Class C rankings: July 23

Posted on July 23, 2015 by CJ Siewert

* games played prior to July 23 taken into consideration 

Andy Johnson – Stewartville/Racine

1. Sartell Muskies – won 16 straight – still only 1 loss all season

2. Sobieski Skis – looking to return to the state tourney to defend their title

3. Maple Lake – win streak finally snapped

4. Nisswa – lost playoff game to a good Fort Ripley team

5. Green Isle – 8 straight wins heading towards playoffs

6. Mora – having a great season – won 11 straight in convincing fashion

7. Fergus Falls – 5 convincing wins to close out the regular season

8. Waconia – only loss in the past month was by 1 run

9. Lastrup – having a good year in a tough league

10. Plato – only losses this season were to tough teams

Jason Kuerschner – Cologne

1. Sartell Muskies – 22-1, Riding a 16 game winning streak, hard for me to drop them for playing well.

2. Maple Lake Lakers – 25-3, 4-1 since last pole, 23-1 over last 24 games.  Most recent loss to class “B” Coon Rapids.

3. Green Isle Irish – 26-5, One win away from clinching the Crow River South Title.  Playoffs are about to start and they look ready.

4. Mora Blue Devils – 22-2, 11 game winning streak, losses to Sartell & Maple Lake with a quality win over Elko.

5. Sobieski Skis – 17-3, qualified for the Region 8C Tourney

6. Nisswa Lightening – 23-3, Lost to Fort Ripley in the Victory League playoffs, needs to win vs. Cuyuna to keep their season alive.

7. Waterville Indians – 17-3, 15 game winning streak, hasn’t lost since June 3rd to Green Isle.

8. Fergus Falls Hurricanes – 17-3, continuing to win and poised to make a deep playoff run.

9. Lastrup Lakers – 17-4, Qualified for the Region 8C tourney.

10. Waconia Lakers – 19-5, 4-1 in July and one win from the Crow River North Title.

(Bonus top 15)

11.Plato Blue Jays – 17-5, challenging for the Crow River South Title.

12.Jordan Brewers – 22-11, Struggled in their own Coors Light Tourney, but 3-0 since.

13.Blue Earth Pirates – 20-6, 4-4 in July, may be coming down from the great start, still have the veterans to contend.

14.Brownton Bruins – 16-6, 3-2 in July with losses to Green Isle and Carver

15.New Ulm Brewers – 20-8, 5-4 in the last 9 games

* “There could also be contention that someone from the DRS belongs in this list but I think I would have to go out to the top 20.”

Anonymous rankings – Southern Metro

1. Sartell (22-1) – Won 16 in a row.  This season has been the same formula they had when they won the title in 2013…one close loss to a good team and very few close games while basically handling everybody.  Their ability to not give up runs on a consistent basis is impressive.

2. Maple Lake (25-3) – This is a great team that there is reason to believe in.  Still can’t get the error-filled game against Sobieski out of my head.  I know Wurm and Schmidt are as good as it gets, but seeing how often they give up more than 4 runs makes me question their defense and pitching depth past the top two.

3. Nisswa (23-3) – Dropped a game to Fort Ripley in League Playoffs.  Will still be playing in regions thanks to winning the regular season in their division.  

4. Sobieski (15-3) – Clinched a berth to regions.  This team has been talked about a nauseating amount.  They are very good, no need to clog it up with more information.

5. Green Isle (25-5) – Best team in possibly the best region.  Always curious to see if they will face elimination in the region playoffs.  That’s a region tournament that I would like to see more of.

6. Fergus Falls (17-3) – Ten shutout wins.  Rolling through a schedule that doesn’t quite challenge them enough.

 7. New Ulm (20-8) – Really shot onto the scene last year to get themselves in the conversation.  Must be slightly disappointed with their 3rd place finish in the Tomahawk East (Took first in Tomahawk East American Division).

8. Plato (17-5) – 2-1 in 1 run games since last rankings.  Have not been scoring a ton of runs lately.

9. Waconia (19-4) – Other than their two losses to Plato and Green Isle the other 2 losses were by 1 run a piece.

T10. Mora (21-2) – Only losses to Sartell and Maple Lake.  I’m an Asa Patterson believer.  I wish I was a bigger believer in the rest of the squad, but can’t argue with the results.

