MBA Board minutes: Jan. 4 meeting

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Meeting called to order by President Richter at 1:00 PM

Roll call showed all Directors present with the exception of Kreger and Roufs.

Motion Brennan, seconded Rademacher, carried, to approve the minutes of the previous meeting.

There were 7 dedicated baseball people in attendance.

Brent Meyer Co-chair, Belle Plaine was present to give an update on the details of their respective fields and work that has been completed, as well as, discuss projects for this spring in preparation for the 2014 State Tournament.   The host sites presented a proposal to utilize the flat seam Rawlings baseball to be used for the 2014, 2015 and 2016 tournaments.  They have discussed the details of proposal with the host sites for 2015 and 2016 and have gotten a commitment from them to approve.

Motion Barry, seconded Forsman, carried to approve the Rawlings OLB baseball as the official baseball for the 2014, 2015 and 2016 MBA Class B & C State Tournaments.  The specifications on the Rawlings OLB baseball are as follows:  Rolled Seam, Full Grain Leather Cover, Cushion Cork Center with Wool/Poly Windings.  This ball will be available for purchase for all MBA teams at a price of $49.95/dozen.  A list of distributors in Minnesota that the Rawlings baseball can be purchased from will be listed on the MBA Website.

Motion Forsman, seconded Zellmann, carried to approve payment of $250 for a booth at TwinsFest this year for the host sited to promote the MBA and the 2014 state tournament.  The dates for TwinsFest will be January 24-26, 2014. 

Motion Rademacher, seconded Brennan, carried to approve the Belle Plaine Tigers “Tigertown Classic” tournament June 13-15, as well as, approving Renner, SD to play in their tournament. 

Motion Barry, seconded Forsman, carried to approve the Victoria Vic’s tournament to be played June 13-15.

Motion Forsman, seconded Rademacher, carried to approve Dave Hartmann, Bob Zellmann and John Richter for check writing on all MBA bank accounts with State Bank of Hamburg.

Jamie Heipel and Wayne Erickson spoke on behalf of 10-11 Class B teams regarding the State Tournament format for 2014.  They indicated that they felt that the Super Section Format should be continued to get the “best” Class B teams in the state tournament.  After a lengthy discussion, it was determined to go with the 16 team single elimination tournament for the 2014 Class B tournament.

Motion Forsman, seconded Barry, carried to approve the Home Town/Heritage Rule as follows:  Article 9 Player Eligibility D.

The Home Town/Heritage rule is established to allow players to re-connect with their hometown areas.  Players will be allowed to re-sign an MBA contract with the MBA team with which they signed their first MBA contract.  There will be a maximum of two players added to each respective team roster per year.  The procedure to follow is:  Player Questionnaire must be completed and submitted for league approval.  Upon league approval players must appear before the MBA State Board for final approval.  If a player is denied approval by their league, the player may to appeal to the MBA Board for approval.

The MBA handbook was reviewed with proposed changes being made and finalized at the January 2014 meeting.

Dave Hartmann discussed with Steve Loos, DaVinci Group website administrator the concept of team online registration for 2014.

Motion Kreger, seconded Richter from November meeting to Finalize Rule Changes for the 2014 MBA Handbook.  The Rule changes are as follows:

Page 12, C.2

The Board shall have the authority to classify/re-classify all teams considering A, B, C.  Class A teams cannot go outside the 494/694 Loop without permission from the Board.  Class B and Class C teams cannot go inside the 494/694 Loop to obtain any players residing inside the 494/694 Loop without permission from the Board.

Page 12 D Player Questionnaire

Penalty for non-compliance shall be loss of eligibility for player and team for the remainder of the season.

Page 13 Article 10 Contracts B.

All players must sign individual player contracts, (prior to June 30th for Class C and prior to July 15th for Class A or B) before they participate in any games with any team affiliated with the MBA.  Balance of paragraph is the same.

Page 14 Article 10 G.

Each League must hold a playoff roster meeting on or before June 30th each year in Class C and on or before July 15th for Class A & B.  A copy…………………remains the same.

Page 16 Article Illegal Participation 13 C.

Players that go to a wooden bat, college, or summer league will also be allowed to play with their MBA team.  The player must play in 4 league games in order to qualify for post season play.

Page 20 Article 18 – Duties of Region/Section C.

All Regional tournament formats and a copy of the meeting minutes must be submitted to the MBA Secretary by June 7th.  Remainder of paragraph as is.

Page 21 Article 18 E.

After all tournament arrangements are made, the Region Commissioners must notify the MBA Secretary by June 7th and the Section Commissioners by July 15th giving full…………………………………………

Page 22 Article 18 O    Delete

Page 22 Article 19 A.2

All leagues must finish their league play in ample time for league and regional/sectional playoffs.  Such Regional-Sectional champions must be determined no later than Sunday 6:00 pm preceding the start of their state tournament play.  The game or games to determine the champion must be played in all regions and sections.  Draftee information for Class C must be selected and submitted within one hour after the final game.  Penalty:  Any team refusing to play a postponed game when so ordered by constituted authority shall forfeit said game. 

Page 23 Article 20 E

Class “B” teams will not draft any players for post season play.

Being no further business to come before the Board, motion Brennan, seconded Rademacher, carried to adjourn at 4:32 pm

Next meetings of the MBA will be February 15th and 16th, 2014 at the Holiday Inn, St. Cloud, MN at 1:00 PM on each respective day.  Sunday will be the meeting with league officers.

Submitted by Dave Hartmann 

MBA Secretary

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