News and notes from Jan. 10 Board meeting

Posted on Jan. 11, 2014 by CJ Siewert

The State Board Saturday met for the first time in 2015 and just as it had discussed during its previous two meetings, the Class B state tournament format was the main item on the agenda. 

I was unable to attend the meeting but thankfully Mike Sticha, DRS League president, was live tweeting the meeting and has offered his notes to provide a recap.

• A survey sent out to Class B teams regarding the state tourney format, which was conducted independently, was reviewed. There was some apprehension from the board because some members felt the question in the survey was asked wrong.

Vice President Fred Roufs said the question should have been, ‘Do you prefer eight-team double elimination or 16-team single elimination?’

After discussing the survey, Secretary Dave Hartmann asked if a special meeting with Class B representatives should be called with the Board. Roufs agreed with Hartmann on the idea of a special meeting and that a formal invite and formal declination process should take place.

The meeting will likely happen on Saturday, Feb. 22, during the next scheduled meeting. Roufs and other board members want a very specific process for the special meeting with Class B representatives, which will focus on the agenda, logistics, attendance needs and voting rights of such a meeting.

Roufs suggested one vote per team; board member Joe Kreger said no proxies; and board member Mike Barry said there should be only one speaker per team.

There was no formal action taken on the special meeting for Class B, but it appears imminent that it will happen.  

Other topics discussed during Jan. 10 meeing:

• The logistics of the 2015 state tournament host sites were discussed.

• General discussion regarding teams and potential teams that have not finalized the League in which they’ll play.

• June 30th is re-formalized as last day to sign/release players for all Classes, A, B, and C.

• Board had general discussion about future State Tournament bidding process. 2016 is when next bid process occurs. Discussed how far out bidding process would be awarding sites.

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