Class B rankings: Blaine blazes up the rankings

By Nick Gerhardt

ScoreMonster Contributor

The season remains young and teams have started to shake off some of the winter rust while others have started to bloom. 

Our experts took a swing at tracking the progress of teams across the state and have noted some early trends. 

Chanhassen has done little to dissuade our pollsters from picking the Red Birds as No. 1 but we saw some shuffling after that.

Blaine rose to the No. 2 spot after starting the season as No. 5. Miesville moved down to No. 3 following a 7-3 loss to the Fusion and share the spot with the Moorhead Brewers.

New Market continues to grab the eyes of our experts and moved up from No. 7 in the preseason poll to No. 5 this week.

Champlin Park has played some close games already but hasn’t gotten the result. The LoGators locked up the No. 6 spot this time after starting at No. 3.

The Cold Spring Springers leapt into the top 10 to capture the No. 7 spot and Elko moved up a spot to No. 8. 

The Rochester Royals stayed at No. 9 but the Burnsville Bobcats moved in to share that spot.

See what our experts thought when they made their picks. 

Matt Marek — Champlin LoGators

1. Chanhassen Red Birds (3-0) – John Straka getting tagged for two runs and leaving his last game after 8 pitches has to be concerning for Red Birds … A small chink in the armor?

2. Blaine Fusion (4-0) – Good road wins over Elko and Miesville, to go along with a couple of pummelings of Eastern Minny foes Ramsey and East Bethel

3. Miesville Mudhens (0-1) – Just the one game vs. Blaine this season. Solving the question marks on the pitching staff will be the key to their season

4. Moorhead Brewers (0-0) – Still waiting to open the season, but their history keeps them near the top of the rankings

5. Champlin Park LoGators (3-3) – One-run losses to Lyon’s Pub and Minnetonka … those go the other way, and we may be a little bit higher. 

6. Cold Spring Springers (3-0) – Nice win over a solid Hutch squad to start the year. Tate Wallat is a great add for an aging Springers core.

7. Burnsville Bobcats (3-0) – Beating Tonka is a great way to start a season! 

8. Rochester Royals (7-1) – It’s often tough to get a good gauge on the DRS/CCVL B teams that beat up on C opponents, but I’ll give the Royals the bump for their win over the Minneapolis Angels. 

9. New Market Muskies (4-0) – Remains to be seen what they get out of them, but Thomas Gross and Zack Zaetta are big-time signings. 

10. Elko Express (5-1) – Made some solid veteran adds and played Blaine tough last week. 

HM – Northfield, Shakopee 

Jon Sands — Victoria Vics

1. Chanhassen Red Birds 

2. Moorhead Brewers 

3. Blaine Fusion 

4. New Market muskies 

5. Northfield Knights  

6. Miesville Mudhens 

7. Champlin Park LoGators 

8. Rochester Royals 

9. Victoria Vics 

10. Burnsville Bobcats

Aldon Severson — Northfield Knights

1. Chanhassen Red Birds – Off to a 2-0 start. Until they lose, they’ll remain No. 1.

2. Elko Express – 3-0 to start the season with combined scores of 45-1.

3. Blaine Fusion – 2-0 with combined scores of 26-1.

4. New Market Muskies – 2-0 to begin the year including a win over 2021 state tourney qualifier, Hampton.

5. Miesville Mudhens

6. Moorhead Brewers – Haven’t played.

7. Cold Spring Springers – 1-0 thus far.

8. Dundas Dukes – 2-1 including win over Class A St. Anthony

9. Forest Lake Brewers – 2-1 including win over Class A St. Anthony

10. Sobieski Skis – 2-0 to start their second stint in Class B.

Honorable Mention

Northfield Knights – 2-0 start

Rochester Royals – 2-1 record with multiple 10-run victories

Champlin Park LoGators – 0-1 start is not indicative of this summer’s team. Stay tuned for more.  

Kelly McMonagle — Moorhead Brewers

1. Chanhassen Red Birds

2. Blaine Fusion

3. Miesville Mudhens

4. Champlin LoGators

5. Moorhead Brewers

6. Cold Spring Springers

7. New Market Muskies

8. Elko Express

9. Burnsville Bobcats

10. (tie)  Victoria Vics/Rochester Royals

Class B rankings (As of May 26) (Pts)(Previous)

1. Chanhassen Red Birds (40) (1)

2. Blaine Fusion (34) (5)

3. Miesville Mudhens (27) (2)

3. Moorhead Brewers (27) (3)

5. New Market Muskies (20) (7)

6. Champlin Park LoGators (17) (3)

7. Cold Spring Springers (14) (NR)

8. Elko Express (13) (9)

9. Burnsville Bobcats (7) (NR)

9. Rochester Royals (7) (9)

Also receiving votes: Northfield Knights, Victoria Vics, Dundas Dukes, Forest Lake Brewers, Sobieski Skis 

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