July 16 MBA Board Meeting Minutes

MBA Meeting Minutes

Saturday July 16, 2016

Squeaky’s Bar, Hutchinson

There were 10 dedicated baseball people in attendance

Meeting called to order by President Richter at 11:00 AM

Roll call showed all Board Members present except Mark Forsman

Motion Brennan, second Lemke, carried to approve the minutes of the previous meeting

Motion Kreger, second Nagel, carried to approve the following players to play in collegiate bat leagues and return to play with their respective teams for post season play:

Mason Swegarden, Detroit Lakes to play for Virginia Beach

Fernando Villegas, Hutchinson to play for the Mankato Moondogs

Jordan Joseph, Kimball to play in South Carolina

Tyler Hanson, Savage to play for the Willmar Stingers

Aaron Rozek, Savage to play for St. Cloud Rox

Brett Lindsey, Savage to play with Sacramento

Jake Stevenson, Young America to play with St. Cloud Rox

David Kroger, Sauk Rapids to play with the Duluth Huskies

Brody Rodning, Gaylord to play with Eau Claire

Ed Reichenbach, Gaylord to play for Hannibal Missouri

Chris Choles, Chanhassen to play with Lakeside

Trevor Patterson, Chanhassen to play with Waterloo

Cole McDevitt, St. Paul Capitals to play with the Rochester Honkers

Luke Barry, St. Paul Capitals to play for the Arvada Colts

Eddie Estrada, Litchfield to play with Willmar

Jake Johnson, Isanti to play with Willmar

Matt Elsenpeter, Winsted to play in Kansas for the Liberal Bee Jays

Bret Herber, New Market to play with the Rochester Honkers

Ryan Zimmerman, Chaska to play with Eau Claire

Connor Herd, Green Isle to play for St. Cloud Rox

Justus Nelson, Metro Knights to play for the Canyon CageRats

Gus Varland, Metro Knights to play for the Utica Blue Sox

It is duly noted that the following players would like to play out of state, as well as, with their respective teams in the MBA:

Chuck Lukanen, Savage to play for Cedar Rapids and Savage

Brandon Walczak, Savage to play with Spring Valley, WI and Savage

Tim Cariveau, Dawson to play for White South Dakota and Dawson

Motion Lemke, second Brennan, carried to allow Ramon Moreno Genao’s request to play for the St. Paul Capitals

Motion Nagel, second Roufs, carried to allow the Sacred Heart Saints requests to play a high school alumni game made up of former RCW (BDRSH, DRSH) high school players on July 15.

Motion Barry, second Brennan, carried to allow the following teams request to play non-MBA teams:

-Crookston Reds to play Mayville, ND, Thompson, ND and the Crookston   Post 20 Legion Team

-Metro Knights to play Spring Valley, WI, Tony Hayshakers, Hudson, WI, St. Croix Falls, WI and Osceola, WI

-Maple Lake Lakers to have an alumni game on July 30

Motion Kreger, second Roufs, carried to suspend Eric Brauch, Elk River Wood Ducks for the balance of the 2016 season and place the Elk River Wood Ducks on probation for one year. Brauch must appear before the MBA Board to request reinstatement for next year.

Motion Roufs, second Barry, carried to change the Board’s prior decision made last November to use a 7-year rotating schedule. It was determined through a Class B survey conducted by Kelly McMonagle that the majority of Class B teams would prefer to have the Board seed the tournament as in the past and as a result, the MBA Board will “seed” the 2016 Class B State Tournament.

Motion Roufs, second Kreger, carried to give each Class B Section the option as to whether they wish to play the “seeding” games for the State Tournament.  Each Section will need to determine the winner and runner-up for each Section and notify the MBA Board by Sunday, August 14.

Class C and B State Tournament Schedules were discussed and analyzed. The details will be posted on or before Friday, July 22, pending final review.


Mike Nagel reported on the wood bat/composite bat study. 166 teams responded to the survey. Mike, Dennis Brennan and Tom Lemke will continue to research more details and will present the data at the Annual meeting in October.


28 Umpires have been chosen to work the 2016 Class B and Class C State Tournaments.

With no further business motion Lemke, second Nagel carried to adjourn the meeting at 12:50 pm.

Next scheduled MBA Board meeting will be Thursday, August 18 at 7:00 pm at Squeaky’s Bar located in Hutchinson at which time the Board will meet with Co-host chair persons to go over tournament final details.

Respectfully submitted by Dave Hartmann, MBA Secretary/Treasurer

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