the sake of convenience on both ends, is to maintain an updated bracket on an external site and send us that link. If that’s not an option, please send us your bracket as a PDF document (preferred) or an Excel document. To view the teams as they’re assigned to each Section and Region, CLICK HERE.

Four teams from each Section will qualify for the Class B Tournament. 

SECTION 1B (web)

SECTION 2B (.pdf)

SECTION 3B (web)

SECTION 4B (.pdf)


The number in parentheses is the number of teams from each Region that will qualify for the Class C Tournament.

REGION 1C – (3 Teams) (web)

REGION 2C (3 Teams) (web)

REGION 3C – (4 teams) (.pdf)

REGION 4C – (3 Teams) (.pdf)

REGION 5C – (2 Teams) (.pdf)

REGION 6C – (3 Teams) (web)

REGION 7C – (4 Teams) (web)

REGION 8C – (4 Teams) (web/bottom right on page)

REGION 9C – (2 Teams) (web)

REGION 10C – (2 Teams) (web)

REGION 11C – (3 Teams) (web)

REGION 12C – (4 Teams) (web)

REGION 13C – (3 Teams) (web)

REGION 14C – (2 Teams) (web)

REGION 15C – (4 Teams) (web)

REGION 16C – (2 Teams) (web)


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