Class B Rankings: June 22

Posted on June 22, 2012 by CJ Siewert

We’ve finally put together the four-man Class B polling committee and with that come the first rankings of the 2012 season. The Mankato Twins top the inaugural rankings, followed by the Victoria Vics and Sauk Rapids Cyclones.

The Class B ranking committee includes Jon Sands of the Victoria Vics, Aaron Olson of the Shakopee Indians, Kelly McMonagle of the Moorhead Brewers and CJ Siewert of the St. Peter Saints.

Individual rankings are listed first and then the overall rankings are at the bottom. Every other Friday starting today, the four-man Class B polling committee will offer its Top-10. A first place vote receives 10 points, descending down to one point for the No. 10 team. Those points are then added up to compile the overall rankings.

Jon Sands (Victoria Vics)

1. Savage Outlaws – 10-0; the outlaws are looking strong enough to make a run for a title

2. Mankato Twins – 10-2; the Twins are looking strong as usual and find way to win games

3. Cold Spring Springers – 12-4; the Springer’s are looking to make yet another run for the tournament this year

4. Victoria Vics – 16-4; Victoria has put together a good year and is 8-1 against Class A teams

5. Dundas Dukes – 13-5; the Dukes are looking like the Dundas of old

6. Shakopee Indians – 14-3; Shakopee is another contender but has a tough road ahead

7. Hastings Hawks – 10-8; the Hawks might not have the stand-out record but have played plenty of good teams

8. Prior Lake Jays – 9-4; the Jay’s have their ups and downs but still a solid team

9. Miesville Mudhens – 4-2; might not have played a lot of games right now but is a solid team waiting to make a run

10. Chaska Cubs – 10-4; the Cubs are a little slow out of the gate to start the season

Aaron Olson (Shakopee Indians)

1. Sauk Rapids Cyclones – 7-0 and defending champs

2. Mankato Twins – always good

3. Victoria Vics – 16-4; won their own tourney over Minnetonka and got second in Moorhead

4. Savage Outlaws – 10-0; might have lost a couple guys this year

5. Moorhead Brewers – 11-2; a lot of veteran guys that play well together

6. Shakopee Indians – 14-3; won the Moorhead tourney with nine guys

7. Cold Spring Springers – 12-4; Fermite and Morse throwing well

8. Blaine Fusion – 19-4; good team with new guy Matt Mossey

9. Isanti Redbirds – 16-3; defending Class C champs

10. Prior Lake Jays – 9-4; good pitching and just beat Seifert from Chaska 

Kelly McMonagle (Moorhead Brewers)

1.  Sauk Rapids Cyclones

2.  Mankato Twins

3.  Victoria Vics

4.  Shakopee Indians

5.  Cold Spring Springers

6.  Dundas Dukes

7.  Savage Outlaws

8.  Miesville Mudhens

9.  Austin Greyhounds

10. Blaine Fusion and Burnsville Bobcats (tie)

CJ Siewert (St. Peter Saints)

1. Sauk Rapids Cyclones – defending champs and undefeated (7-0)

2. Savage Outlaws – undefeated (10-0) so far with a tough schedule

3. Victoria Vics – 16-4 with a pair of tourneys under their belts. Won their own invitational last weekend and took second at the Northwest Amateur Baseball Championships early in the season

4. Mankato Twins – made it to the title game of the Miesville/Red Wing tourney last weekend, but were rained out. Twins slugger Tony Konicek was named the tournament’s MVP

5. Isanti Redbirds – last year’s Class C champs are now 16-3 as a Class B team. Also undefeated (6-0) in the Metro Minny League

6. Shakopee Indians – 14-3; Northwest Amateur Baseball Championship winners with a depleted lineup – powerful lineup regardless

7. Moorhead Brewers – 12-3 with a powerful lineup; 12 homers in 15 games

8. Blaine Fusion – 19-4 and second in the Metro Minny

9. Cold Spring Springers – 13-4 with a great pitching staff; combined 1.11 ERA

10. Dundas Dukes – 13-5; strong lineup with the potential to score a lot of runs

Overall Rankings

1.Mankato Twins34
2.Victoria Vics31
3.Sauk Rapids Cyclones30
3.Savage Outlaws30
5.Shakopee Indians22
6.Cold Spring Springers20
7.Dundas Dukes12
8.Moorhead Brewers10
9.Isanti Redbirds8
10.Blaine Fusion6.5

Others receiving votes: Miesville Mudhens (5), Prior Lake Jays (4), Hastings Hawks (4), Austin Greyhounds (2), Chaska Cubs (1), Burnsville Bobcats (.5) 

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