Class B rankings: Teams shuffle around in advance of playoffs

By Nick Gerhardt

ScoreMonster Contributor

The final poll before the section tournaments didn’t produce a lot of Earth-shattering shakeups but there will be plenty of great playoff games coming up.

Miesville remained at No. 1 though one pollster moved them out of the No. 1 spot in this round of rankings. The Mudhens face a rugged test in Section 1B with the likes of ranked teams like Northfield and Dundas, not to mention a dangerous Hampton team and Elko.

Cold Spring has continued to prove itself behind a tough schedule. The Springers will get battle-tested coming out of Section 2 with the likes of Beaudreau’s and Moorhead, which will be another section to watch.

Northfield climbed up to No. 3 in this week’s poll while its neighbor to the south, Dundas, maybe appropriately trails the Knights at the No. 4 spot.

Moorhead dropped to No. 5 after going 4-4 in its last eight games. Two of those losses came against Cold Spring in that span.

Blaine moved up a spot to No. 6 and will attempt to reach the state tournament from Section 4, which has a top 10-ranked team in Forest Lake.

Chaska rose from the No. 9 spot all the way up to the No. 7 ranking and will try to make its way out of an increasingly interesting Section 3.

Beaudreau’s dropped all the way down to No. 8 but it’ll contend in Section 2. Chanhassen, which started the season at No. 2 and remained there for the early part of the season continued to slide, this time down to No. 9. Forest Lake and Shakopee each came in at No. 10 this week.

Eric Kraushar – Chaska

1. Cold Spring Springers (30-2) – 14-game winning streak. Rewarding them for getting out and playing best teams in state.

2. Miesville Mudhens (27-3) – Top seed in Section 1. 

3. Dundas Dukes (30-8) – Winning the big ones of late.  

4. Chaska Cubs (25-8) – Month of July, 9-1 record. Four consecutive walk-offs.

5. Moorhead Brewers (21-4) – 4-4 down the stretch after 17-0 start.  

6. Northfield Knights (26-6) – Had 10-game winning streak end Sunday.  

7. Blaine Fusion (23-3) – Top team in Metro Minny after 1-0 win over Forest Lake.

8. Beaudreau’s Saints (15-6) – 3-5 record in July.  

9. Chanhassen Red Birds (22-7) – Still waiting for their “A” game.  

10. Shakopee Indians (16-12) – Scoring a bunch of runs.

Aaron Olson – Shakopee

1. Miesville Mudhens

2. Cold Spring Springers

3. Moorhead Brewers

4. Northfield Knights

5. Chaska Cubs

6. Chanhassen Red Birds

7. Dundas Dukes

8. Blaine Fusion

9. Shakopee Indians

10. Beaudreau’s Saints

Kelly McMonagle — Fargo/Moorhead

1. Miesville Mudhens – Lost the tiebreaker to Northfield for the top of Section 1B. But the Hens have won 17 of last 18 games with only loss in that span to Dundas last Sunday.

2. Cold Spring Springers – Springers are on a roll with a 30-2 record on the season and playing a top-notch schedule. They will be the top seed in the Section 2B tournament that begins this weekend in Cold Spring.

3. Northfield Knights – After going 1-2 at the Coors Light Classic they have gone 9-1 and claimed the top spot in Section 1B. Will be a battle to see who comes out of that section.

4. Blaine Fusion – Fusion are the top seed in Section 4B and have won nine of 10 only losing to the St. Paul Capitals in that run. They now will square off with Andover in a best-of-three series.

5. Dundas Dukes – Dukes have reached the 30-win mark this year while winning 16 of 18 down the home stretch.

6. Beaudreau’s Saints – Saints take the No. 2 seed into the Section 2B tournament and will look to make some noise with that talented group of ballplayers.

7. Moorhead Brewers – Veteran squad has split last eight games after opening the season with 17 straight wins.

8. Chaska Cubs – Cubs have won nine of their last 10 games to rise to the top of Section 3B. Next up has them in a best-of-three series against Burnsville.

9. Chanhassen Red Birds – Red Birds will face Prior Lake in the Section 3B playoffs after going 7-3 in July.

10. Forest Lake Brewers – Brewers take the No. 2 seed in Section 4B and will have to get through Isanti to move on.

Matt Marek – Champlin

1. Miesville Mudhens

2. Cold Spring Springers

3. Moorhead Brewers

4. Northfield Knights

5. Blaine Fusion

6. Dundas Dukes

7. Beaudreau’s Saints

8. Chanhassen Red Birds

9. Forest Lake Brewers

10. Chaska Cubs

Class B Rankings (As of Aug. 1)

1. Miesville Mudhens (39)

2. Cold Spring Springers (37)

3. Northfield Knights (27)

4. Dundas Dukes (23)

5. Moorhead Brewers (22)

6. Blaine Fusion (20)

7. Chaska Cubs (17)

8. Beaudreau’s Saints (13)

9. Chanhassen Red Birds (13)

10. Forest Lake Brewers (3)

10. Shakopee Indians (3)

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