Class B rankings: Early success nets new rankings

By Nick Gerhardt

May’s tough to judge as some teams don’t get the season started in earnest until June, but we tasked our experts to take a swing after the first few weeks of the season. There wasn’t a lot of movement but we saw four new teams enter the top 10.

Air Freight Unlimited just started its season and remained the No. 1 team in Class B. Miesville has a few games under its belt and retained the No. 2 spot. We saw a big climb for Stockmen’s Irish as it reached the No. 3 spot, a four-spot improvement from the first poll.

Lyon’s Pub also jumped up the rankings after starting in the No. 9 hole. The Warriors move to No. 4 in the latest edition. Shakopee, which claimed the No. 4 spot previously, maintained that slot again.

The Minnetonka Monarchs slid to the No. 6 spot after a slower-than-usual start to the season and upstart Burnsville followed them by entering the poll for the first time at No. 7.

Elsewhere Anoka entered the fray at No. 8. Fellow newcomer Forest Lake shared the No. 9 spot with Cold Spring, which dipped from the No. 8 spot in the previous poll. The Rochester Royals entered the top 10 via a second-place vote for the first time this season.

June will start to sort the teams some more and we should see some more volatility moving forward.

Matt Marek – Champlin Park LoGators
Quite the flip flop from the first poll from my end. I usually grapple with overall talent and where I think they will be at the end of the year and recent results. This time around, I looked a little more at early season success, with some talent-gauging sprinkled in. Some fast movers and free fallers in this edition of the rankings.

1. Air Freight Unlimited (1-0) – The always late-starting Planes just played their first game this past weekend, but with their success and talent, I think they’re the top team until proven otherwise.

2. Rochester Royals (4-0) – Unless I missed it, no sign of Matt Meyer yet, but adding Gabe Pilla on the mound more than makes up for that. I expect the hot start to continue until league play heats up in mid-June.

3. Burnsville Bobcats (5-0) – Was high on them to start the season and they’ve proven me correct. Hartley has been great on the hill, and they’ve taken care of business thus far. I don’t know about the pitching depth, but they’ll be high in the rankings until proven otherwise.

4. Stockmen’s Irish (3-0) – Deep staff and all the left-handed hitters in the Twin Cities make for a tough team. Nice win over Forest Lake to start the season and no sign of Ryan Duffy yet!

5. Miesville Mudhens (3-1) – Outside of getting Aaron Johnson’ed, business as usual for the Hens. They made some nice signings of younger talent to breathe a little fresh air into the roster, but as always, availability remains to be seen.

6. Forest Lake Brewers (7-3) – Wins over Tonka, St. Anthony, and Lyon’s Pub look reeeeal good to start the season for the Brew Crew. I think Tyler Boesel is going to be a big difference maker on the mound for them this year.

7. Minnetonka Monarchs (4-2) – A couple lopsided losses early on, but you know they’ll be there at the end.

8. Lyon’s Pub Warriors (8-2) – Much like the NFL, the best ability in townball is availability and these guys show up. I don’t know that they have a signature win quite yet, but based on last year and their propensity to play, I think they’ll find a couple.

9. Anoka Bucs (8-2) – I don’t know if Nathan Culley will be around all summer, but if he is, that’s scary. Pretty soft schedule to build that record, but I like the top of their rotation with Louis Hertling, Cam Kramer, and Culley (if around).

10. Elko Express (7-2) – I’m in the same boat with Elko as I am with Anoka. Class C league, no real great wins, but I can’t ignore the addition of Jacob Petricka for this year.

Honorable mention:

Victoria Vics (3-0) – The whitewashing of the Pub has them on my radar.

Chaska Cubs (5-2) – See above, with 15-2 dub over Minnetonka.

St. Louis Park Pirates (2-0) – Andy Davis’ return and the addition of Thomas Kinsella will give them a boost this year.

Hopkins Berries (1-1) – That’s a lot of Gopher talent.

St. Michael Saints (2-1) – One of those, “if they all show up, they’re tough” sort of teams. Also, highly likely they’re signing guys off the street to get nine more than once in a season, with a forfeit already on the books.

St. Patrick Irish (0-2) – So much talent … who’s there at the end of the year.

Moorhead Brewers (1-0) – You know they’re a solid club. How solid might be tough to tell with a pared down Class C schedule this year.

