MBA July 18, 2020 Meeting Minutes

MBA board minutes July 18 New Ulm 

10 a.m. meeting with tourney hosts 

President Roufs recapped the site inspections from Friday night. All parks were in excellent shape. Final decisions on pass gates and trailer/field box locations were determined. Maximizing seating capacity at Mueller park was discussed. Seating options for teams and tourney pass individuals were discussed at length since in stadium seating is currently capped at 250 per state regulations. Streaming games live through YouTube will be established at all locations to give better viewing access to everyone both at the tourney and at home due to COVID-19 . Presold tickets will be utilized and offered to fans of participating teams with remaining tickets sold at the gate. All players, workers and umpires will have temperature checked and COVID-19 checklists filled out when entering the park. All parks will be cleared at the end of each game so fields can be sanitized. Ticket prices will be $7 dollars for adults and 17 and under being free. All parks are working on setting up post game areas outside of the stadium for players, fans and pass recipients to still be able to watch the game live or on YouTube monitors. 

11 a.m. general board meeting 

Meeting called to order by president Roufs at 11:30 a.m. 

All board members present with the exception of Schleper – excused absence 

Minutes from June meeting were approved by Brennen/second Lemke carries 6-0. 

Previous meeting was discussed and the general feeling was that everyone is getting excited and ready to go. We will have no season passes this year. Player and officer passes will continue but only be allowed to be in seating areas outside the stadium.  

Treasurer report – We will work with our bank on how to transfer funds from teams buying presold tickets to the MBA. Fund balances were reported. Springfield will be required to give the MBA a deposit check for $1,000 which will be returned at the conclusion of the tournament. Motion to approve Kreger/second Brennen carries 6-0. 

Scoremonster Glitch – Jason Kuerschner explained how to add a default roster player to your team Scoremonster roster and that duplicate players are showing up due to iScore issues. The board will work with Scoremonster to resolve this so rosters are accurate for the region and state tournaments and won’t be an issue next year. 

Braham – Signed a player inside the loop. He did not play in any games and was removed from their roster. Nagel ruling at time of infraction-carried 6-0 

Spicer – signed a player after the June 30 deadline. He played in one game. Penalty imposed – forfeit the game he played and remove the player from the roster. Nagel ruling at time of infraction – carried 6-0 

Moorhead Miners – Signed players that put their point total over 49 and signed multiple players after the June 30 deadline – penalty: ban them from postseason play, roster is frozen, two-year probation, team rep must appear before the board for reinstatement. Motion Nagel/second Lemke carried 6-0 

Starbuck – Played several new players without contracts – Nagel told them to sign them to contracts and to continue playing them. Have a league meeting to make teams aware of what had happened and the board will make a ruling at the next board meeting. State board ruling Starbuck will forfeit all games up to July 3 with the scores being 9-0. Starbuck cannot use those games to count for a player’s four-game minimum, however the teams they played will be allowed to use those games for their players four-game minimum. Motion Brennen/second Forsman carried 6-0 

Green Isle – Played a player with an illegal address who played in one exhibition game and was released once it was known that he lied about his address. No penalty imposed. Motion Brennen/second Nagel carried 5-0 Kreger abstaining.  

Marble – Team folded before the June 30 signing deadline and players were allowed to play with any other team in the league as long as Marble filed a proper release and any team signing them notified the state board and filled out a proper contract. No paperwork was received from Roseau or Ada who signed players from Marble. All Marble players will be removed from the Roseau and Ada roster with both teams forfeiting 9-0 all games those players played in. Roseau and Ada will not use those games to count for game eligibility, all opponents will use those games toward a player’s four-game eligibility. If Roseau and or Ada can produce said legal documents to board secretary Nagel all imposed penalties will be lifted. Motion Forsman/second Lemke carried 6-0. 

**Roseau and Ada has since provided the contracts and releases and will not be penalized.

State Board assignments – John Gerads term expiring 10-22 and Jason Kuerschner term expiring 10-20. Motion Kreger/second Forsman carries 6-0. 

Region 16 is having issues with locating and communicating with their commissioner and are proceeding without him. Duly noted. 

Montgomery Mallards are not completing their season – All rostered players are eligible to be drafted for postseason play. Motion Kreger/second Brennen carried 6-0. 

Shakopee Indians – Jack Sievers to play in college wood bat league in Indiana – Duly noted. 

Rochester Royals – Palmer Mickelson to play with Rochester Honkers – Duly noted. 

Northfield Knights – Jack Rasmussen and Jon Ludwig use their college address and play with Northfield – Duly noted – approved last meeting. 

Dumont to play Fargo Nets – Duly noted. 

Prior Lake Jays – Jimmy Larson to play with Mankato Moondogs, Ryan McDonough to play with Hastings Sodbusters – Duly noted. 

Fairmont – Lucas Becker pro player questionnaire and deposition paperwork in order approved by Nagel -Duly noted. 

Cologne – Christian Johnson to play with Mankato Moondogs – Duly noted. 

Essig – Avery Stevens to play with Green Bay college wood bat league – Duly noted. 

Waseca – Nick Rathmann hometown rule motion Lemke/second Forsman carried 6-0. 

Minneapolis North Stars have been approved to play any MBA team with approval of the board and would like to join Class A for the 2021 season – Duly noted. 

COVID-19 quarantine requirements – Starting July 18 the MBA will be following the state guidelines regarding COVID-19 testing requirements. Therefore only persons testing positive will be required to quarantine. New guidelines will be posted on the website and emailed to all managers. However, all teams having a player test positive must contact secretary Nagel immediately and monitor the rest of their team for symptoms using the COVID checklist. Motion Lemke/second Kreger carries 6-0. 

Motion to adjourn Lemke / second Brennen-carried 6-0 

Respectfully submitted Mike Nagel 

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