Pull up a chair at Howard Lake

Posted on Aug. 6, 2013 by CJ Siewert

Many town team ballparks in Minnesota are known for their old-fashioned grandstands or unique viewing areas. Others rely on spectacular field surfaces to make their presence known.

For Memorial Park in Howard Lake, you’ve got a well-balanced mixture of each of the aforementioned attributes, which creates a great venue for the third site of the 2013 State Tournament. Nestled on the southwest shoreline of Howard Lake, Memorial Park truly has that “small town” ballpark feel to it. It’s literally a few steps away from a popular small campground and just three blocks away from downtown.

What makes the park unique is the atmosphere and viewing areas. A deep home run over the left field wall will find its way into the lake, which also offers a great scenic view for the fans. Campers at the neighboring campground have the option to catch a ballgame on any given night, but fans need to be aware of packing their own lawn chairs in case the game draws a large crowd.

The only permanent seats available are 130 stadium seats that sit directly behind home plate and a few park benches scattered around the field. But that’s what makes the fan experience great – you can experience that big league ballpark seating with the stadium seats or you have the option to pull up your own chair and find the best viewing area you see fit along the hillside surrounding the field.

So if you plan on attending this year’s State tourney games at Howard Lake, be sure to pack a chair because I can assure you there will be more than 130 fans at the park.

Where is the field?

Memorial Park is located on the corner of 1st Street and 10th Avenue (County Road 6), which is three blocks north of Highway 12.

Howard Lake is 40 miles west of Minneapolis on Highway 12 (I-394 West turns into Highway 12). 

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