Class C Rankings: June 27 Edition

One season after winning the Class C state championship, the Raymond Rockets have again soared to the top of the state’s largest division — this time as the top-ranked team in the MBA’s Class C Top 10 Rankings. 

The Rockets surpassed the Sobieski Skis, who’d claimed the top spot in the last two polls, both in the rankings and on the field; Raymond defeated Sobieski in the Town Ball Classic last weekend at Target Field in a rematch of the teams’ 2016 Class C title game matchup. 

The Hutchinson Huskies were this week’s biggest movers, jumping past Sobieski to claim the No. 2 spot for the first time. 

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Tom Elliott – St. Cloud

1. Raymond Rockets — OK, so the Rockets have taken a few losses. They beat Sobieski on huge stage in the Town Ball Classic. That’s enough to keep them at No. 1 here.

2. Sobieski Skis (14-2) — The Skis continue to impress. They are 11-0 in the Victory League and have a good test this weekend against Upsala (9-2 in league play)

3. Hutchinson Huskies (16-2) — Hutchinson continues to prove it is one of the top C teams in the state.

4. Fort Ripley Rebels — This is the second-best team in the Victory League, for now. The Rebels are 9-0 in league play and have beaten Sartell in an exhibition game.

5. Sartell Muskies (8-3) — The Muskies are the team to beat in the Sauk Valley League. David Deminsky just threw a no-hitter, striking out 15, at Farming.

6. Faribault Lakers (13-5) — The top C team in the DRS League plays a very tough schedule and is worthy of mention.

7. Waterville Indians (16-2) — The top team in the Black Division of the 13/60 League is definitely a top 10 candidate.

8. Wanamingo Jacks (12-2) — This is another squad that has played some good non-league competition.

9. Elrosa Saints — The Saints picked up a pair of one-run victories over Spring Hill to retain ‘The Keg,’ a traveling trophy between the two Stearns County League North Division teams. Elrosa is 7-1 and has the best record in the SCL.

10. Bemidji Blue Ox (9-1) — Don’t forget about these guys, who are quietly putting together an excellent season.

Jason Kuerschner – Hollander

1. Raymond Rockets — They have a few loses to their season, but they won the rematch of the Class “C” State Tourney Championship from 2016 over Sobieski at Target Field in the Town Ball Classic.  That is enough for me to bump them up into the top spot, oh and they are the defending champs!

2. Hutchinson Huskies — 18-2 playing well of late, early season lose to Waconia and Regal in a Tourney.  Undefeated in the North Star League Play and looking strong going into July!

3. Fort Ripley Rebels — 11-0 to start the season and everyone else may have them behind Sobieski in their league but they are undefeated so far and that counts for something.  They have big games coming up with Beaudreau’s and Cold Spring Springers, we will see how that pitching staff holds up!

4. Sobieski Skis — 14-2 with loses to Lake Henry and Richmond at the Town Ball Classic over the weekend.  Still undefeated in the Victory League and they already have a win over Beaudreau’s.  Still a solid team even if I have dropped them from my top spot for the first time this year.

5. Sartell Muskies — 10-3 Just won the Farming Tourney for the 2nd year in a row, their 3 loses have come to Fort Ripley and 2 “B” teams in Sauk Rapids and Beaudreau’s.  Looks like they are starting to heat things up in Central Minnesota.

6. Waterville Indians — 13-2, their loses came in tournament play to Carver and  Plato, but they also have wins over rival Blue Earth, New Market and Green Isle.  Can they stay ahead of their rivals to the south in Blue Earth?

7. Wannamingo Jacks — 13-2 loses to Minneapolis Cobras and a split with Cannon Falls, otherwise playing well in league play and looking to continue into July!

8. Faribault Lakers — 12-5, three of these loses are to Class “B” teams, they are leading the way in the DRS for the “C” teams.

9. Elrosa Saints — A state tourney team last year and currently leading the pack in the Stearns County League

10. Bemidji Blue Ox — 11-1 Undefeated in their league play with a win over Nisswa and their only lose being to Mora in the Omann Insurance Tourney.

Honorable Mention:  Midway Snurdbirds (love that name!), Hampton Cards, Blue Earth Cardinals

Trent Sukalski – Jackson 

1. Hutchinson Huskies (16-2) — They are my new #1 team, winners of 6 straight including a 10-8 win at Raymond.

2. Sartell Muskies (10-3) — Champions of the Farming Tournament, including a David Deminsky no-hitter in game one of the tournament against Farming.

3. Raymond Rockets (14-4) — Defeated Sobieski 7-3 at Target Field in the Town Ball Classic.

4. Sobieski Skis (11-1) — Their only loss is to Raymond.

5. Fort Ripley Rebels (9-0) — Picked up 3 wins since our last poll, including defeating Nisswa 4-2.

6. Blue Earth Pirates (12-3) — 3-2 since our last poll, still top 10.

7. Hadley Buttermakers (10-3) — In their past 6 games, the Buttermakers have outscored their opponents by a total score of 94-18. Their last four games the defeated Luverne 17-4, Marshall A’s 17-2, Ruthton 14-0 and Worthington 32-4.

8. Green Isle Irish (14-3) — They are on top of the Crow River South and playing well.

9. Jackson Bulls (11-4) — Winners in 7 of their last 8 games and sitting in 1st Place in the First Nite Standings.  Scott Bahr’s team is playing well, with a nice mix of veterans and young guys that can play.

10. Milroy Irish (16-6) — Still in control, as they sit atop the Gopher League Standings.

Aaron Worm – New Prague

1. Raymond Rockets — Beats Sobieski at Target Field 7 to 3, puts the defending Champs back on Top

2. Sobieski Skis — Still 11-0 in Victory League, and could be flip flopping spots with Raymond all season

3. Fort Ripley Rebels — 9-0 in the very tough Victory League

4. Hutchinson Huskies — Maybe the hottest team in the state, winners of 14 of 15

5. Sartell Muskies — Won Farming tournament over the weekend

6. Green Isle Irish — Was in my top 10 to start the season, and here come the Irish, on top of the South Division of CRL with 10-1 Record

7. Faribault Lakers — Won 5 in a row, 12-1 on top of DRS, strong pitching makes the Lakers very dangerous, allowing a league low 3.2 runs per game

8. New Market — Breaks 3 game losing streak with win over Lonsdale, even with mini slump still one of the best teams in the area

9. Carver Black Sox —  9-2 in Crow, just behind Green Isle

10.  Waterville Indians — 13-2 only losses to Plato and Carver, wins over New Market, Green Isle, and Blue Earth

CLASS C RANKINGS (as of June 27) 

1. Raymond Rockets (38)

2. Hutchinson Huskies (34) 

3. Sobieski Skis (32)

4. Fort Ripley Rebels (29)

5. Sartell Muskies (27)

6. Faribault Lakers (12)

7. Waterville Indians (10)

8. Green Isle Irish (8)

9. Wanamingo Jacks (7) 

10. Blue Earth Pirates (5) 

Others receiving votes: Elrosa 4, Hadley 4, New Market 3, Bemidji 2, Jackson 2, Carver 2, Milroy 1 

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