Class C rankings: Top 10 sees new teams enter

By Nick Gerhardt

ScoreMonster Contributor

Sobieski, Sartell and New Market continue to play well and didn’t do anything to dissuade our pollsters in their rankings this week. All three remained just where they were in the June 13 rankings but after that there wasn’t a lot of consensus.

Maple Lake garnered votes from three of the pollsters to rise from No. 7 in the last poll to No. 4 this week. Jordan followed suit and rose to No. 5 after failing to crack the top 10 in the last poll. The Brewers have just one loss to a Class C team and face a beast of a schedule this weekend at the Coors Light Classic in Jordan and Shakopee. 

Buckman in the Victory League continued to climb and came in at the No. 6 spot this week after occupying the No. 8 spot in the last poll.  

New London-Spicer stood on the fringes of the top 10 in the last poll but broke through this week at the No. 7 spot while Plato burst through to the No. 8 spot behind its ascension to the top spot in the Crow River Valley League.

Luxemburg also cracked the top 10 for the first time, coming in at the No. 9 spot. Carver clung to the No. 10 spot, dropping from the No. 4 spot in the previous poll. 

Tom Elliott — St. Cloud

1. Sobieski Skis — The Skis are 12-0 in the Victory League, though a 3-1 exhibition win over the Springers June 23 at Cold Spring may be their most impressive victory. 

2. Sartell Muskies — Sartell is unbeaten in the Sauk Valley League and 15-2 overall. The Muskies have won four straight since a 1-0 loss to Elrosa at the Elrosa Elite 8 tournament. 

3. Maple Lake Lakers — The Lakers are 12-0 in the always competitive North Star League and 13-3 overall. And, they play a good schedule. 

4. New Market Muskies — New Market leads the DRS League with a 17-1 record.

5. New London-Spicer Twins — The Twins are unbeaten in the County Line League and 13-2 overall. Their losses are 11-5 to Richmond and 12-11 to Raymond, both quality losses. 

6. Jordan Brewers — The Brewers are 6-1 in the River Valley League and 16-3 overall heading into the Coors Lite Classic, where they have games with Northfield, Sacred Heart and the Cold Spring Springers, all tough ones. 

7. Milroy Yankees — The Yankees are 5-0 in the Corn Belt League and 13-4 overall heading into a 7:30 p.m. game Friday at Marshall. Among their most recent victories is 3-1 over Raymond. 

8. Stark Longhorns — Stark is leading the Tomahawk East with a 13-2 record. 

9. Plato Blue Jays — Plato has a 10-1 record in the Crow River Valley League, tops in the North Division. 

10. Kimball Express — The defending state Class C champs have an interesting exhibition game at 7:30 p.m. Friday at Maple Lake.

Jason Kuerschner — Cologne

1. Sartell Muskies — 15-2 and continuing to roll.

2. Sobieski Skis — Continuing to dominate the Victory league at 12-0 and also picked up a non-league win over the Cold Spring Springers.

3.New Market Muskies — 17-3 and 15-1 in the DRS and have locked up an automatic bid to the Region 3 tourney.

4.Maple Lake Lakers — 14-3 and 12-0 in the North Star league and continue to roll through game after game.

5. Buckman Billygoats — 12-0 also in the Victory League, were behind the Ski’s in an exhibition game that was stopped short due to weather.

6. New London Spicer Twins — 13-2 and undefeated in the County Line.

7. Jordan Brewers — 16-3 with only one loss to a Class C team.

8.Plato Blue Jays – 10-1 and leading the tough CRVL.

9. Hadley Buttermakers — 12-2 and leading the Gopher League.

10. Milroy Yankees — 13-4 and tops in the Corn Belt.

Honorable Mention: Stark Longhorns, Bemidji Blue Ox and Watertown Red Devils.

Aaron Worm — New Prague

1.Sobieski — Skis stay on top of list now 12-0 in the Victory League.

2.New Market — Has won 14 League games in a row, 17-1 in the DRS, the Fish have all the pieces, averaging just under 9 runs a game, and allowing 2.9 runs a game.

3. Sartell — The Muskies in the South are in the No. 2 spot, the Muskies to the North stay at No. 3, with an impressive 15-2 record.

4.Buckman — One of the managers in the DRS was sporting a Billygoat hat. Who doesn’t like the goats? Play in such a good league, maybe don’t get as much attention as they should.

5.Nisswa — The Victory League is pretty tough, the Lightning on top of the North at 10-1.

6. Jordan — Brewers have won 12 in a row, including wins over the weekend against Howard Lake and Midway. Fifty-five year-old Paul Buss with a three-run homer in recent action. Always look out for this veteran team.

7. Plato — Seven league wins in a row, on top of the Crow with a 10-1 record.

8. Maple Lake — Only unbeaten team in the North Star league, with a 12-0 record.

9. Watkins — Clippers are on top of the Central Valley League, led by one of the best pitchers in the state, Matt Geislinger.

10. Young America — Has won five of its last six in the Crow, a great piece on Fox 9, showcasing this team and phenomenal ballpark. A sleeper team in the Crow.

Trent Sukalski — Jackson

1. Sobieski

2. Sartell

3. Luxemburg

4. Carver

5. Kimball

6. Raymond

7. New Prague

8. New Market

9. Bemidji

10. Watkins

Class C Rankings (As of July 3)

Tiebreaker goes to the team with the highest single vote

1. Sobieski (39)

2. Sartell (36)

3.. New Market (27)

4.. Maple Lake (18)

5. Jordan (14)

6. Buckman (13)

7. New London-Spicer (11)

8. Plato (9)

9. Luxemburg (8)

10. Carver (7)

Also receiving votes: Kimball, Nisswa, Raymond, Milroy Yankees, New Prague, Stark, Watkins, Hadley, Bemidji, Watertown

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