Oct. 15 state board meeting recap

The Minnesota Baseball Association’s state board met Saturday in St. Cloud to discuss several issues, including an informational update on Class B and C classification criteria and potential changes to wood bat regulations. 

The board — President John Richter, Fred Roufs, Dave Hartmann, Tom Lemke, Dennis Brennan, Mark Forsman, Mike Barry, Joe Kreger and Mike Nagel — convened at the East Side VFW for their monthly meeting, and St. Patrick’s Michael B. Sticha live-tweeted the proceedings, which are embedded below.  

State Board Mtg: Mike Nagel states Board still working towards a team value score. Above is Class B, below would be C. Still in process.— Michael B. Sticha (@StPatrickGuy) October 15, 2016

Nagel goes on to say nothing is final. Implementation not guaranteed.— Michael B. Sticha (@StPatrickGuy) October 15, 2016

Forsman: Board relies heavily on team’s filling out Roster online fully, correctly. Over 40 Class C teams’ Rosters deemed not fully correct.— Michael B. Sticha (@StPatrickGuy) October 15, 2016

Nagel asks open-ended question, whether teams in MBA want empirical data to aid in B/C classification, based on poor Rosters thus far.— Michael B. Sticha (@StPatrickGuy) October 15, 2016

Barry asks mtg attendees Nagel’s question: is this the right road to go down?— Michael B. Sticha (@StPatrickGuy) October 15, 2016

General consensus of those at mtg is support of idea.— Michael B. Sticha (@StPatrickGuy) October 15, 2016

Nagel urges MBA constituents with questions on this issue to contact he or Mark Forsman.— Michael B. Sticha (@StPatrickGuy) October 15, 2016

Nagel: listened to constituents about wood bat/composite issue. MBA will now follow Professional rule book STARTING IN 2018.— Michael B. Sticha (@StPatrickGuy) October 15, 2016

All MBA bats must meet MLB Minor League qualifications starting in 2018.— Michael B. Sticha (@StPatrickGuy) October 15, 2016

The minutes of the meeting will be posted to the MBA website when they are made available; follow @MinnBaseball on Twitter or like us on Facebook for more news on both the classification and bat issues as they develop.

The state board meets again on Nov. 19 at the East Side VFW. 

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