May 2, 2020 Special MBA meeting minutes

May 2 Special MBA meeting at 1 p.m.

Called to order by Vice President Fred Roufs

Special meeting was needed because of the resignation of President John Richter and Secretary/Treasurer Dave Hartmann.

They both thanked the board for the many years they enjoyed serving amateur baseball. The board thanked them for their years of service and dedication to amateur baseball.

Nominations for president: Tom Lemke nominates Fred Roufs and Joe Kreger nominates himself.

Close ballot: Roufs wins election.

Nomination for vice president: Nagel nominates Mark Forsman, elected on white ballot

Nomination for secretary/treasurer: Lemke nominates Nagel, Nagel elected on white ballot

Nagel is directed by board to write a follow-up letter to the governor with directives from Lemke and Schleper as to compliance guidelines. A second letter will also be drafted for leagues to use as a template to send to their representatives and governor. 

MBA board will be appointing two new members. Anyone interested should contact President Fred Roufs prior to the June 20 meeting.

The board has decided to delay the bid process for the 2023 state tournament. 

Brennan motions to adjourn, second by Kreger. 

Respectfully submitted by Mike Nagel, secretary/treasurer

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