Luke Beers Article in Marshall Independent; Brewers to Class B

Posted on May 16, 2011

The Marshall Independent had a nice story about the Hadley Buttermaker’s game with Marshall this weekend.  It was all about Luke Beers and his untimely death over the winter.  Click here for the story (Cheers, tears for Beers). 

Board of Directors Moves New Ulm Brewers to Class B

There is one more team in Class B as of Saturday.  The Board of Directors of the MBA invited representatives of the New Ulm Brewers to attend their Saturday board meeting.  They had received some complaints that the Brewers had recruited seven new players that had all played with the Class B New Ulm Kaiserhoff in 2010. 

In November, the Kaiserhoff had requested to be moved to Class C from Class B because they were losing many of their players and hadn’t done much over the last five years.  2006 was the last year that Kaiserhoff had played in the State Tournament. 

Brady Ranweiler, one of the players that moved from Kaiserhoff to the Brewers told the Board that four of the seven players that came had played at least two years with the Brewers previously.  He also emphasized that all 23 players that the Brewers had under contract were “100% native born New Ulm.” 

Director Roufs said that they were monitoring the rosters of the Class B teams that the Board had let go to Class C.  “I received a letter about the seven Kaiserhoff players now playing with the Brewers, said Roufs, “I think it puts the Brewers in a higher level of play than other Tomahawk teams.” 

After a long and sometimes vocal discussion, a motion was made to let the Brewers continue to play Class C baseball this season.  That motion was defeated in a 6-3 vote.  The Board confirmed that the New Ulm Brewers would be placed in Class B this year and also voted to place them in Section Two, making 35 teams in Class B.  

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