Minutes: 91st annual meeting of the MBA

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Meeting called to order by President Richter at 1:00 PM

Roll call showed all Directors present

Motion Brennan, seconded Rademacher, carried, to approve the minutes of the previous meeting.

There were 18 dedicated baseball people in attendance.

Motion Barry, seconded Forsman, to allow Colby Pack, Hadley to utilize the Heritage Rule to return to play for Lamberton for the 2015 season.

Randy Heidmann, President of the Victory League requested that the Board review the “College Rule” as it relates to students utilizing their college address to allow them to play for local teams and not be required to play Class B.  He submitted a proposal and the Board agreed to review it at the November meeting when we review the rule book.

Motion Forsman, seconded Roufs, carried to allow the following players permission to play in the Roy Hobbs World Series Tournament in Florida.  Those players include John Jensen, Matt Cano, Brian Graupman, Brandon Scanlon, Brett Robertson, Greg Bemboom, Tony Wischnack, Randy Moselle, Isaac Wales, Dan Powell, Bryce Eggert, Matt Germar and Dave Franke.

Motion Forsman, seconded Roufs, carried to allow David Verduzco and Kyle Twait, Cologne Hollanders, to play in the Roy Hobbs World Series in Ft. Myers, FL. 

Motion Forsman, seconded Roufs, carried to approve the following player’s permission to play in the NABA World Series in Phoenix, AZ from October 2-5. Players include:  Aaron Olson, Zach Bohar, Brandon Wolf, Adam Johnson, Chris Volkmann, Jeremy Hinderks, Chris Baso, Zach Etter, Drew Vanloy, Zach Femrite, Pete Ohnsorg, Keith Meyers, Mike Anderson, TJ Stallmann, Joe Dempsey, Scott Hollingsworth, Brent Goracke and Gunner Johnson.

Motion Forsman, seconded Roufs, carried to allow Blaise Jacobsen, Jackson Bulls request to play in the Roy Hobbs Tournament October 25-November 1.

Motion Brennan, seconded Kreger, carried to place an advertisement in the MSHSBCA Yearbook for $150.00

Motion Forsman, seconded Zellmann, carried to approve Hamel’s request reinstatement for the 2015 season.  Greg DeVos also presented the Hamel Hawks new player eligibility review.

Mike Barry, Dennis Brennan and Tom Rademacher audited the MBA financials and approved the financial report for 2014.  It was deemed to be complete and accurate.

Joe Kreger presented an update on the I-Text fund raising program.

The Region/Section Commissioners met at 3 pm and discussed items of interest and concern.     

The meeting was recessed for dinner.

Meeting was called back to order by President Richter at 5:20 pm

Roll call showed all directors present.

In attendance

Section Commissioners: #1 Dan Plein, #2 Dan Powell, #3 John Briemhorst, #6 Kelly McMonagle

Region Commissioners: #1 Joe Jarvis,  #3 Jerry Walerius, #4 Brian Swanson, #7 Gerald Roepke, #8 Paul Froncak, #12 Brian Larson, #14 Daniel Thoennes and #15 Randy Schoenberg

Leagues:  Cannon Valley Classic American, Corn Belt, County Line, Crow River North and South, Eastern Minny East and West, HI-10 East, Lakewood, Land O’Ducks Teal, Metro Minny, North Star Central, Resorters East, River Valley Central, Sauk Valley, Southern Minny, Stearns County North and South, and the Victory North-South-West, and West Central.

Guests: 7

After a welcome statement from President Richter, the following committees were appointed: 

(Credentials) Brennan, Rademacher

(Nominating) Kreger, Roufs

(Tellers) Roufs, Kreger, Plein

Board members reported details on assigned committees and responsibilities.

Secretary Hartmann reviewed the details of the financial report.  Motion by Dan Plein, seconded by Brian Larson, carried to accept the financial report.  Board member Rademacher also concurred that the financial statement was correct and complete. 

Nominating Committee:  Reported the following nominees for election to the board of directors:  John Richter, Mike Barry as well as Mike Nagel and Dallas Jelmberg.  Director Tom Rademacher chose to retire and not run for re-election. President Richter called for nominations from the floor. After the required number of times, motion Dan Plein, seconded Brian Larson, carried, to close nominations.  There was a lengthy question and answer session that allowed individuals from the floor to pose questions to all candidates to inquire on their views pertaining to issues regarding reclassification, Class B and Class C tournaments, how each one would make the tournament better, etc.  After approximately 30 minutes, ballots were handed out.  There were 42 ballots cast – Richter 39, Barry 37, Nagel 33, Jelmberg 11.  Richter, Barry and Nagel will serve three-year terms on the Minnesota Baseball Board.

President Richter acknowledged Tom Rademacher for his dedication and service to the MBA and thanked him for his nine years of service on the Board.

Director Rademacher reported on player passes for this year’s tournament compared to the previous two years.  He indicated that we had a significant increase in passes this year compared to the previous two years.

Paul Froncak, representing Class C and Kelly McMonigle, representing Class B reported on the Commissioners meeting. Froncak indicated that Class C would like to continue the same 48 team state tournament format as the past two years.  The Rawlings baseball was also discussed, as well as, overall player conduct and trying to get more umpires to apply for the state tournament.  Commissioner McMonigle reported the discussion regarding using the Super Sections vs utilizing this past year’s 16 team single elimination tournament. This was split 50/50 among the Class B commissioners that were present. 

The floor was then open for discussion.  Things discussed:  The current College rule was discussed with some recommendations. On-line rosters and other forms submission was also discussed, in addition to, being able to Website rosters and the ability to keep “non-active” players posted on the roster page, as well as, adding player addresses to the roster form.  Some teams would like to have 3 teams from every region to play in state tournament vs. some having 2 or 3 or 4.  The use of the Rawlings low seam ball was discussed.  Class B representatives would like to utilize the “Super Section” concept again in 2015.

President Richter introduced the winner of the 2014 Mike Downs Award – James Brennan of Hinckley.

New Business

Being no further business, motion Brennan, seconded Rademacher, carried to adjourn at 7:30 pm

Meeting called to order by President Richter at 7:40 pm

Roll call showed all Directors present

First order of business was election of officers. 

Motion Barry, seconded Zellmann, carried to submit a white ballot to re-elect all current officers to maintain their respective positions – John Richter as President, Fred Roufs as Vice President and Dave Hartmann as Secretary/Treasurer.

Motion Forsman, seconded Barry, carried to approve rates for the Handbook Advertisements:  1/3 page $35.00, ½ page $50.00, full page and covers $75.00 and centerfold $400 each side.

Motion Roufs, seconded Kreger , carried to set President’s salary at $1,000, Secretary/Treasurer at $3,500, office rent $3,000 and secure handbook ad’s at $1,000

Annual meeting set for 2014 at the East Side VFW on Saturday, October 17, 2014

Motion Forsman, seconded Kreger, carried to set board expenses at $40/day per diem and mileage at .50/mile 

There being no further business, motion Barry, seconded Brennan, carried to adjourn.  Adjournment at 8:00 pm

Submitted by Dave Hartmann, MBA Secretary/Treasurer 


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