News and notes from Feb. 21 regular Board meeting

Posted on Feb. 22, 2015 by CJ Siewert

Here a few highlights from yesterday’s regular Board meeting held in St. Cloud.

• Joe Serratore from Rochester is hoping to form an amateur team comprised of high school players. The team’s objective is to play a Class C regular season schedule in the Twin Rivers League and then play Class B playoffs. The State Board said the matter will be discussed more at a later date since Serratore was not present at the meeting when the topic was brought up.

• The Northwest Border League is once again granted a player radius extension, which allows teams in the league to sign players within 45 miles of their respective ballparks.

• Tournament sanctions were approved for Morris, Sartell/St. Stephen, Kimball/Maple Lake, Nimrod, and Green Isle/Hamburg.

• The Board discussed and reviewed a new Minnesota State High School League experimental rule, which allows the pitcher to also be the designated hitter. Since the MBA plays under the same rules as the MSHSL, the new rule will likely be administered at the amateur level.

MSHSL Experimental DH Rule 3-1-4 states:

The pitcher may be listed as the starting Pitcher/Designated Hitter on the lineup card presented to the umpire-in-chief and official scorer prior to the start of the game. (This will appear as a nine player lineup for the game but the tenth player is listed due to the dual position listing of the starting pitcher.) A hitter may (not mandatory) be designated for any one starting player and all subsequent substitutes for that player in the game. A starting defensive player cannot be listed as the DH in the starting lineup except for the pitcher.

The pitcher can concurrently play pitcher and DH. A DH for a player shall be selected prior to the start of the game, and his name shall be included on the lineup cards presented to the UIC and to the official scorer. Failure to declare a DH prior to the game precludes the use of a DH in that game. If during the course of the game the player is replaced as the pitcher; he can remain in the game in the role of the DH.

If during the course of the game the player is replaced as the DH, he can remain in the game as the pitcher. The player (pitcher) shall be locked into his original slot on the lineup card as Pitcher/DH or both and may reenter the game in either position as any other starter can as long as he has not been removed from both positions.

If a pinch hitter or pinch runner for the DH is used, that player becomes the new DH. The player who was the DH may re-enter as the DH under the reentry rule. A DH and the player for who he is batting are locked into the batting order. No multiple substitutions may be made that will alter the batting rotation. The role of the DH is terminated for the remainder of the game when:

  1. the defensive player, or any previous defensive player for whom the DH, batted, subsequently   bats, pinch hits or pinch runs for the DH; or
  2. the DH or any previous DH assumes a defensive position (except the starting pitcher); or
  3. if the player is replaced in both roles, pitcher and DH.

Secretary Dave Hartmann noted that the new rule has the most merit in postseason play for amateur baseball due to draftees not being able to hit.

• There is a proposal put together in the city of New Prague to completely renovate its baseball field over the next three years, leading up to when it hosts the state tournament. The project is estimated at $940,000 and the individuals behind the proposal feel optimistic it will pass a City Council vote on March 2. (More details on the project to be posted in a separate article.)

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