Class B Rankings: May 24 Edition

–by Brett Kruschke

The Dundas Dukes are riding high these days as defending state champions and the unanimous No. 1 team in Class B for the first two polls of the year. Find out where the rest of the dominoes fall in this edition of the Class B rankings:

AARON OLSON – Shakopee

1. Dundas (5-0) Nice convincing win over Elko

2. Moorhead (3-0)—couple close wins over home tourney this past weekend. They need to update their website!

3. Elko (7-2) Couple setbacks but already 7 wins

4. Cold Spring (2-1) –20 inning loss to powerhouse C team Sartell

5. Chaska (4-1) –very good last week and a half

6. Blaine (5-0) –off to a nice start

7. Beaudreau’s Saints (St. Cloud) (1-0) Got Gregory back, but for how long?

8. Shakopee (3-2) –Nice comeback win over Eagan, but need more depth

9. Chanhassen (1-0)–just getting started and should have full team now back ready to go

10. Forest Lake (2-0)—couple close wins to open season


1 )  Dundas (6-1 ) Nice start for the defending champs. Especially with the bulls eye. Blaine on horizon this week.

2)  Moorhead ( 3-0 ) Small sample size but nice start. These guys travel and win.

3 ) Cold Spring  ( 2-1 ) Tough schedule so far and solid start.

4 ) Blaine ( 5-1 ) only loss to Capitals, depleted lineup so far and will only get better. Added a few more players in last week that will contribute heavily.

5 ) Shakopee ( 4-2 ) some nice wins in the early season and will only get better.

6 ) Elko ( 6-2 ) Nice wins early, talented squad who cares about their ranking.

7 ) Forest Lake ( 5-0 ) Winning with pitching early, hitting will carry them later, promise.

8 ) Chaska ( 4-1 ) Nice start, could be a special team this year.

9 ) Coon Rapids ( 1-1 ) tough schedule to start season, split gets you ranked.

10 ) St. Cloud Beaudreau’s ( 1-0 ) should be able to make the final weekend of the tournament if everyone sticks around.

HM : Champlin ( 6-3 ) much improved with added numbers, Chanhassen ( 1-0 ) can youth prevail


1. Dundas Dukes (6-1) – if there were any doubters that the Dukes deserved the top spot in the first rankings, a 16-6 win over No. 2-ranked Elko ought to erase those thoughts. First 10-run rule loss for Elko since 2009.

2. Blaine Fusion (5-1) – rewarding teams with multiple results in May, and Blaine is off to a great start. Have played a few out-of-state teams and Class A teams. Excited to see them up against an always talented Metro Minny League.

3. Moorhead Brewers (3-0) – won a pair of 1-0 games in Herds and Horns Invitational over the weekend. Veteran roster that produces year in and year out.

4. Chaska Cubs (4-1) – lost a Sunday evening game to Jordan, 5-4, but has outscored opponents in four victories, 35-2. Won a 2-1 game versus Plato ace Cody Hallahan. One of the top teams in state last year, lineup remains intact with Chase Hentges, Kyle Geason and Austin Lubinsky big-time contributors.

5. Chanhassen Red Birds (1-0) – now that the college seasons are winding down for many, game on for Chanhassen, which continues to stock pile collegiate players after being moved to Class B a season ago. This team was among the best in June into July last year. Adding a few more bats and arms, will they contend in August?

6. Cold Spring Springers (2-1) – started the year with a convincing 7-1 win over Maple Lake before falling to Sartell over the weekend. One look at their roster and the Springers may have the most talented bunch of guys – a good mix of veterans and younger bodies.

7. Shakopee Indians (4-2) – I keep waiting for Shakopee to take a step back a bit, but they keep coming back for more. A nice 7-6 win over Eagan on Sunday at the Joe, rallying from 6-2 down. Additions from high school program are only going to get better with experience in this league.

8. Forest Lake (5-0) – The Brew Crew boosted one of the best win totals in 2015 and after a two-game sweep of a tournament in Hinckley over the weekend, they’re trending the same way. Waiting for this team to take the next step … we’ll see!

9. Elko Express (6-2) – Speaking of an ambitious ball team, eight games thus far, six wins. 10-run loss to Dundas stings. They have to wait to July 24 for rematch. Schedule doesn’t start to heat up until mid-June with Faribault and Miesville back-to-back.

10. Champlin (6-2) – Another team that continues to take steps each year. Like that they came out on top of a couple close one-run games.

MATT MAREK – Champlin

1. Dundas (5-1) – Good start with some quality wins under their belts…Tommy Macdonald will be a nice young addition to their veteran club. As long as Neuger does good work on my shoulder Ill keep them in the top spot … kidding (sort of). 

2. Blaine (5-1) – Pitching has been great, spotty attendance, but the troops are arriving!

3. Miesville (0-1) – Take note of Bret Mitchell’s 6 inning, 11 K performance (and look up his baseball reference page while you’re at it)

4. Cold Spring (2-1) – The dogs must be barking after the 20-inning marathon loss to Sartell

5. Moorhead (3-0?) – Ran the table at their tournament. Always fun to see how their challenging schedule plays out.

6. Forest Lake (5-0) – Two nice wins over the Cobras and Mora

7. Elko (7-2) – Nice win over Green Isle offset by tight L to The Pub, and a thumping at the hands of Dundas

8. Shakopee (3-2) – Losses to Carver and Jordan. Nice win over Eagan to get over the Carver loss.

9. Coon Rapids (1-1) – Early … win over Class A Angels for the notch in the win column.

10. Chaska (4-1) – A win over the Class C champs out of Plato.

Out: Chanhassen (1-0) – A lot of talent on this club, couldn’t ignore Chaska’s win over Plato, however. We will see if the college guys can stick around long enough to get playoff results.

Beaudreau’s – Reece Gregory! For now… Eagan, Victoria, Austin Hounds


1.  Dundas:  top ranking after a big win over Elko
2.  Blaine:  an aggressive schedule as always should have them ready for playoffs.  Should be a good matchup tomorrow night against Dundas
3.  Moorhead:  looking to see what comes together with this veteran group
4.  Cold Spring:  small sample size of games thus far but I see them in the top 5 all year
5.  Shakopee:  nice early season win over Eagan on Sunday to bounce back from loss to Carver
6.  Chaska:  good start to their season.  They have a date with Minnetonka on the horizon
7.  Forest Lake:  undefeated out of the gates getting good pitching
8.  Elko:  play a ton of games.  Recent 16-6 loss to top ranked Dundas
9.  St. Cloud:  not much to go by so far but they have plenty of youth and talent
10.  Eagan:  close loss to Shakopee early in the season

Mention:  Champlin, Coon Rapids, Victoria

CLASS B RANKINGS (as of May 24):

  1. Dundas Dukes (50 points)
  2. Moorhead Brewers (40)
  3. Blaine Fusion (39)
  4. Cold Spring Springers (34)
  5. Elko Express, Chaska Cubs, Shakopee Indians (22)

  8. Forest Lake Brewers (17)

  9. Chanhassen Red Birds, Miesville Mudhens (8)

Also receiving votes: Beaudreau’s Saints (7), Coon Rapids Redbirds (4), Champlin Logators (1), Eagan Bandits (1).

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