Class B Rankings: June 9 edition

Our four Class B experts convened this week to release their first rankings for the 2017 season, and last season’s state champs have retained their top spot as June rolls on. 

The defending champion Miesville Mudhens received three first-place votes and one second-place spot to secure the No. 1 distinction in the season’s first ranking. The 2015 champion Dundas Dukes earned the second spot, while 2016 runner-ups Moorhead clamed fourth place behind the perennial powerhouse Cold Spring Springers. 

The four sets of rankings didn’t differ too much, as a sturdy consensus emerged. Only 12 teams received Top-10 votes, with the Northfield Knights and the Chanhassen Red Birds as the two teams on the outside looking in of the overall Top 10.  

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Adam Gallatin – Forest Lake

Class B Rankings

1. Dundas Dukes – (11-1) Racking up wins, including a huge victory over Miesville.  Only loss to Hampton.

2. Miesville Mudhens – (3-1) Solid start for defending champs with only blemish to Dundas.  

3. Chaska Cubs – (7-1) Signature win over Minnetonka with only lose to Mpls Lakers.  

4. Blaine Fusion – (9-2)  Signature win over Shakopee.  Not sure what happened vs Capitals.  

5. Cold Spring Springers – (6-0)

6. Moorhead Brewers – (6-0)

7. Shakopee Indians – (7-3) Tough weekend at Bud Classic with two losses.  

8. Elko Express – (9-4) Slow start losing 3 of first 4 but have since won 7 of 8.  

9. Northfield Knights – (6-1) Big game Wednesday vs Elko.  

10. St. CloudBeaudreau’s Saints – (6-2)

Honorable Mention:  Chanhassen, Forest Lake, Eagan, St. Michael, Champlin

Matthew Marek – Andover

1. Miesville Mudhens – (3-1) Made some very nice additions this year, 3 with pro experience, but overcoming the loss of Derek Goodnature will be tough (We went to school together). The champs are the team to beat thus far
2. Dundas Dukes – (11-1) Dundas may have something to say about the Hens repeat bid. They took down the Hens on Sunday, and have started the year red hot
3. Cold Spring Springers – (6-0) Another hot start for the Springers with quality wins over the Austin Greyhounds, Chanhassen and the defending Class C Champs Raymond
4. Moorhead Brewers – (5-0) Runner-Ups the last two years running, the Brew Crew has started 6-0 this year. The real tests begin this weekend with games against Sauk Rapids, Chaska and Rochester
5. Blaine Fusion – (8-2) As some may have heard, the Fusion lost (?) quality LHP Aaron Page to injury…they promptly scooped up U of M lefthander Alex Farley (who is not playing in the Northwoods League) from the Coon Rapids Redbirds to replace. You have to do a lot of things right to beat the Fusion when they are on their game.
6. Chaska Cubs – (7-1) The Cubs boast wins over Minnetonka, traditionally strong Plato, and two wins over Jordan to start the season. The triangular with Moorhead and Rochester on Saturday should be fun to watch.
7. Eagan Bandits – (4-0) Tim Pawlenty’s favorite amateur team has started off 4-0. When you beat the St. Paul Capitals and don’t have a blemish on the record, that’s certainly worthy of some recognition.
8. Shakopee Indians – (7-3) Rough go the last week with losses to Blaine, New Market and St. Louis Park. Beat St. Louis Park earlier in the year. Always a tough squad that will be there in the end.
9. St. Cloud Beaudreaus Saints – (6-2) Dom Austing is the only loss to the Northwoods League that I can see so far (there may be more) but they will be just fine
10. Elko Express – (9-4) Third place at the Budweiser Classic…Plenty of tough games on the schedule coming up!

Honorable Mention: Chanhassen (5-4), Forest Lake (5-2), Monticello (4-0), Rochester (4-2), Brooklyn Park 

Kelly McMonagle – Fargo

1. Miesville Mudhens – Defending champs open the season with 3 straight wins until a close loss to Dundas.  Look for them to get back on track in a tough Section 1B
2. Dundas Dukes – Out of the gates hot winning 11 of 12 to start the season including a win over Miesville.  Lots of familiar faces return after an early exit last year in the State tourney
3. Cold Spring Springers – 6-0 to begin the season for the always strong Springer crew.  Win at Target Field over the Austin Greyhounds 
4. Blaine Fusion – The Fusion have won 9 of 11 this year including wins over Shakopee and Coon Rapids.  They will be battle-tested come playoff time with their challenging schedule every year
5. Moorhead Brewers – Veteran group off to a 5-0 start with a challenging road trip ahead this weekend against Sauk Rapids, Chaska, and Rochester
6. Chaska Cubs – Top 5 tourney finish last year with some nice additions this season to an already solid lineup.  Win over defending Class A champs Minnetonka Millers
7. Shakopee Indians – Some new faces added to the Indians squad this year.  Started 7-3 but will need their full team to advance in a loaded Section
8. Elko Express – Winning 9 of 13 out of the gate and 2-0 in Section 1B.  Their aggressive scheduling will have them primed for one of the spots from that Section
9. St. Cloud Beaudreau’s Saints –  Young roster making good runs at the State tournament the last 3 years so gotta expect more of the same
10. Eagan Bandits – Undefeated at this point with a win over the St. Paul Capitals.  Moved into Section 3B and will be looking to return to the State tourney after missing last year

Honorable Mention: Northfield (6-1), Champlin (6-3)

Aaron Olson – Shakopee

1. Miesville Mudhens – (3-1) Took tough loss to Dundas, but very early in year.  Recruited 2 top players to add to the defending championship team from 2016

2. Moorhead Brewers – (6-0) Always seem to add a few good players each year

3. Dundas Dukes – (9-1) Big win on Sunday over Miesville

4. Cold Spring Springers – (6-0) Got a nice win at Target Field over Austin on June 3rd

5. Chaska Cubs – (6-1) Took first loss Sunday to Minneapolis Lakers

6. Elko Express – (9-4) Third place over the weekend in own tourney. Started out slow with couple losses

7. Blaine Fusion – Need to update MBA schedule, but looks like 8-2 record with win over Shakopee

8. Shakopee Indians – (7-3) Have struggled with players last week or so. Miks and Boldt hurt for summer, will need young guys to step up

9. St. Cloud Beaudreau’s Saints – 6-2, with a good showing at Stearns County tournament

10. Chanhassen Red Birds – (4-3) Just won Stearns County Tourney. Recruited couple more St. Cloud St. guys to boost their roster

CLASS B RANKINGS (as of June 9)

Tiebreaker went to team with highest individual ranking

1. Miesville Mudhens (39)
2. Dundas Dukes (36)
3. Cold Spring Springers (29)
4. Moorhead Brewers (27)
5. Chaska Cubs (24)
6. Blaine Fusion (24)
7. Shakopee Indians (14)
8. Elko Express (12)
9. St. Cloud Beaudreau’s Saints (7)
10. Eagan Bandits (5)

Others receiving votes: Northfield (2), Chanhassen (1)

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