Class C preseason rankings

Posted on March 21, 2014 by CJ Siewert

We’re less than a month away until Minnesota town teams begin their 2014 campaigns.

And with that brings the excitement of new beginnings. Every team has a fresh start at 0-0, but a few of us so-called “tuned in” fans of the game have our eyes on what teams to look out for.

This season’s Class C ranking committee includes myself, hailing from St. Peter, Scott Hollingsworth of Jordan, Andy Johnson of Stewartville-Racine and Jason Kuerschner of Cologne.

Each of us will rank our top 10 every other Friday. The No. 1 team receives 10 points all the way down to one point for the No. 10 team. Those points are then totaled up to compile the overall rankings.

Without further ado, here are the 2014 preseason Class C rankings. 

CJ Siewert (St. Peter)

1. Sartell Muskies – Can’t argue against the defending state champs

2. Fairmont Martins – Great lineup behind a solid ace in Shaun McGuire

3. Maple Lake Lakers – 2012 champs and all-around good team

4. Belle Plaine Tigers – Runner-up last year and always find ways to win in August

5. Jordan Brewers – They’re getting old, but that equals a lot of experience

6. Winsted Wildcats – Nice run last year to the semifinals behind ace Tony Kley

7. Fergus Falls Hurricanes – Best team from “up north”

8. Howard Lake Orphans – Last year’s Region 12 champs that ran into Belle Plaine for a 17-inning marathon

9. Luverne Redbirds – Region 13 champs and made it to the state quarterfinals

10. Sobieski Skis – Nearly knocked of Sartell in the third round last year

Scott Hollingsworth (Jordan)

1. Sartell Muskies – Defending State Champs

2. Belle Plaine Tigers – Always seem to turn it up a notch for big games

3. Jordan Brewers – Getting up there in age, but know how to win

4. Windsted Wildcats – Always have a shot with Tony Kley

5. Fairmont Martins – Can flat out hit the ball all over the park

6. Maple Lake Lakers – Very experienced team come Tournament time

7. Luverne Redbirds – Made a very good run in the 2013 State Tournament

8. Howard Lake Orphans – Consistant team with good chemistry

9. Sobieski Skis – Lost a heartbreaker to the State Champs

10. Fergus Falls Hurricanes – Good all-around team

Andy Johnson (Stewartville-Racine)

1. Sartell Muskies – 2013 Champs

2. Belle Plaine Tigers – Last year’s second place team will be hosting this year

3. Jordan Brewers – The River Valley League is well-represented

4. Winsted Wildcats – Very tough with Tony Kley on the hill

5. Avon Lakers – Kyle Collins is one the best pitchers in the state

6. Luverne Redbirds – Ditto to Brian Beuning

7. Fairmont Martins – Have been strong for several years now

8. Howard Lake Orphans – Gave Belle Plaine all they could handle last year

9. Fergus Falls Hurricanes – Are they ever not in the state tournament?

10. Maple Lake Lakers – 2012 Champs

Jason Kuerschner (Cologne)

1. Sartell Muskies – Defending State Champ, don’t they have to be pre-season No. 1?

2. Winsted Wildcats – Top four finish at state and they are adding Joe Kley back to the team!

3. Belle Plaine Tigers – Strong run in the state tourney to a runner up finish

4. Jordan Brewers – veteran team that finished top four

5. Howard Lake Orphans – Played in epic extra-inning game with Belle Plaine should prove to be just as strong this season

6. Fairmont Martins – Top finisher at state for two-straight years, good veteran leadership

7. Fergus Falls Hurricanes – Top eight finisher last year and consistently around the last weekend of the tourney

8. Luverne Redbirds – Beat defending state champs Midway ’11 and Maple Lake ’12, the latter in Maple Lake

9. Sobieski Skis – Unfortunately ran into Sartell at State

10. Avon Lakers, Lake Henry Lakers, Maple Lake Lakers and Lastrup – all worthy of top 10 here, in my opinion, good solid teams

Overall preseason rankings

1. Sartell Muskies – 40 points

2. Belle Plaine Tigers – 33

3. Jordan Brewers – 29

4. Winsted Wildcats – 28

5. Fairmont Martins – 24

6. Howard Lake Orphans – 15

7. Maple Lake Lakers – 14.25

8. Luverne Redbirds – 14

9. Fergus Falls Hurricanes – 11

10. Avon Lakers – 6.25

Other receiving votes: Sobieski 5, Lake Henry .25, Lastrup .25

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