Class B rankings: June 30

Posted on June 30, 2015 by CJ Siewert

* games played prior to June 30 taken into consideration 

Aaron Olson – Shakopee

1. Elko

2. Cold Spring

3. Blaine

4. Mankato

5. Moorhead

6. Savage

7. Shakopee

8. Chanhassen

9. Dundas

10. Forest Lake

Kelly McMonagle – Moorhead

1. Cold Spring – they are the two-time defending champs until someone knocks them off

2. Blaine – tons of talent looking to peak when playoffs roll around

3. Elko – playing a lot and playing well

4. Austin Greyhounds – excellent showing in their top notch tourney

5. Forest Lake – they can swing it

6. Mankato – tough section to get through so will be battle tested

7. Shakopee – consistently top tier club

8. Victoria – the lumber company will need the bats to carry them through that meat grinder section

9. Dundas – they pitch it well

10. Chanhassen – nice wins against B and C top squads

Jamie Heipel – Blaine

1. Cold Spring: (16-3) With 12 straight wins they are hitting form, including against Blaine in their last AB and wining the Vic Tourney. Several guys starting on the bump makes it more impressive.

2. Elko: (25-2) Maybe deserving of the top spot but just could not do it yet. Impressive start to the season, keeping that pace up might be improbable. Some nice wins against quality opponents.

3. Blaine: (16-6)  Three straight weekends of tournaments = 7-3  (Champions, 3rd place , Consolation Champs) against good competition. Many games means using all the pitchers, no matter who the opponent. A couple bad losses need to be mentioned!

4. Victoria: Not Many losses (Chanhassen, Moorhead, Blaine, Cold Spring) can still hit with anyone. If and when all their players show up they will be there in the end.

5. Shakopee: (15-5) Tough losses to quality teams for the most part, and some really nice wins against good teams. Model of consistency for amateur ball in my opinion.

6. Austin: (8-4) Lost in Championship of Spamtown to Tonka. Great mix of vets with some really nice young players. They will be really good come playoffs.

7. Moorhead: (9-4) Travels everywhere to play good competition, not playing their best right now but are getting there. They have the horses when needed.

8. Chanhassen: (14-6) Some nice wins against quality programs, time to give them their due.

9. Forest Lake: (12-5) Probably too low for this team, but will rise when all their players return. Much talent, losing their catcher to the St. Paul Saints does not help.

10. Miesville: This team can hit the ball, not sure about their pitching depth but a return to quality ball indeed. Very competitive league means losses are going to happen for all their teams.

** Just Missing **  Mankato (not enough games ), Dundas, Chaska

Erik Kraushar – Chaska/Chanhassen

1. Cold Spring – twelve wins in a row for the Springers, who went 3-0 in Victoria two weekends ago, beating Blaine, Midway and Moorhead. Add in a 5-0 record in Region 7 seeding games and that’s why they are No. 1

2. Elko – the Express have to lead the state in wins (25), suffering just its second loss up in Hinckley on Friday in a 1-0 shutout. A lot against Class C teams, but they are 6-0 vs Region 1 squads and 13-0 vs Class A or B teams

3. Blaine – props to the Fusion for playing 10 times in 14-day stretch, posting a 6-4 record, which included wins over Victoria, Forest Lake and Midway. Did lose to Cold Spring in finishing 2-1 at Victoria Tournament.

4. Victoria – recent losses to Chanhassen, Blaine and Moorhead slide the Vics down a few spots despite a solid 12-5 record. 14 of last 18 games against Region 3B teams

5. Forest Lake – SPAMtown saw the Brewers go 0-fer in 2014. Forest Lake did get a win in Austin this year, losing to Class A’s top two teams in Minnetonka and the St. Paul Capitals. Loss to Blaine prevents them from climbing.

6. Chanhassen – new to the rankings are the first-year in “B” Red Birds, who have posted 3-1 records over the last two weekends in Hamburg/Green Isle and Arlington/Gaylord. Off to a 14-6 record, having posted wins over Chaska, Victoria and Shakopee

7. Shakopee – have lost a pair of Region 3 games over the past two weeks to Chanhassen and Mankato over at Target Field, but have wins over Chaska, Eagan, Coon Rapids and Mankato

8. Mankato – outside of Region 3 opponents, weren’t able to schedule much against Class B, but is off to an 11-2 start, including wins over Chaska (2x) and Shakopee. Two losses are by one run (5-4 and 1-0) to Shakopee and Prior Lake

9. St. Cloud Beaudreau’s Saints – 8-4 record with two of those losses to Cold Spring

10. Chaska – hanging onto the final spot – beat contenders Austin and Moorhead already this season. Also topped St. Michael in a mid-week game, but has lost last three Region 3 games to Chanhassen, Shakopee and Mankato

Matt Marek – Champlin

1. Elko (25-2) – Finally “stumbled” after rattling off 20 consecutive victories. No reason to knock them for falling to one of the top pitchers in Class C in Asa Patterson.

2. Cold Spring (16-3) – Wow, what a couple of weeks for the Champs. Just go to their schedule and check it out…then tweet at me and tell me I’m an idiot for not having them #1!

3. Blaine (16-6) – Really ran the gamut of results the last two weeks; quality wins, tough losses, blowout losses, blowout wins made up the last 14 days for the Fusion.

4. Shakopee (15-5) – Tough losses to Chanhassen, and Mankato in the Town Ball Classic, keep them from jumping Blaine.

5. Forest Lake (12-5) – Rattled off five straight league wins, plus split two games with the defending A champs. Got the ‘Pool of Death’ at SPAMtown (Minnetonka, Capitals, Sioux Falls)

6. Victoria (10-5) – 2-3 in last two weeks with losses to Chanhassen, Moorhead and Blaine.

7. Dundas (16-5) – Stumbled in a crazy, back-and-forth game against Champlin. Other than that, business as usual for the Dukes.

8. Moorhead (9-4) – Had a nice showing in the Victoria Tournament with wins over the hosts and Coon Rapids. Added a solid win over Fergus Falls as well. 

9. Chanhassen  (12-6) – Two wins over ranked C teams, two wins over ranked B teams, a trip to Target Field, a tournament runner-up and a tournament consolation title made up the last two weeks for The Birds. Holding up just fine in Class B.

10. Mankato Twins (11-2) – A great return to amateur ball for the Twins. Two wins apiece over Shakopee and Chaska highlight their season thus far. 

Austin Greyhounds (8-4) – I have a feeling they’ll make my top 10 eventually .
Miesville (11-5) – Three straight midweek losses drops them out this week.
Chaska (13-8) – 3-4 since last poll, 1-2 at SPAMTown after winning it last year.

Overall Class B rankings: June 30

1. Cold Spring 48

2. Elko 46

3. Blaine 41

4. Shakopee 25

5. Victoria 22

6. Forest Lake 21

7. Mankato 16

8. Chanhassen 14

9. Moorhead 13

10. Austin Greyhounds 12

Others receiving votes: Dundas 8, Savage 5, St. Cloud Beaudreau’s 2, Miesville 1 and Chaska 1

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