Class B rankings: July 15

Posted on July 15, 2015 by CJ Siewert

Photo by Carlos Gonzalez, Star Tribune: Elko infielder Dylan Thomas (8) made a leaping play to throw out a Lyon’s Pub Warriors batter at first base.

* games played prior to July 15 taken into consideration

Aaron Olson – Shakopee

1. Elko

2. Cold Spring

3. Chanhassen

4. Miesville

5. Moorhead

6. Mankato

7. Blaine

8. Shakopee

9. Victoria

10. Chaska

Kelly McMonagle – Moorhead

1. Elko- impressive record this season and playing good ball

2. Cold Spring- 2 time defending champs until they are knocked off

3. Blaine-  playing an aggressive schedule getting ready for playoffs

4. Mankato-  not playing a lot of games but some good wins

5. Miesville- a couple nice wins move them up the rankings

6. Moorhead-  couple 2nd place finishes in stacked tournaments

7. Chanhassen-  some nice wins last couple weeks will have ready for the meat grinder of 3B

8. Victoria-  tough lineup top to bottom and can hit with anyone

9. Forest Lake-  couple losses in league bump them down in the rankings this week

10. Shakopee-  tough middle portion of the lineup but have to navigate a tough section

Jamie Heipel – Blaine

1. Cold Spring (20-4) No reason to drop them, lost a game to a really good Moorhead team.

2. Elko (30-2) cannot move them down or up. Nice record , but have beaten many mid-tier Class “ C teams. Good talent , dangerous.

3. Blaine (22-8) Very good couple of weeks, swept F.L , Isanti . Many games the last 3 weeks, fared well.  

4. Moorhead (15 -5) won 12 of 14 including  Springer’s in tourney. Vets are scary good come this time of year.

5. Shakopee (19-7) Tough schedule / flat out winners late in season.

6. Chanhassen (18-6) Some nice quality wins in section play, playoffs will tell if they have been rated to low.

7. Miesville (17-5) 12 straight wins, pitching will tell the tale come late in the season.

8. Mankato (12-3) Very few quality wins keeps them this low, not many games makes it easier to field best 9 consistently.

9. Forest Lake (14-7) have losses against some really good teams, minus one.

10. Austin (10–4) lost in Spamtown Championship. These guys are scary come playoff time. Youth gaining experience with great veterans leading them.

***Just missing:  Dundas, Savage, Coon Rapids ( only poor showing in tournaments kept them out )

Matt Marek – Champlin

1. Elko (30-2) – Just look at the record, and you’ll know why. Outscored opponents 51-7 since last poll, and despite what has been said about their heavy-C schedule, 30 out of 32 is really, really tough to do in this game.

2. Cold Spring (20-4) – If they get to, and win the Coors Light title, I probably would have had them #1. I still have a tough time not putting them there, but it’s essentially a 1A and 1B situation for me. 

3. Moorhead (15-5) – Reaching the title game at Coors Light Classic, their hot streak (12-2 over last 14), and overall pedigree makes them one of a couple big movers in this week’s poll.   

4. Blaine (22-8) – Down a spot. Tough call here between them and Moorhead at No. 3, but Moorhead’s weekend pushes them past the Fusion.

5. Miesville (17-5) – Biggest mover in this week’s poll after rattling off nine straight wins. I said in the preseason poll their newcomers were going to add a lot to this squad, which has proven to be the case.

6. Chanhassen (18-6) – Have taken control of the section with two wins over both Victoria and Shakopee. Not to mention notching a win over last year’s C runner-up (New Ulm) last week.

7. Shakopee (17-8) – The win over Minnetonka should probably have prevented them from dropping this much, but the two fast-risers above did a lot over the last couple of weeks. With another loss to Chan, it’s tough for me to put Shako ahead of the Redbirds.

