MBA Annual Meeting Agenda 2019





The 96th annual meeting of the Minnesota Baseball Association, Inc. will be held as follows:  

                                                Date:      Saturday, October 19, 2019 

                                                Time:    Dinner at 4:30 pm

                                                          Business meeting to follow 

                                                Place:    East Side VFW

                                                               104 Franklin Avenue NE

                                                               St. Cloud, MN 

Voting:  Each member league will be entitled to one vote to be cast by the individuals listed as officers on

the official league registration card.  Each league will be allowed two dinner guests who are to be the officers listed on the registration card.  No substitutions.                    

Voting Region-Section Commissioners:  Each Region-Section Commissioner will be entitled to one vote to be cast by the individual listed as commissioner in the MBA handbook.  Commissioners will be guests of the MBA for dinner.  No substitutions. 

No Person:  Shall have more than one vote. 

Guests:  If you bring additional guests, please be prepared to pay for their meals.  Cost for guests will $10.00 each. 

Business will include the election of three members to the board of directors.  Reports of associations, officers, region and state tournaments, financial reports of the MBA and associations, and any other business that may come before the annual meeting. 

In order to plan for the meals, please email me at as to those who will be attending and the number of dinners requested by October 14, 2019. 


David L. Hartmann

Secretary – MBA

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