Class C Rankings: July 12 Edition

–by Brett Kruschke

With state tournament brackets to be released next week and the first MBA playoffs beginning this weekend, who gets their first nod at No. 1 this year in the Class C polls? None less than the defending champion Plato Bluejays, that’s who. Here’s the top teams for the previous five polls and where Plato ranked for each: 

May 3: Green Isle / Nisswa (3. Plato)

May 17: Green Isle (8. Plato) 

June 1: New Market (11. Plato)

June 14: New Market (9. Plato)

June 28: Blue Earth (6. Plato)

Read on for why our panel of voters deemed the Bluejays worthy of the No. 1 spot. 


  1. Plato Bluejays – Plato beats Green Isle 5-3 and is 3-0 since the last rankings, including a victory over Waconia. Welcome back to No. 1, Plato.
  2. Sartell Muskies – The Muskies are 20-2 and keep rolling, with wins over St. Joseph (4-1), Litchfield (7-0) and Foley (14-0) in the Sauk Valley League. They also beat the Sartell Stone Poneys of the Eastern Minny League, 3-2.
  3. Fort Ripley Rebels – The Rebels are 18-3 and beat Nisswa 3-2 in the matchup of the regular season in the Victory League amongst the top two teams in the North Division – not to mention the state. Fort Ripley now commences with the league playoffs.
  4. Green Isle Irish – Green Isle is 20-4 by my count and 4-1 since the last rankings, with only the Plato game in the ‘L’ column.
  5. Nisswa Lightning – Nisswa is 16-2 and still loaded. The league playoffs open with the Aitkin Steam on Saturday.
  6. Jordan Brewers – The Brewers are 4-1 since the last rankings, getting beat by the Faribault Lakers, but also beating the Cold Spring Springers, a Class B power.
  7. New Market Muskies – New Market has to battle Class B powers Dundas and Elko, but are 23-4 and remain one of the state’s top C teams.
  8. Waterville Indians – Waterville handed Blue Earth a 7-6 loss and the Pirates were another No. 1 team in these rankings. It’s time to give the Indians some love.
  9. Blue Earth Pirates – Blue Earth has taken a couple of bumps lately, but remains in the top 10.
  10. Farming Flames – Farming has the best record in the Stearns County League at 10-1 and is 15-4 overall. They have won 10 straight in the league and have one notable loss in the last month, a 6-0 defeat to the Sartell Muskies in the Farming Tournament.


1.  Plato.  The Blue Jays get back to the top after wins over Green Isle and Waconia. Tough to doubt the defending champs at this point.

2.  Fort Ripley Rebels.  Ft Ripley beats Nisswa again, so I have to give them the credit they deserve. Always a tough team and they have been there before, with great pitching.

3.  Green Isle Irish.  They keep winning and lost a tight one to Plato. Expect them to stay towards the top.

4.  Nisswa Lightning.  Another setback to Fort Ripley, but those are the only blemishes. Victory League playoffs starts this weekend.

5.  New Market Muskies.  Just a few losses to class B foes of late, NM is racking up wins.

6.  Morris Eagles.  Morris dropped a close game to Ortonville to break the undefeated streak, but the pitching is still going strong.

7.  Blue Earth.  Dropped down a few slots after some losses in the Coors Light Classic, which is nothing to be ashamed of. One of the toughest tournaments in the state. 

8.  Sartell Muskies.  Pitching is still dominating.  

9.  Raymond Rockets.  Raymond just beat the Moorhead Brewers (#1 Class B) and Shakopee Indians in the Coors Light Classic. They did, however lose to Blue Earth and got narrowly edged by Cold Spring for the title.  

