October 19, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Eastside VFW, St. Cloud, MN

Saturday, October 19, 2019 

Meeting call to order by President Richter at 1:00 PM 

Roll call showed all Directors present 

Motion Brennan, second Nagel, carried to approve the minutes of the previous meeting. 

There were 37 dedicated baseball people in attendance. 

Motion Kreger, second Nagel to allow the following players to play in the Roy Hobbs Tournament in Fort Myers, FL the week of 10/19 – 10/26.  Andy Wolf, Blaise Jacobsen, Pat Boggess, Tom Hady, Jackson Bulls

Jeremy Peschel, Mike Peschel, Brook Lyter, Aaron Olson, Chris Baso, Jeremy Hinderks and Brett Dormanen all request permission to play in the Rob Hobbs Tournament in Florida from October 19-26.  They will all play with Team Maxbat 35+ Division.

Also, Mike Jeseritz, Scott Marquardt, Bill Aho, Nick Corbin, Mike Adelman, Mike Andreas, Michael Kragenbing, Nate Winter, Craig Meyer, Troy Frieler, Eric Meyer, Eric Eveslage and David Jonas 

Todd Bergstrom, New Market came before the Board to present the concept of adding another Class to the MBA.  He felt that this would allow a number of C teams the opportunity to qualify for playing in a State Tournament that is not present in today’s format. 

Paul Froncak is resigning as Region 8 Commissioner.  We thank Paul for all his dedication and years of service to Minnesota Amateur Baseball and wish well in the future.  He indicated that Mike Poser will be assuming the role of Region 8 Commissioner effective Board approval. 

Mike Freidrick, Waconia appeared before the Board to request reinstatement to the MBA effective 2020 season.  Motion Nagel, second Forsman, carried to reinstate Waconia to the MBA for the 2020 season. 

Paul Schlangen, Sauk Rapids appeared before the Board to petition to move from Class B to Class C.  There was significant discussion regarding the movement of teams from Class B to Class C and there was clarification as to the interpretation of the time that a team must spend playing Class B under the new criteria. 

Motion Forsman, second Schleper carried 8-1 (Roufs voting no) stipulating that any team that has played Class B for 2 years under the new criteria would be eligible to petition to Class C. 

Motion Lemke, second Schleper, carried to deny Sauk Rapids moving down to Class C. 

Moorhead Miners will not be reclassified to Class B due to an error in their player points. 

There was significant discussion on the MBA’s 100th Anniversary in 2023 around the planning and site selection.  It was determined the the Board would accept proposals from any sites for the 2023 State Tournament regardless of when sites last hosted, thus, waiving the 5 year waiting rule for the 2023 tournament.  The Board would like any sites interested to submit to Secretary Hartmann their desire for consideration by January 15, 2020.  The Board would then request hard copy proposals by May 15, 2020 with the bidding at the June meeting in St. Cloud.  Note:  the Board would only be awarding the 2023 tournament at this bid letting. 

The Board is considering doing a joint venture with Todd Mueller Town Ball Parks Book Author on reprinting and selling another 1000-1500 books. 

The Board received an inquiry from Lucas Wetzel, Xylo Bats to introduce their bats and sell to MBA teams.  The Board in considering having an Expo in conjunction with our February meeting to have  various bat companies and other equipment vendors present to present their repective products. 

The Board received a proposal from John Mogensen, Globica Inc. Regarding the use of Baseballs in the MBA.  The Board would like more information and specs on the ball.  The MBA would not consider this ball until tested in game conditions. 

Committee Appointments:

Credentials –Brennan, Lemke

Nominating – Roufs, Schleper

Tellers – Roufs, Schleper, Koch, Sticha 



Dennis Brennan, Mike Nagel, and Gary Schleper audited the MBA finanials and approved the Financial Report for 2019.  It was deemed to be complete and accurate. 

The Region/Section Commissioners met at 3 pm and discussed items of interest and concern.  Randy Schoenburg, Region 15 Commissioner spoke for the commissioners and noted the following:  Generally speaking, things went well.  There was one violation of uniforms and was handled by forefeiting regional game shares.  The commissioners would like have their rosters reformatted so that when they go to print that they would be accurate and contain the appropriate information. 

The meeting was recessed for dinner. 

Meeting was called back to order by President Richter at 5:15 pm 

Roll call showed all directors present. 

In attendance

Section Commissioners:  #2 Kelly McMonigle, #3 John Briemhorst

Region Commissioners:  #4 Tim Beier, #5 Brian Swanson, #7 Gerald Roepke,

#10 Rob Silvers, #12 Mike Rippberger, #15 Randy Schoenberg 

Leagues:  Arrowhead West, Cannon Valley Classic American, Crow River North and South, DRS, Eastern Minnesota South, HI-10, Northstar Central, River Valley West, River Valley East, River Valley Central, Sauk Valley, Stearns County North, Stearns County South, Tomahawk East, Victory South, Victory East 

Board members reported details on assigned committees and responsibilities 

Secretary Hartmann reviewed the details of the 2019 Financial Report.  Motion by Wayne Erickson, second Herb Koch, carried to accept the 2019 Financial Report. 

Nominating Committee:  Vice President Roufs reported the following nominees for election to the Board of Directors: Incumbents Mark Forsman, Dave Hartmann and Joe Kreger.  Jason Kuerschner also requested to be on the ballot for election.  Director Schleper called for nominations from the floor.  After the required number of times and no further nominations, motion Herb Koch, second Wayne Erickson, carried to close nominations. 

The following is the result of the election with 34 votes cast:

Forsman 30

Hartmann 24

Kreger 24

Kuerschner 15 

Forsman, Hartmann and Kreger will serve three-year terms on the Minnesota Baseball Board of Directors. 

The floor was then open for discussion.  There was some clarification on some components of the the Criteria system.  There was also lengthy discussion on how many players (can a team have more than 25 players on their active roster)can a team have on their active roster and how criteria points would be handled accordingly.  There was also talk about Active vs. Inactive players.  Mike Nagel then spoke on some of the things being worked on with Scoremonster: ie; contracts/releases to be done online and also talked about rosters and criteria points being more visible. 

Brian Larson introduced the winner of he 2019 Mike Downs Award – Mark Forsman, Dassel for all his contributions over the years to amateur baseball.  Congratulations, Mark!! 

With no further business, motion Herb Koch, second Bill Franzen,carried to adjourn at 7:16 pm 

MBA Board Meeting October 19, 2019 

Meeting call to order by President Richter at 8:07 pm 

Roll call showed all Directors present except Gary Schleper 

First order of business was the election of officers. 

Motion Kreger, second Lemke, carried to file a white ballot to elect John Richter as President, to elect Fred Roufs as Vice President and to elect Dave Hartmann as Secretary/Treasurer. 

Motion Nagel, second Forsman, carried to approve rate for Handbook Advertisements:  1/3 page:  #35           ½ page:  $50

Full Page and covers: $75           Centerfold:  $400 each side 

Motion Roufs, second Kreger carried to set the President’s salary at $1,000, Secretary/Treasurer at $4,000, office rent $3,000 and secure hankbook ads at $1,000. 

Annual Meeting set for 2020 at the Eastside VFW on Saturday, October 17, 2020 

Motion Lemke, second Brennan, carried to set board expenses at .50/mile for mileage and

$40/day per diem. 

There being no further business, motion Forsman, second Nagel carried to adjourn at 8:25 pm 

Submitted by Dave Hartmann, MBA Secretary/Treasurer 

Next meeting of the MBA will be Saturday, November 16, 2019 at the Eastside VFW, St. Cloud at 11:00 AM

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