MBA Board Meeting Minutes

Maple Lake Legion, Maple Lake, MN

Saturday July 20, 2019

President Richter called the meeting to order at 11:00 AM

Roll call showed all members present except Gary Schleper

Motion Brennan, second Lemke carried to approve the minutes of the previous meeting

The Board then met with Mike Ralston representing the Chanhassen Redbirds regarding a rule interpretation regarding the eligibility of Aaron Pfaff who resides in Bloomington south of the 494 Loop.  After discussion which included River Valley League President Beckman, RVL Secretary Lon Berberich and Mike Ralston it was determined that the Board review the Eligibility rules around the 494/694 boundaries and clarify in more detail so that everyone understands what areas are eligible for Class A and Classes B and C.  Motion Kreger, second Lemke, carried to Aaron Pfaff is considered a legal player and can add him back on their roster and Chanhassen is eligible for post season play.

The Board then discussed the games played on Saturday, July 13 with the Glencoe Brewers playing exhibition game with Baseball 365.  Baseball 365 showed up with only 8 players and wished to play the games with 8.  It was determined that Glencoe would allow one of their bench players to play with Baseball 365 and the umpire confirmed that this would be no problem since it was an exhibition game.  This is a violation of Article 13 – Illegal Participation B.  Motion Lemke, second Hartmann, carried 6-2 (Kreger and Nagel voting no) to place Glencoe and Baseball 365 on probation for 2 years and both managers, Colt Trebesch (Glencoe) and Nate Cousins (Baseball 365) be suspended for one playoff game.  This means that both managers cannot be in uniform, in or around the dugout and cannot communicate with any players during the course of the game or further suspensions will be handed down.  The manager can, however, be present at the game.

The Board met with the Delano/Maple Lake/Dassel Officials and their committees on 2019 State Tournament procedures and expectations.

Motion Lemke, second Nagel, carried to approve the following players to play in collegiate bat league and return to play with their respective teams:

Kobe Lovell, to play with the Albert Lea

Luke Gilbertson, Windom Pirates to play with Albert Lea

Christian Johnson, Cologne Hollanders, to play with Kalamazoo, MI

Connor Hurley, St. Paul Capitals, to play with the Kelowna Falcons

Lue DeGrammont, St. Paul Capitals, to play with the Willmar Stingers

Jordan Barth, Cold Spring Springers, to play with St. Cloud Rox

Joey Stock, Cold Spring Springers, to play with St. Cloud Rox

Graham Laubscher, Metro Knights, to play with Eau Claire Express

Jackson Uner, Metro Knights to play with Hannibal Hoots

Austin VanDeWiele, Metro Knights, to play with the Waterloo Bucks

Dalton Grose, Waterville Indians, to play with Mankato Moondogs

Andy Pugliano, Dilworth Raildogs, to play with Hub City Hotshots

Jonah Lewis, Watertown, to play with Palm Springs, CA

Adam Stockwell, Hampton Cardinals, to play with Mankato Mood Dogs

The Board reviewd a Proposal from Globica (Independent League ball) regarding the use of their baseball.  The Board will get specifications and samples to try out and continue to further look at this baseball.

Motion Lemke, second Nagel, carried to approve the umpires to work the state tournament as selected by the Umpire Committee.

Motion Forsman, second Kreger, carried to pay Nick Gerhardt (Scoremonster) and two other story writers a per diem of $40/day when they work the state tournament on Saturday and Sundays.



With no further business, motion Brennan, second Lemke, carried to adjourn at 1:10 pm

Next scheduled MBA Board meeting will be Thursday, August 15th at

7:00 pm at the Delano Legion located in Delano.

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