10.  Jordan Brewers.  Jordan is going to be in the mix all year.


  1.  Sartell (20-2):  The Muskies take the #1 spot in my poll, after going 4-0 since our last polls and moving up from #3. The Muskies posted wins over St. Joseph, Litchfield, Foley and the Sartell Stone Poneys, outscoring their opponents 28-3 in the process. Their pitching is way good.
  2. Plato (18-3):  The 2015 state champions have won 14 games in a row. They went 3-0 since our last poll, including an impressive 5-3 win at Green Isle.
  3. Nisswa (17-2):  Went 2-1 since our last poll, with the loss coming to Fort Ripley.
  4. Green Isle (20-4):  Picked up wins over Waterville, Watertown, Hamburg and Cologne since our last poll, and lost to Plato in a rematch of last year’s state championship.
  5. Morris (17-1):  The Eagles suffered their first loss of the season to Ortonville, 3-2. They also picked up wins over Cottonwood and the Hancock Orphans.
  6. Blue Earth (17-3):  Took their first losses of the year in the Coors Light Classic in Shakopee and Jordan, losing to Waterville, Shakopee and Moorhead. They picked up wins over Wells and Raymond. Great competition in that tournament.
  7. New Market (22-4):  Lost to a couple of Class B teams in Elko and Dundas, but also picked up wins over St. Patrick and Union Hill.
  8. Lamberton (17-4):  Went 2-1 since our last poll, beating Courtland and Leavenworth while losing 5-2 to Hanska.
  9. Fort Ripley (16-3):  Lost to the Cold Spring Springers – no shame there – but beat Nisswa since our last poll. 12-1 in the Victory League North.
  10. Worthington (15-3):  Went 4-1 since our last poll, with wins over Jackson 10-4, Martin County Foxes 9-0, Heron Lake 4-0, and the Milroy Irish 4-3. They lost at Windom 3-1 on Sunday night.

On the bubble:  Jordan, Sobieski, Raymond, Waconia, Kimball, Milroy Yankees, Farming, Midway


  1. Plato Blue Jays – 18-3, they continue to win and just went to Green Isle and won 5-3 this past Sunday. Also beat a very tough Waconia team, 10-0.
  2. Green Isle Irish – 20-4, it may look as though I am a homer for my league, but these two teams are so evenly-matched it is hard to say which is the better team; it all depends when they play each other. Should make for a great Region 7C matchup!
  3. Sartell Muskies – 20-2, continue to win and looking to playoffs for their chance at another state title.
  4. Fort Ripley Rebels – 18-3, they swept the season series from Nisswa and are playing great.
  5. New Market Muskies – 22-4, stumbled with two losses since the last poll, but both were to Class B teams, Elko and Dundas.
  6. Nisswa Lightning – 17-2 they came up short in the much anticipated rematch of league rival Fort Ripley, but I look for them to qualify for the Region 8C tourney and make a run deep into the postseason.
  7. Blue Earth Pirates – 17-3, my last poll’s #1 lost three games since the last poll, however only one was to a Class C team: league rival Waterville Indians. This team is experienced and will bounce back for a run into the postseason.
  8. Morris Eagles – 17-1, fell from the list of unbeaten since the last poll as they were beaten by the Ortonville Rox, who are playing very well.
  9. Jordan Brewers – 20-6, Have played a very tough schedule and continue to rack up wins. The St. Peter Saints are pushing them in the league standings, but I look for the Brewers to withstand and play well into August.
  10. Milroy Yankees – 20-6, the Yankees have wrapped up the #1 seed in the Cornbelt League and are looking to make their mark in Region 9C!

Honorable Mention:  Lamberton Long Sox, Farming Flames, Worthington Cubs, Waterville Indians, Sobieski Skis

CHRIS PACK – Hayfield

1. Sartell

2. Plato

3. Green Isle

4. Nisswa

5. Fort Ripley

6. Blue Earth

7. New Market

8. Morris

9. Jordan

10. Lamberton

CLASS C RANKINGS (as of July 12):

1. Plato Bluejays (48 points)

2. Sartell Muskies (40)

3. Green Isle Irish (39)

4. Nisswa Lightning (33)

5. Fort Ripley Rebels (32)

6. New Market Muskies (24)

7. Blue Earth Pirates (20)

8. Morris Eagles (17)

9. Jordan Brewers (10)

10. Lamberton Long Sox (4)

Others receiving votes: Waterville Indians (3), Raymond Rockets (2), Worthington Cubs (1), Farming Flames (1), Milroy Yankees (1).

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