November 16, 2019 Meeting Minutes


Meeting called to order by President Richter at 11:00 AM

Roll call showed all Directors present.

Motion Brennan, seconded Kreger, carried to approve the minutes of the previous meeting.

There were 11 dedicated baseball people in attendance.

The Calendar of Events was discussed.  Motion Lemke, seconded Schleper, carried to approve the calendar of events for 2020.  The official MBA calendar will be posted on the MBA Website.

Tournament Chairpersons – Al Flor, New Ulm and Dale Lindmeier, Springfield were present to give an update on the details of their respective fields and work that was completed this fall, as well as, discuss projects for next spring in preparation for the 2020 State Tournament.  All sites are busy with some major improvements to each of their respective ballparks.  All sites also said that they still have things to complete, but they feel that they are on schedule. 

Motion Forsman, second Roufs, carried to deny Ben Heichel’s request to play with the Milroy Irish 

Motion Roufs, second Lemke, carried to approve Mike Poser as the new Region 8 Commissioner. 

Motion Forsman, second Nagel, carried for the Class C State Tournament format to remain the same, as well as, the Regions remain the same for 2020 season.  The Class B Tournament will have a new schedule with the changes being that it will be a 16 team tournament with single elimination for the first two rounds, thereafter double elimination.  The Section will be the same with the only addition of New Market to Section 1. 

The Board reviewed and made changes to the 2020 MBA Handbook.  Motion by Roufs, second Lemke, carried 8-0 to approve all the changes made. 

Jack Stoddard, requested reinstatement to the MBA for the 2020 season.  Motion Roufs, second Nagel, carried 9-0 to reinstate Stoddard for the 2020 season. 

Motion Kreger, second Nagel carried, to allow Jack Stoddard to utilize the Hometown rule to play with Waconia effective for the 2020 season.  

New Business: 

Motion Forsman, second Schleper to accept Rawlings’ 3 year proposal which will provide host sites 70 dozen baseball for the next three years state tournament.  The ball will be the flat seam ball as used for the past 3 three years and will be available through sporting good dealers throughout Minnesota.  Pricing is currently uncertain due to the potential tariffs that may be imposed by the US Government for imports.   Motion Lemke, second Brennan, carried to increase League dues to $100/league and $20/team effective 2020 season.  These funds will help in offsetting additional costs for technology, state tournament and creating a fund for marketing, etc. for the 2023 100th Anniversary tournament. 

A subcommittee has been established for the purpose of looking at and reviewing ticket pricing for the state tournament.  Mike Nagel, Dennis Brennan, Tom Lemke and Dave Hartmann are reviewing details and will come to the December Board meeting with recommendations. 

Just a reminder to all teams; a player cannot be signed to a contract before March 15th, or after June 30th. 

Being no further business, motion Lemke, seconded Schleper, carried 9-0, to adjourn at 12:50 pm 

Next meeting of the MBA will be Wednesday, December 18th, 2019 at Unhinged Pizza in Glencoe, MN at 6:00 PM 

Happy Holidays to everyone!!!! 

Submitted by Dave Hartmann, MBA Secretary/Treasurer

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