8. Forest Lake (13-7) – Got beat up against Blaine and took a tough loss to Coon Rapids. Not bad losses by any means, but when other teams are rattling off quality wins and running up win streaks, the so-so weeks look a lot worse than they probably are.  

9. Victoria (13-6) – Same can be said for the Vics…Two losses to the Birds makes it tough for me to keep them higher. An uninspiring performance against East Bethel didn’t help matters much either.

10. Coon Rapids (17-9) – The Birds are heating up. Won nine of last 11, including wins over Forest Lake, Blaine and Maple Lake. Lost their catcher to the Northwoods League, but they haven’t missed a beat.

Honorable Mention: Dundas (19-8) – Fell victim to the Miesville buzzsaw and dropped a league game to Northfield

Austin (9-5) – Just 1-1 since last poll. Didn’t fare so well against Miesville, but who really has in the last couple weeks?

Chaska: (15-10): Treading water since 5-1 start. Section is even tougher with new look Chanhassen

Mankato Twins (12-3) – 0-2 this week. From the Stark Longhorns Twitter account:
 “Stark beats the Mankato Twins tonight 5-3….trust me I am just as surprised as you are”

Eric Kraushar – Chaska/Chanhassen

1. Cold Spring (20-4) – fourteen wins in a row was snapped by Moorhead (who the Springers beat two weeks before) at the Coors Light Classic, but hard to argue winners of 16 of the last 17, and 20-4 overall.

2. Elko (30-2) – impressively hit 30 wins before the “all-star break” with three 11-0 wins over Montgomery, Cannon Falls and St. Patrick. Back into Region 1 seeding games the next couple of weeks.

3. Moorhead (15-5) – facing a more challenged schedule of teams the last three weeks, the Brewers have defeated Coon Rapids, Victoria, Cold Spring and Jordan. The only two losses the last month are to Class A #1 Minnetonka and Class B #1 Cold Spring.

4. Chanhassen (18-6) – hard to argue against the Red Birds, who are 6-1 against Region 3B foes, 2 1/2 games clear of the next best team. Beat Prior Lake in 10 innings and Victoria late in the game for a 3-0 weekend.

5. Coon Rapids (17-9) – Up and down May and June – lost to Minnetonka, Shakopee, Victoria, Forest Lake, and Moorhead – has paved the way for a great July. The Red Birds are 5-0 with a 1-0 win over Blaine, shutout Champlin 8-1, beat Forest Lake 3-2, and ended Maple Lake’s 21-game win streak to begin the season in 12-1 fashion.

6. Blaine (22-8) – seven games in the first 12 days of July ends with five wins for the Fusion, including a 10-2 thumping of Forest Lake and a win over an underrated Isanti squad. Defeated 1-0 by Coon Rapids and 6-3 versus Baseball 365 with “B” lineup

7. Victoria (13-6) – the Vics maintain a respectable record, but against teams above them in the rankings, they have lost to Chanhassen twice, Blaine and Moorhead once, and beat Coon Rapids. 3 through 6 sticks were 0-for-15 Sunday against Chanhassen in 6-5 loss.

8. Shakopee (17-8) – 1-2 showing at Coors Light Classic in Shakopee and Jordan over the weekend, but the one win was very nice 3-2 defeat over Minnetonka. How far can Rupert and Gibart carry this team?

9. Savage (10-3) – won a tournament in June out in Arlington, besting Chanhassen. Have won eight straight and may be the frontrunner in their section

10. Mankato (12-3) – only game in the last two weeks was a 1-0 loss to Chaska. Lots of Region 3B seedings games remaining 

Overall Class B rankings: July 15

1. Elko 48

2. Cold Spring 47

3. Moorhead 34

4. Blaine 32

5. Chanhassen 29

6. Miesville 23

7. Shakopee 17

8. Mankato 16

9. Victoria 11

10. Coon Rapids 7

10. Forest Lake 7

Others receiving votes: Savage 2, Chaska 1 and Austin Greyhounds 1

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