Class B rankings: Can Chanhassen make it three in a row?

By Nick Gerhardt

The 2020 edition of the Class B rankings begin similar to how they ended in 2019 with Chanhassen and Mieville garnering the top two spots.

Rightfully so as the two teams have won the last four Class B championships. But last year’s runner-up, Dundas, couldn’t crack the top three. Instead, upstart Blaine, buoyed by a deep 2019 tournament run, grabbed the No. 3 spot while perennial Labor Day weekend participant, Moorhead, earned the No. 4 spot. The Dukes stayed in the top five by coming in at No. 5.

Dundas’ Cannon River neighbor, Northfield, comes in at the No. 6 spot following a shorter state tournament run last season.

Another perennial state tournament participant, Chaska, captured the No. 7 spot after it lost a one-run 13-inning game to Miesville and a 2-0 game to Chanhassen at the 2019 state tournament.

Victoria and Cold Spring finished tied for the No. 8 spot after the Vics knocked off the Springers in last year’s tournament. Victoria nearly beat Dundas in a 3-1, 13-inning loss before losing 11-5 to Chaska in the loser’s bracket.

Three teams share the No. 10 spot with newly reclassified New Market coming in at No. 10 along with Eagan and Forest Lake.

Eric Kraushar — Chaska

1. Chanhassen Red Birds — Two-time champs appear to have lost just one starter and added a 90 mph D-I talent

2. Blaine Fusion — The only team to beat Chanhassen at state last year. Are they ready to make the jump?

3. Dundas Dukes — Came within one win of a state title in 2019

4. Miesville Mudhens — Failed to make the title game in ’19 after a three-year run. Do they have another run in them?

5. Moorhead Brewers — You know the Brew Crew will be there in the end

6. Northfield Knights — They continue to make strides up in the rankings

7. Victoria Vics — Roster coming into maturity

8. New Market Muskies — Section 1 is a beast

9. Chaska Cubs — Will thin pitching staff hold on?

10. Eagan Bandits — Will Eagan contend for the Big Goat in Section 3?

Aldon Severson — Northfield

1. Chanhassen

2. Moorhead

3. Miesville

4. Blaine

5. Dundas

6. Chaska

7. Northfield

8. Cold Spring

9. Eagan

10. Victoria

Kelly McMonagle — Moorhead

1. Chanhassen 

2. Miesville 

3. Dundas 

4. Blaine 

5. Moorhead 

6. Cold Spring 

7. Northfield 

8. Chaska 

9. Victoria 

10. Beaudreau’s

Matt Marek — Champlin Park

1. Chanhassen

2. Miesville

3. Moorhead Brewers

4. Blaine

5. Northfield

6. Chaska

7. Dundas

8. Forest Lake

9. Beaudreau’s

10. Victoria

Class B Rankings

1. Chanhassen Red Birds (40)

2. Miesville Mudhens (33)

3. Blaine Fusion (30)

4. Moorhead Brewers (29)

5. Dundas Dukes (26)

6. Northfield Knights (19)

7. Chaska Cubs (15)

8. Victoria Vics (8)

8. Cold Spring Springers (8)

10. New Market Muskies (3)

10. Eagan Bandits (3)

10. Beaudreau’s Saints (3)

10. Forest Lake Brewers (3)

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