T10. Watkins (16-3) Haven’t followed this team too much.  But I believe they have Geislinger and added Nawrocki from Fairmont.  I would assume both guys are healthy and pitching because they have allowed 2 or less runs in over half of their games.

Next Tier: Jordan (23-11), Lastrup (17-4), Blue Earth (20-6), Waterville (17-3), Raymond (25-7)

CJ Siewert – St. Peter

1. Sartell Muskies (22-1) – Only recent highlight victory was over Lastrup but still winners of 16 straight. Solid combination of scoring a lot of runs while holding their opponents to less than three runs per game. Adam Wenker is the clear-cut ace at 10-0 with a 1.36 ERA and John Schumer has become a solid No. 2 with a 5-0 mark and a 1.50 ERA in 36 innings or work. League playoffs begin Saturday.

2. Maple Lake Lakers (27-3) – String of 21 games won was snapped July 12 in a 12-1 loss to Coon Rapids, but have since won four important league games. I’ve said all season that the one-two punch of Jeremy Schmidt and Mitch Wurm can carry this team to Labor Day weekend, but I have recently learned Wurm is battling through a hand injury that may raise some concern about his availability. Wurm pitched one inning against Hutchinson on July 17, which was his first appearance on the mound since June 28.

3. Nisswa Lightning (23-3) – The run production has slowed down a bit in the past few weeks and they lost to Fort Ripley in league playoffs. With a lot of playoff experience, I still believe the Lightning will make a good run in the state tournament. For that to happen, though, the offense will have to pick up again.

4. Sobieski Skis (17-3) – The Skis have cruised through their first two division playoff games to clinch a berth in Region 8 playoffs. They haven’t faced a whole lot of quality teams lately so it will be interesting to see what happens when they face teams such as Fort Ripley, Lastrup or Avon in the region. But with four teams advancing out of the region, I would find it hard to believe the defending state champs don’t grab one of those spots.

5. Green Isle Irish (26-5) – GI has dominated in its last eight games since losing to Chanhassen on June 28. In their past eight games, the Irish have outscored opponents 79-16. They are in the driver’s seat to clinch the No. 1 seed in the region, but a tough region at that.

6. Mora Blue Devils (22-2) – Have won 11 straight and are doing so in convincing fashion. Asa Patterson is the clear ace at 11-0 with a 1.26 ERA. Eastern Minny playoffs begin the first of the month and I don’t see any other teams in the league giving the Blue Devils any trouble considering their 15-0 league record.

7. Fergus Falls Hurricanes (17-3) – Since an unusual shutout loss to Perham on July 1 the Hurricanes have dominated, winning five in a row by a combined score of 49-2 with four shutouts. Countryside playoffs begin tomorrow and it should continue to be smooth sailing for the ‘Canes.

8. Lastrup Lakers (17-4) – Lost to No. 1 Sartell in their final regular season game, but have won their first two in division playoffs to secure a bid in Region 8. Just like Sobieski, it will interesting to see how the Lakers fare against the top tier teams in the Victory League as they battle for four spots to state.

9. Plato Bluejays (18-5) – Their five losses have been at the hands of quality teams, while their wins have been by large differentials most of the time. Plato has Region 7 playoffs coming up where they currently sit one game behind Green Isle in the South Division. Those two teams match up this Sunday in what will be a great playoff preview.

10. New Ulm Brewers (20-8) – New Ulm is 3-4 in its last seven games and recently lost ace pitcher Mitch Kelly to the Mankato Moondogs of the Northwoods League. Not sure if Kelly will be back for playoffs, but if not, the Brewers may struggle to make a statement in the Tomahawk playoffs. With or without Kelly, though, I feel the veteran leadership and experience gives them a strong chance at another deep playoff run.

Overall Class C rankings: July 23

1. Sartell Muskies 40

2. Maple Lake Lakers 35

3. Sobieski Skis 29

4. Nisswa Lightning 28

5. Green Isle Irish 26

6. Mora Blue Devils 17.5

7. Fergus Falls Hurricanes 16

8. Lastrup Lakers 7

9. Waconia Lakers 6

9. Plato Bluejays 6

Others receiving votes: New Ulm Brewers 5, Waterville Indians 4 and the Watkins Clippers .5

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