Class B rankings: Elko cruises up the rankings

By Nick Gerhardt

This week’s rankings didn’t see much of a shakeup other than Elko racing up to claim the No. 4 spot in the top 10 after previously holding the No. 5 spot with Cold Spring, but Victoria made a bid for the top 10 and Champlin Park started to get some more recognition. 

Without further ado, here’s what the experts had to say. 

Jon Sands — Victoria Vics 

1. Chanhassen Red Birds — When will we see a new team here — short answer is probably not this season. The Red Birds are stacked and ready for another title run.

2. Blaine Fusion — The Fusion continue to play great baseball and show why the Fusion are a top team.

3.  Moorhead Brewers — The Brewers are one of the hottest teams in baseball watch out for the brewers to climb the rankings 

4. Elko Express — Here comes the express as Elko is showing you why they are a contender this season.

5.  Champlin Park LoGators — Champlin is still showing you why its a contender.

6. Miesville Mudhens — Miesville continues to play red hot baseball.

7. Cold Spring Springers — Springers still playing great, lost a tough one to Blaine in Shakopee but they are still one of the top teams in the state

8.  Anoka Bucs — Continue to play tough baseball in the Metro Minny, watch out for the bucs.

9. Rochester Royals — The Royals are playing a tough schedule and continue to win games. 

10. Victoria Vics — The Vics have been laying low all season and look to make a move up with some big games coming up.

Matt Marek — Champlin Park LoGators

1. Chanhassen Red Birds — Status quo for the birds, looking as strong as ever.

2. Moorhead Brewers — Do I put any stock into a loss to the Fargo legion squad? No, no I don’t.

3. Blaine Fusion — Non-league wins over Cold Spring and Elko since the last poll has the Fusion with a stranglehold on the 3-spot.

4. Elko Express — The Express keep chugging (pun intended). July looks pretty tough on paper for the Express.

5. Miesville Mudhens — Big win against Tonka, but a losses to Blaine and Elko drop them to No. 5

6. Chaska Cubs — Winners of seven of eight, the Cubs go into the fourth on a roll.

7. Champlin Park LoGators — Gators run through the first half of league play undefeated, and add a tourney title. Tough second half awaits with Chanhassen, Chaska, and Miesville on the docket.

8. Cold Spring Springers — #FreeTheSpringers

9. Victoria Vics — Again, No. 9 and 10 feel like a toss-up, But I like that win over St. Patrick, last year’s C runner-up.

10. Anoka Bucs — A bit of Metro Minny bias, as they are 4-4 since my last rankings, but the Metro Knights W is a good one, and nobody else has staked a strong claim to No. 10

Honorable mention — New Market Muskies, Northfield Knights, Rochester Royals

Aldon Severson — Northfield Knights

1. Chanhassen Red Birds

2. Blaine Fusion

3. Moorhead Brewers

4. Elko Express

5. Miesville Mudhens

6. Champlin Park Logators

7. Cold Spring Springers

8. Anoka Bucs

9. Chaska Cubs

10. Victoria Vics

Kelly McMonagle — Moorhead Brewers

1.  Chanhassen Red Birds

2.  Blaine Fusion

3.  Elko Express

4.  Cold Spring Springers

5.  Moorhead Brewers 

6.  Miesville Mudhens

7.  Champlin Park LoGators

8.  Chaska Cubs

9.  Anoka Bucs

10. Northfield Knights

Class B rankings (As of July 8)(Pts)(Previous)

1. Chanhassen Red Birds (40)(1)

2. Blaine Fusion (35)(2)

3. Moorhead Brewers (31)(3)

4. Elko Express (29)(5)

5. Miesville Mudhens (22)(4)

6. Champlin Park LoGators (19)(7)

7. Cold Spring Springers (18)(5)

8. Chaska Cubs (10)(9)

9. Anoka Bucs (9)(8)

10. Victoria Vics (4)(NR)

Also receiving votes: Northfield Knights, Rochester Royals, New Market Muskies

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