Class B Rankings: August 1 Edition

Photo courtesy of the Hastings Star-Gazette 

In the final edition of the Class B rankings before the 2017 State Tournament, the Miesville Mudhens made a resounding statement, staking claim to the division’s top spot with a unanimous 4-for-4 in first-place votes from our first Class B experts. 

The Chanhassen Red Birds soared to second from fourth in the last rankings, while the Moorhead Brewers jumped into third place after ranking fifth in the last poll. The Cold Spring Springers and Dundas Dukes dropped out of the top three to fourth and fifth, respectively, as the state tourney approaches. 

The Eagan Bandits garnered some strong support, going from an honorable mention and two total points to a ninth-place spot and eight total points from the four individual rankings. 

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Eric Kraushar – Chaska 

1. Miesville Mudhens – 27-3 record; won 24 of last 25 since June 9 – No. 1 seed in Region 1B

2. Dundas Dukes – 29-6 record, split with Miesville; right there with the Mudhens

3. Chanhassen Red Birds – 28-6 record; 26-2 record in June and July – No. 1 seed in Region 3B

4. Cold Spring Springers – 23-3 record; recent wins over Moorhead and Minnetonka keep them here

5. Moorhead Brewers – 25-3 record; Coors Light champions, beat Beaudreau’s 9-1 of late

6. Blaine Fusion – 30-6 record; two losses in final weekend cost them Metro Minny title

7. Chaska Cubs – 22-7 record; beat Chanhassen at Athletic a few weeks back

8. Elko Express – 24-12 record; five losses to Region 1B squads

9. Forest Lake Brewers – 18-9 record; on a tear, winners of Metro Minny and No. 1 seed in Region 4

10. Eagan Bandits – 15-7 record; finished with a 9-3 record, No. 2 seed in Region 3B

Matthew Marek – Andover 

1. Miesville Mudhens (27-3) – Hens go into Champlin game on Wednesday with a  17-game win streak and #1 seed in Section 1. The defending champs have 4 regulars hitting over .400 and their top three starters with ERA’s under 2, will be tough to beat

2. Cold Spring Springers (23-3) –  Interchangeable with Moorhead for the 2 spot in my opinion. Closed the regular season with a great win at Minnetonka

3. Moorhead Brewers (25-3) – Lone loss since July 5 came to the Springers

4. Chanhassen Red Birds (28-6) – Took the #1 seed in Section 3, winning 7 of last 9 after 19-game win streak was snapped by Chaska

5. Dundas Dukes (29-6) – A bit of a mid-July swoon, if you can call it that, has them in the 4-spot

6. Chaska Cubs (22-7) – The Shakopee playoff series this weekend might be one of the best going on in Class B this weekend

7. Blaine Fusion (30-6) – Two losses to Isanti and Forest Lake knocked them out of the top spot in the Metro MInny. Will face Isanti this weekend with a trip to State on the line

8. St. Cloud Beaudreau’s Saints (16-8) – Handed Cold Spring one of their three losses a couple weeks ago; Should be primed for another State Tourney run

9. Elko Express (25-13) – A couple good late-season wins over Dundas and Northfield gets them a top-10 nod

10. Monticello Polecats (19-4) – Overtook perennial champ St. Michael for the #1 seed in Central Ridge. A couple good top-line arms should make for a fun series this weekend with Champlin

Kelly McMonagle – Fargo

1. Miesville Mudhens –  defending champs on a tear winning 17 in a row on their way to the top of Section 1B.  They will await the winner of the Hastings and Austin Blue Sox

2. Dundas Dukes – 5-0 week for the Dukes besting Minnetonka and a clean trip south to Rochester and Austin.  They earned the 2nd seed in 1B and will face the Austin Greyhounds

3. Blaine Fusion – 30 wins again for the Fusion rebounding from losses to Forest Lake and Isanti.  They will tangle with Isanti in a series for a State B berth 

4. Chanhassen Red Birds – Red Birds take the top seed in Section 3B and will get the winner of Prior Lake and Victoria series to claim a spot

5. Moorhead Brewers – dropped a close game to Cold Spring but take the top seed in Section 2B.  Open up Section tournament facing the Duluth Xpress

6. Cold Spring Springers – Springers shut out Brewers and Millers to nail down the 2nd seed in 2B.  They will square off with the Hibbing Miners in the opener for 2B tournament

7. Eagan Bandits – Bandits are the #2 seed in Section 3B and will look to punch a ticket for a return to the State tournament in a series against Burnsville

8. Chaska Cubs – Cubs will get Shakopee with a State tourney ticket on the line.  I would expect a battle between these long time rivals

9. Elko Express – The Express are the #3 seed in Section 1B.  Next up for them is a series with Red Wing for a spot in the State tourney

10. Forest Lake Brewers – Brewers earned the top seed in Section 4B shutting out Blaine last week.  Coon Rapids is their next opponent which has the makings of a sensational series

Aaron Olson – Shakopee

1. Miesville Mudhens – (27-3) Won 17 in row heading into playoffs. Have a tune up game with Champlin on Wednesday the 2nd 

2. Moorhead Brewers – (25-3) They have the #1 seed heading into playoffs this weekend

3. Chanhassen Red Birds – (28-6) Very solid group with a ton of St Cloud Huskies. Earned the #1 seed and will play either Victoria or Prior Lake in 3 game series 

4. Cold Spring Springers – (23-2) Have the #2 seed and plays Hibbing on Friday

5. Eagan Bandits – (14-7) Earned the #2 seed and will play Burnsville to go to State in best of 3.

6. Chaska Cubs – (22-7) Has the #3 seed and plays Shakopee in best of 3.

7. Blaine Fusion – (30-6) impressive record and headed into playoffs as the #2 seed

8. Dundas Dukes – (29-6) Got the #2 seed and plays Austin Greyhounds in best of 3.

9. Forest Lake Brewers – (18-9) Secured the #1 seed in playoffs

10. Elko Express – (25-13) They have the #3 seed and play Red Wing in best of 3.

CLASS B RANKINGS (as of August 1)

Tiebreaker goes to team with highest single vote 

1. Miesville Mudhens (40)

2. Chanhassen Red Birds (30)

3. Moorhead Brewers (29)

4. Cold Spring Springers (28)

5. Dundas Dukes (27)

6. Blaine Fusion (21)

7. Chaska Cubs (17)

8. Eagan Bandits (11)

9. Elko Expres (8)

10. Forest Lake Brewers (5) 

Others receiving votes: St. Cloud Beaudreau’s Saints 3, Monticello Polecats 1 

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