Champlin Park LoGators (4-4) – In the midst of a 10-of-11 game stretch against state tournament teams from ’23. Talent is there, will the wins follow?

Jon Sands — Victoria Vics

1. Air Freight Unlimited

2. Miesville Mudhens

3. Shakopee Indians

4. Stockmen’s Irish

5. Minnetonka Monarchs

6. Cold Spring Springers

7. St. Louis Park Pirates

8. Minneapolis Cobras

9. Victoria Vics

10. Chaska Cubs

Nate Jackson — Lyon’s Pub Warriors

1. Air Freight Unlimited

2. Miesville Mudhens

3. Stockmen’s Irish

4. Anoka Bucs

5. Burnsville Bobcats

6. Forest Lake Brewers

7. Chaska Cubs

8. Hopkins Berries

9. Elko Express

10. Lyon’s Pub Warriors

Honorable mention: Champlin Park LoGators, Shakopee Indians, St. Patrick Irish, Cold Spring Springers, Minneapolis Cobras.

Aldon Severson — Northfield Knights

1. Lyon’s Pub Warriors — The Warriors are off to a 7-1 start including three wins against teams from last year’s state tournament field. This looks like the same team that claimed 30-plus wins last year before an unexpected early exit from the playoffs. 

2. Air Freight Unlimited — The reigning state champions have played one game but the No. 2 spot is as much as I’m willing to punish the late start. We know what to expect. 

3. Miesville Mudhens — The Hens have started 2-1 including a win over the Minneapolis Cobras. 

4. Shakopee Indians — 3-1 start for the runner-ups in 2024. 

5. Stockmen’s Irish — 2-0 thus far. 

6. Anoka Bucs — The Bucs are 8-2 to begin the year. I’m intrigued to see how they do when league play begins. 

7. Minneapolis Cobras — This group is strong every year and off to a 3-1 start with their lone loss coming against Miesville. 

8. Elko Express — The Express are 5-2 with a Memorial Day victory over section rival New Market. 

9. Minnetonka Monarchs — The newly minted Monarchs are off to a 4-2 start. I believe this will be a top five team for most of the year and am over indexing on W-L records at this point. 

10. Burnsville Bobcats — 5-0 to start the year. 

Honorable mentions: Chaska Cubs (5-2), Cold Spring Springers (2-1), Hopkins Berries (1-0), Northfield Knights (4-0), Rochester Royals (2-0), Shoreview Stump Grinders (6-1).

Tom Kolar — Air Freight Unlimited

1. Air Freight Unlimited – Our season didn’t kick off until June 3, and from the few results I have seen so far I don’t see any reason to move us down these rankings for the time being.

2. Miesville Mudhens – Again, no reason to move them off this spot.

3. Minnetonka Monarchs – Moving up since the teams ahead of them have dropped some games.

4. Lyon’s Pub Warriors – 17-2 win vs. St Anthony and an 8-1 win vs Champlin. I don’t put a ton of stock in May games, but warrants them moving up.

5. Shakopee Indians – Last year’s runner-up. Should be one of the favorites from their section.

6. Cold Spring Springers – Veteran team.
7. Stockmen’s Irish – Pair of wins to start the season. Should be a team to follow this year

8. Baseball 365 – New league this year, and a lot of guys returning.

9. St. Patrick Irish – Tough loss to begin the season but they will be around all year.

10. Hopkins Berries – Looks like they added a ton of former D-I guys. Their signings alone get them this spot, and should be a good team this year out of the Riverview.

Class B Rankings (as of June 4)(Pts)(Previous)

1. Air Freight Unlimited (49)(1)

2. Miesville Mudhens (41)(2)

3. Stockmen’s Irish (32)(7)

4. Lyon’s Pub Warriors (21)(9)

4. Shakopee Indians (21)(4)

6. Minnetonka Monarchs (20)(3)

7. Burnsville Bobcats (15)(NR)

8. Anoka Bucs (14)(NR)

9. Cold Spring Springers (10)(8)

9. Forest Lake Brewers (10)(NR)

10. Rochester Royals (9)(NR)

Also receiving votes: Elko Express, Minneapolis Cobras, St. Louis Park Pirates, Victoria Vics, Chaska Cubs, Hopkins Berries, Baseball 365, Champlin Park LoGators, St. Patrick Irish, Northfield Knights, Shoreview Stump Grinders, Moorhead Brewers, St. Michael Saints

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