MBA June 20, 2020 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order by President Roufs at 10:10 a.m.

There were 22 dedicated baseball people in attendance at the New Ulm Country Club

Closed meeting with New Ulm / Springfield – Fields are state tourney ready, many concerns about player, fan and community safety during the pandemic. Financial concerns and finding workers was also a big concern. Following a lengthy discussion the board directed them to meet privately to decide if they wanted to proceed with hosting the tournament.

Scheduled board meeting began at 11:15 a.m.

Motion to approve the May meeting minutes by Brennen/second Schleper-approved 7-0

Treasurer’s report: Savings – $14,439.41, CD – $29,560.87, Checking – $20,211.65, Loan fund – $45,382.35. Cologne made its final payment in June and Cokato made its June payment, leaving it with a balance of $1,560. Motion to approve Forsman/second Schleper – approved 7-0

Brody Rodning requested to play with Gaylord this summer. He supplied documents from the Toronto Blue Jays allowing him to play since their minor league season was canceled. He also supplied a waiver accepting all liability due to injury. Motion to approve his request Forsman/second Lemke – approved 7-0

New Ulm reports on a 10-2 vote to approve moving forward with hosting the 2020 state tournament.The board minutes reflect regarding New Ulm concern for workers and asks all MBA teams to please contact them to offer help on their workforce.

MBA season is officially open 6/21 and starting today all games will count toward the four-game requirement. Teams must still get approval to use their facilities and concession stands from local authorities but do not need state board approval. DO NOT SEND ANY MORE LETTERS FOR FIELD APPROVAL. By hosting games you agree to follow the MBA COVID-19 preparedness plan and checklist and the state guidelines on social distancing. All info and recommendations can be found on the website. Teams in violation of these policies will be subject to sanctions by the MBA board. All players on 2019 playoff rosters will be automatically eligible for postseason play and have a 0 league game requirement. All other players must still adhere to the four league game requirement to be eligible for the postseason. This rule applies to the 2020 season only.

Deadline for signing and releasing players is June 30.

NEW RULE – Playoff rosters are due before postseason play begins. The roster meeting date is at the discretion of each league.

All region and section playoff schedules are due on July 15. NO EXCEPTIONS

Umpire applications for the state tournament are due by July 15.

Motion Schleper/second Lemke to adjust ticket prices for state tournament are as follows. Single game sessions – $5 18 and up; 17 and under are free. Multi game days 18 and up $10 and 17 and under are free. Motion approved 7-0.

2023 bid process for the 100th anniversary state tourney will be moved to February 2020 meeting.

Motion by Forsman/second Lemke to buy one more iPad for state tournament scorekeepers carried 7-0. 

Luke Becker to play with Fairmont after receiving his disposition – Duly noted

Cade Marquardt, Sam Baier , Max Onyx, Drey Dirkso – to play in college wood bat league and return to their MBA team for playoffs – Duly noted

Ed Reichenbach, Jake Bryne, Matt Theilen, Jake Anderson, Evan Kohli – will play on both out of state amateur teams and their MBA team – Duly noted

Hometown rule – Pete Hamre to play with Erskine – Motion Kreger/second Forsman – Carried 7-0 

Ryan Voshell to play with Sartell Muskies – Motion Forsma /second Lemke carried 7-0 (Reminder all hometown rule players college player points apply, no grandfather clause)

Jordan Milbrath – Pro player questionnaire and deposition paperwork is in order/requests to play with Springfield. Motion Forsman/second Schleper – Carries 7-0

Marshall A’s request that Tanner Stromman and Wes Sarsland, both graduating seniors at SMSU, were not college athletes as of March 15 be eligible to sign a contract to play with an MBA class C team. All paperwork was in order. Motion Forsman/second Schleper – Carried 7-0.

Justin Downes – Requests reinstatement to the MBA Motion Lemke/second Kreger – Carried 7-0. Downes must get a release from Atwater before signing a contract with any MBA team.

MBA guidelines on COVID-19 – All teams must follow the guidelines on the website. As new information becomes available our plan and checklist will be updated to stay with current MDH protocols. Any player who tests positive must let their manager and the MBA know immediately and seek the care of their healthcare provider. They will not be able to have any contact with their team until the MBA receives written approval from their doctor. All team members shall be ineligible to practice or play games until given written approval by their doctor. All COVID-19 people on the checklist for that game must be contacted immediately. The MBA will post the most up-to-date directives on the website and take prudent action, however, anyone who may have come in contact with a COVID-19-positive person or who is experiencing symptoms is required to seek immediate medical care and advice. Anyone withholding information or falsifying documents will be subject to sanctions by the MBA.

Respectfully submitted, 

Mike Nagel MBA secretary/treasurer 

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