Minutes of special phone conference meeting held at 9 p.m. on June 22

Meeting called to order by president Roufs

All 7 members were present

The board established COVID-19 protocol for players testing positive to be emailed to all teams ASAP.

Any teams with current COVID-19 positive players will be called right away to explain the protocol.

Stearns County League has had multiple complaints about following the COVID-19 checklist.

Nagel had a discussion with AJ Hadley and Roufs will call Tom Ludwig to discuss as well. Any more complaints will involve immediate sanctions from the board.

Hawley Hawks illegal player – They signed and played a player outside of their 30-mile radius. Carter Stockert must be released immediately and he is allowed to sign with any team within his home address. Hawley will forfeit all games he competed in. They will continue their season and will be eligible for playoffs. They also will be on probation for the 2020 season. Motion Schleper/second Nagel carries 7-0.

Marble Mallards are folding their team for this season. All rostered players are eligible to sign with any other team in their league. They must be released from Marble and notify the MBA which team they are signing with and receive approval from the MBA before playing in any games. Motion Schleper/second Brennen carries 7-0.

Bluffton – Requests hometown rule for Kale Geiser – currently the MBA does not have a heritage type rule and since he does not fall under the MBA current guidelines he will not be allowed to play with Bluffton this season. However, the board will consider possible rule changes this fall. Motion Lemke/second Kreger carried 7-0.

Any items to be addressed at all MBA scheduled board meetings must be submitted by email to the MBA secretary by Tuesday at 5 p.m. prior to the meeting date. No exceptions motion Schleper/second Lemke motion carries 7-0.

Bird Island Bullfrogs shared with their league secretary and president and the state board president that they had played three high school juniors in their first four games but before having them sign contracts. State Board rules that they must forfeit all games played this season ending on June 22. No Bird Island players may use the Sunday, June 21 game for the four game minimum required for all non-playoff 2019 rostered players to be eligible for postseason play. Motion Brennen/second Lemke carried 6-0 nagel abstaining.

Respectfully submitted 

Mike Nagel, secretary/treasurer

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