November 18, 2017 Meeting Minutes




Meeting called to order by President Richter at 11:00 AM

Roll call showed all Directors present with the exception of Hartmann

Motion Brennan, seconded Barry, carried to approve the minutes of the previous meeting.

There were 23 dedicated baseball people in attendance.

The Calendar of Events was discussed.  Motion Lemke, seconded Kreger, carried to approve the calendar of events for 2018.  The official MBA calendar will be posted on the MBA Website.

Tournament Chairpersons Gary Schleper  – Shakopee, Mike Sticha – New Prague were present to give an update on the details of their respective fields and work that was completed this fall, as well as, discuss projects for next spring in preparation for the 2018 State Tournament.  All sites are busy with some major improvements to each of their respective ballparks.  All sites also said that they still have things to complete, but they feel that they are on schedule.

Motion Barry, second Forsman, carried to approve the Crookston Reds Tournament scheduled for June 14-17, 2018.

Marshall A’s requested to be reclassified to Class C.  After discussion, Motion Barry, second Forsman, carried to reclassify Marshall to “C” under the following restrictions; No players using college address (student or player).  Players must be either a resident of or a graduate of Marshall.  30 mile radius does not apply.

The Board reviewed and made changes to the 2018 MBA Handbook.  Motion by Nagel, second Lemke, carried to approve all the changes made.

Dustin Overcash, Willmar discussed their team concerning eligibility issues from the 2017 season and requested reinstatement for the 2018 season.  Motion Nagel, seconded Forsman, carried to reinstate Willmar but will be on probation for the 2018 season.  They were informed that the penalty could have been more severe but felt that this was in the “Best Interest of Baseball” going forward.

Criteria was the next subject discussed.  165 teams updated their rosters online.  Brian Dolan reviewed and explained the results.  This opened the floor for discussion.  Randy Heidmann spoke on behalf of the Victory League.  His opinion was that current college players should have a higher rating than former.  He also was of the opinion that population meant very little in the formation of teams.  He also wanted to know if moving teams would be handled by strictly total points or would facts and circumstances be considered.  Brad Czech, Sobieski asked if school districts that are supplying multiple teams could be fractioned out population wise.  He also asked “Are we helping baseball” in Minnesota with this system?  Jeff Kunkel, Monticello asked about movement from B to C.  Crookston manager, Rob Silvers, spoke about the logistics of the northern teams and the many problems that they have keeping teams.  Todd Bergstrom, New Market, questions the actual point values.  After lengthy discussion, the Board decided to disclose the following information;  If the Board were to instigate the point system, the following teams would be considered to move from C to B;  Rochester Roadrunners, Winona, Shakopee Coyotes, Moorhead Miners, New Market, Hampton, Alexandria and Green Isle.  Those under consideration to move from B to C would be; Isanti, Sauk Rapids Cyclones, Red Wing, Anoka, Ramsey and Monticello.  No movement will occur for the 2018 season, but, the Board will continue to collect and update data for future decisions.

New Business:

Mike Poppitz, Victoria, requested that the Board submit the Sectional format for Class B for the 2018 season.  After a short discussion, it was generally felt that the B Sections would remain the same for the 2018 season barring the addition of subtraction of any B teams.  Class B sections will be finalized at the January meeting.

Mike Golombiecki, Clear Lake, commented about communications or lack thereof in the Sauk Valley League.  He also expressed his continued interest in the vacant Section 1 Commissioner position.

Kyle Norman, Princeton manager requested reinstatement of the Princeton team for the 2018 season.  Motion Barry, second carried to reinstate Princeton for the 2018 season.

Austin Greyhounds through Board member Roufs requested a radius extension for the 2018 season.  After discussion and input from several Class B managers in attendance, it seemed that this would not be looked on favorably.  Motion Roufs to grant a radius extension from 30 to 40 miles with a 5 player maximum for the Austin Greyhounds.  Motion failed for lack of a second.

MBA next discussed a new contract with the Davinci Group and Score monster. The new agreement would be for 5 years and total between $8,500 – $10,000 per year depending on the number on negotiated articles.  Motion Nagel, seconded Forsman carried to approve the Contract.

The Board will be accepting bids for the 2021 and 2022 State Tournaments.  Communities wishing to submit a bid must notify the Board by the January meeting.  The proposals must be submitted by April 15th, 2018 with the awarding of the bids will take place at the June 2018 board meeting.

Just a reminder to all teams; a player cannot be signed to a contract before March 15th, or after June 30th.

Being no further business, motion Lemke, seconded Nagel carried, to adjourn at 1:30 pm

Next meeting of the MBA will be Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018 at Unhinged Pizza in Glencoe, MN at 7:00 PM

Happy Holidays to everyone!!!!

Submitted by Dave Hartmann, MBA Secretary/Treasurer 

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