Cold Spring’s park prepping for 2015 tourney with major upgrades

Posted on Oct. 10, 2014 by CJ Siewert

While many town ball teams and fans have had time away from the park after the conclusion of the state tournament, others are spending just as much time – if not more – at the field now that the season is over.

This is most certainly the case at Cold Spring.

Along with Watkins, Cold Spring is set to host next year’s fall classic and it is getting a head start on making sure everything is up to par for both the fan and player experience.

“There will be a different vibe next year,” said Drew VanLoy, who is one of many volunteers helping with park improvements at Cold Spring.

VanLoy said the field’s traditional ivy fence would remain along with the cardinal-colored scoreboard. But those aspects are the few that will stay the same. 

“Both fences down the left and right field lines will be redone,” he said. “The bleacher seats down the right field line will be stripped, re-stained and sealed.

“The main grandstand will be stripped of the old wood bleacher seats down to the frame. We will sand blast, paint, and re-seal the original steel structure with a new coat of the traditional cardinal red. Going on will be a new aluminum tinted seating to increase safety, as well as add more room for fans to maneuver in walkways.”

The biggest upgrade is located between the first base dugout and the batters box. A brand new field level concessions stand features a walk-in cooler under the grandstand and windows facing three directions.

“For the first time in a long time, fans can get a burger and a beer without missing a pitch!” VanLoy said.

Fans will also benefit from a two-tier sports deck that will connect the main grandstand and the right field bleachers. The deck will include round high-top tables for standing room and a casual viewing area.

Upgrades to the player experience include a changing room behind the first base dugout, equipped with a restroom.  

“The ability to leave our bags behind will increase player safety as well as dugout space,” VanLoy said.

The playing surface will also see some improvements.

“The hill topper mound and plate areas, which contain hydrophobic material, will allow games to be played in the event of rain,” VanLoy said. “This has not been the case at our park for many years. The clay holds up well, but is not so good with moisture as we all know. The new plate and mound will allow us to play under not so perfect weather conditions if needed.”

Volunteers plan to have the majority of the upgrades completed before winter.

Co-host site Watkins is also making improvements to its park with new bathrooms, bleachers and a deck. And the playing surface will see improvements as well.

More on those updates later. 

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