Class C Rankings: May 25

Posted on May 25, 2012 by CJ Siewert

Most teams across the State are a few games into the season and college players are returning to their amateur clubs. The 2012 MBA season is just about in full swing and the Class C rankings are back, too.

Every other Friday starting today, the four-man Class C polling committee will offer its Top-10. A first place vote receives 10 points, descending down to one point for the No. 10 team. Those points are then added up to compile the overall rankings.

This season’s Class C polling committee includes four “tuned-in” individuals from across the State. Aaron Funk (Nimrod Gnats) will represent the North, Erik Freeman (Freeport Black Sox) will represent the Central, Andy Johnson (Stewartville-Racine Sharks) will represent the Southeast and I (St. Peter Saints) will represent the South-central.

Here are the May 25 Class C rankings, starting with individual rankings and then the overall rankings.

Aaron Funk

1.Fort Ripley Rebels
2.Waconia Lakers
3.Fergus Falls Hurricanes
4.Mankato Mets
5.Bemidji Blue Ox
6.Sobieski Skis
7.Nisswa Lightning
8.Sartell Muskies
9.Midway Snurdbirds
10.Lake Henry

Erik Freeman

1.Waconia Lakers
2.Winsted Wildcats
3.Fort Ripley Rebels
4.Mankato Mets
5.Blue Earth Pirates
6.Sobieski Skis
7.Jordan Brewers
8.Lastrup Lakers
9.Miltona Tigers
10.Howard Lake Orphans

Andy Johnson

1.Waconia Lakers
2.Mankato Mets
3.Fort Ripley Rebels
4.Miltona Tigers
5.Fairmont Cardinals
6.Lastrup Lakers
7.Howard Lake Orphans
8.Blue Earth Pirates
9.Cannon Falls Bears
10.Belle Blaine Tigers/Jordan Brewers (tie)

Andy’s notes: “Waconia and Mankato are based on last year’s finish for now. Fort Ripley was my No. 1 team most of last season. Blue Earth is solid year after year. The winner of the Belle Plaine/Jordan match-up on May 25 will stay in my rankings. Teams that just missed the cut – Sobieski and Winsted.”

CJ Siewert

1.Mankato Mets
2.Jordan Brewers
3.Fort Ripley Rebels
4.Waconia Lakers
5.Blue Earth Pirates
6.Miltona Tigers
7.Maple Lake Lakers
8.New Prague Orioles
9.Fergus Falls Hurricanes
10.St. Patrick Irish

CJ’s notes: “Mankato has yet to play a game but returns nearly its entire roster from a team that finished third last year. Jordan dropped from Class B to C and has always been solid against tough competition. Waconia battled twice against 2011 Champion Isanti last year for second and is 4-2 to start the season. Blue Earth has had a solid core for years. St. Patrick made the cut by starting the season 5-1 against a few quality teams.”

Overall Class C Rankings

1.Waconia Lakers36
2.Fort Ripley Rebels34
3.Mankato Mets33
4.Blue Earth Pirates15
5.Miltona Tigers14
6.Jordan Brewers13.5
7.Fergus Falls Hurricanes10
7.Sobieski Skis10
9.Winsted Wildcats9
10.Lastrup Lakers8

Others receiving votes: Fairmont Cardinals (6), Bemidji Blue Ox (6), Howard Lake Orphans (5), Maple Lake Lakers (4), Nisswa Lightning (4), New Prague Orioles (3), Sartell Muskies (3), Cannon Falls Bears (2), Midway Snurdbirds (2), St. Patrick Irish (1), Lake Henry (1), Belle Plaine Tigers (.5)

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