May 23, 2020 Meeting Minutes

Minutes from 5-23-2020 board meeting held at Green Isle Community Center

All seven board members were present

Meeting called to order by president Roufs at 9:30 am

Minutes approved from last meeting motion Brennan second Lemke

Treasurer’s report – Nagel has changed over all accounts to Roufs and Nagel. We had a small checking account that was closed with the balance added to the main checking account balance as of 5-21 was $28,094.21. Future minutes will have savings and C/D balances. Reminder that our loan fund has $48,000 balance and is available to all teams in the MBA . Maximum loan amount is $4000.00 at 2% repaid over a five-year period. Currently Cokato and Cologne are the only teams that have loans with yearly payments due June 15.

Board directives to open baseball this season

  1. Send a certified letter to governor Walz with guidelines for Covid-19 protection. A copy of the letter and guidelines will be posted on the MBA website. Note – a final list of guidelines will be emailed to all teams when approved.
  2. All information and updates regarding our season will be posted on website immediately.
  3. Teams are encouraged to continue to email your state officials 
  4. MBA is allowing teams to play games in neighboring states starting 5-24-2020. Rosters must stay intact and teams must email with the team and location of game before they play.

Old business

Ben Heichel is approved to play using his address and sign with any team within the 30 mile radius.   Motion Kreger second Schleper approved 7-0.

No refunds or reduced fees regarding team and league dues.

MBA has entered a new 10-year contract with ScoreMonster.

Luke Becker approved to play for Fairmont Martins motion  Lemke second Schlepper approved 7-0

Luis Massa request to play for Foley was denied – motion Forsman second Lemke denied 7-0

Duly noted – Christian Hanson of Cologne will participate in a pitching camp in Texas and must comply with 4 league game rule

Duly noted – Ben Ihrke of Stewartville /Racine will also play for Flandreau Cardinals in South Dakota.

Duly noted that Dwane Walters is free to sign with any team in the MBA that is within his legal radius.

New Business – none

Meeting adjourned motion Schlepper second Lemke

Respectfully submitted,

Mike Nagel – Secretary/Treasurer

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