Class B Rankings: June 7 Edition

–by Brett Kruschke

It was Dundas over the Moorhead Brewers in last year’s Class B championship, and only Dundas over Moorhead in this year’s first two Class B polls. The Brewers have had enough and now have their sweet revenge – well kinda, anyways – as they have upended the Dukes for the No. 1 spot in the latest Class B poll:

AARON OLSON – Shakopee

1.  Moorhead (7-0) Just had a nice weekend beating Forest Lake and Blaine

2.  Cold Spring (6-1) Only loss was to Sartell in 20 innings

3. Elko (13-4) 2nd place at the Elko/New Market tourney

4. Dundas (8-2) Lost a tough game to Red Wing over the weekend

5. Chaska (7-2) Have some B games coming up, pitching looks strong so far

6. Chanhassen (6-1) Season just started for these young bucks, but they should be good

7. Blaine (10-4) This team plays a ton of games, should help them in the end

8. Shakopee (7-4) need to add depth to roster and get everyone to games

9. Miesville (3-2) Early in season but added Mitchell to boost pitching

10. Forest Lake (7-2) Just played Moorhead tough over the weekend


1 ) Moorhead ( 7-0 ) Outstanding team that travels to get better.

2 ) Dundas ( 9-2 ) Nice start; really good team at home.

3 ) Elko ( 13 – 4 ) Heavy schedule; bad losses will happen when you play aggressive schedule against good teams.

4 ) Cold Spring ( 5-1 ) Just cannot rank them lower; not many quality games.

5 ) Forest Lake ( 7-2 ) Quality team with only losses against top-tier teams.

6 ) Shakopee ( 7-4 ) Solid team with some close losses against quality teams.

7 ) Blaine  ( 10- 4 ) Brutal schedule with very poor attendance.

8 ) Chanhassen ( 6-1 ) Very nice start; light schedule.

9 ) Coon Rapids ( 4-4 ) Look at the schedule: stacked opponents every game so far.

10 ) Miesville ( 3-1 ) Good team; not much to go on for games.

HM : Champlin, Eagan, Beaudreau’s


1. Moorhead Brewers – new No. 1 team in my rankings. Unbeaten start at 7-0

 2. Dundas Dukes – drop one spot with loss to a solid Green Isle team

3. Chaska Cubs – seven wins in nine games. Have split with Jordan, beat Waconia 1-0 in games versus top Class C teams

 4. Elko Express – 13 wins; impressive at this point

 5. Cold Spring Springers  – Big weekend ahead vs Chaska, Savage

 6. Shakopee Indians – competitive every time out

7. Chanhassen Red Birds – nice wins over Beaudreau’s and Cannon Falls over the weekend

 8. Blaine Fusion – 10 wins, still haven’t hit stride

 9. Forest Lake Brewers – June will tell a lot

 10. Miesville Mudhens – beat Minnetonka. Earns you a spot in the rankings

MATT MAREK – Champlin

1. Dundas (5-1) – My shoulder feels good this week, thus they remain my #1. 

2. Moorhead (7-0) – A couple of nice road wins over ranked Forest Lake and Blaine vaults them up the poll.

3. Miesville (3-2) – Big win over Minnetonka last week!

4. Cold Spring (6-1) – Four straight wins following loss to very good Sartell club. Matchup with Chaska next week should be a fun one and telling for both squads.

5. Blaine (10-4) – Five games this week, with losses to Duluth and Moorhead. Dan Mossey injury hurts, but should be back before season’s end. Will be interesting to see who will be around on the offensive side as several pitchers are still in the lineup. Hope your lineup doesn’t have a lot of lefties if they are on your schedule!

6. Forest Lake (7-2) – Had the Brewers on the ropes but dropped a late three-run lead.

7. Chaska (6-2) – Topped by Minnetonka, but grabbed a couple of nice W’s over solid C clubs in Jordan and Waconia.

8. Elko (13-4) – Can’t fault them for losses to New Market, The Pub and Dundas, but the way they lost was a bit head-turning. Nice win over Coon Rapids at their tournament to grab a quality W.

9. Coon Rapids (4-4) – Very tough schedule thus far, our game notwithstanding. Same goes for them on the tourney front (see Shakopee), but the Blaine matchup should be a fun one on Tuesday.

10. Shakopee (7-4) – Always tough to gauge or judge teams on tournament results with the late nights, and copious amounts of alcohol, but went 1-2 (Prior Lake-W, Coon Rapids, Capitals – L) at Elko Tourney.


Chanhassen (6-1) – Started out how they should have. Next two weeks with section play and Jordan on the docket could vault them up the rankings.

Beaudreaus (2-2) – A couple of losses to Northwoods League and Pro ball.

Eagan (1-1) – Too small of a sample size!


1.  Dundas – minor setback against Red Wing on Sunday but will hold the top spot in Class B
2.  Moorhead – mixing in young talent with veteran core
3.  Cold Spring – only blemish on the season is a marathon loss to Sartell. Playing in the Class B Showdown this weekend
4.  Miesville – big victory over Class A powerhouse Minnetonka opens a lot of eyes. Tough section games yet to come
5.  Elko – aggressive schedule with quality wins in their tournament over the weekend against Coon Rapids and St. Paul Capitals
6.  Shakopee – playing quality schedule outside of a tough section should have them ready come playoff time
7.  Chaska – see above. Only losses to Jordan and Minnetonka, so no cause to worry. Good test this coming weekend in the Class B Showdown
8.  Blaine – been having some numbers problem lately but they will right the ship and be there in the end
9.  Coon Rapids – playing a quality schedule of games plus a tough section. Good matchup tonight against Blaine
10.  Forest Lake – high-powered offense

Mention:  Eagan, St. Cloud, Chanhassen

CLASS B RANKINGS (as of June 7):

1. Moorhead Brewers (48 points)

2. Dundas Dukes (45)

3. Cold Spring Springers (37)

4. Elko Express (32)

5. Chaska Cubs (22)

6. Blaine Fusion (20)

7. Shakopee Indians, Miesville Mudhens (19)

9. Forest Lake Brewers (15)

10. Chanhassen Red Birds (12)

Other receiving votes: Coon Rapids Redbirds (6)

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