July 14, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Saturday July 14, 2018 

Shakopee VFW, Shakopee, MN 

Meeting call to order by President Richter at 11:00 AM 

Roll call showed all Board Members present 

Motion Brennan, second Lemke, carried to approve the minutes of the previous meeting. 

Discussed with Shakopee/New Prague/Jordan chairpersons the overall condition of each site and their respective facilities in preparation for the upcoming 2018 MBA State Tournament. 

The Board then had an appeal meeting with Bob Dolan of the Milroy Irish to request that the Board review the details of the First Nite and Gopher League/Region’s decision to levy their specified penalty for missing the mandatory roster meeting on June 28, 2018.  The penalty was to allow Milroy to use their 2017 Roster for the playoffs for 2018.  In addition Milroy would be fined $100 and not be eligible to receive any playoff shares from the Region should they make the Region.  After hearing Bob Dolan’s perspective on the matter and also reviewing Scott Bahr’s letter to the Board outlining the details of the roster meeting, etc. the Board acted on the matter as follows:

Motion Roufs, second Forsman, carried to uphold the League/Region’s decision and penalties for missing the mandatory roster meeting on June 28, 2018. 

Motion Kreger, second Brennan, carried to allow the following teams to play non MBA teams:

Twin Cities Saints to play Spring Valley, WI 7/15

Pelican Rapids to play Jamestown Merchants 7/11 

Motion Forsman, second Nagel, carried to approve the following players to play in collegiate bat leagues and/or overseas and return to play with their respective teams for post season play:

Aiden Ladd, Belle Plaine Tigers to play with USA Athletes International in Europe

Parker Hanson, Pelican Rapids Lakers to play with the Duluth Huskies

Ed Reichenbach, Gaylord Islanders to play with Roswell Invaders

Cody Pamperin, Shakopee Coyotes, to play in the Empire League

Nick Smith, Chanhassen Redbirds, to play with the Wilson Tobs

Jake Stevenson, Young America Cardinals, to play with the St. Cloud Rox

George Faue, Loretto, to play with the Normal Cornbelters

Trent Athman, Bird Island, to play with Thunder Bay 

Motion Nagel, second Forsman, carried to allow Fort Ripley to play a father/son game 6/17 and to allow Bird Island to play the BOLD Mudhens Legion team on 8/1 

There was much discussion on the implementation process of the team registration process on MBA Website.  It was noted that there was a lot of frustration on behalf of team managers, league secretaries and many others due to their inability to input the data on Scoremonster.  These items have been addressed and the Board will do everything possible to ensure that the process will be much smoother and easier in the Spring of 2019.  With that said, Motion Forsman, second Nagel, carried that ALL teams must be registered and approved by each respective League Secretary before League Playoffs begin.  Otherwise, those teams that do not get registered and approved will be barred from post season play. 

Motion Kreger, second Lemke, carried to approve Andrew Thome’s pro-player questionnaire and make him eligible to play with St. Cloud Beaudreau’s 

It is duly noted that Chanc Keefe informed that us that he started up a team now called Thief Rivers Falls Bombers for the 2018 season 



Umpires have been selected for the 2018 MBA State Tournament 

Brackets for Class B and Class C will be posted on the Website with dates, location and times only.  Matchups will be posted on Sunday, August 12th. 

Joe Schleper, representing the Delano/Maple Lake 2019 State Tournament Committee announced that they would be using Dassel as their 3rd site. 

Jeff Lenz and Tim Hukriede, representing the Chaska/Waconia 2021 State Tournament Committee announced that they would be using Hamburg as their 3rd site. 

With no further business, motion Lemke, second Nagel, carried to adjourn at 1:25 pm 

Next scheduled MBA Board meeting will be Thursday, August 16th at 7:00 at the New Prague Golf Club located in New Prague 

Respectfully submitted by Dave Hartmann, MBA Secretary/Treasurer

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