Class B late afternoon Roundup: Double digit runs won both of the late games at Shakopee on Sunday

Moorhead Brewers 10, Prior Lake Jays 2:

After a one, two, three 1st inning for both teams, the Moorhead Brewers got the boys from the Northwoods starting their run for the day at Shakopee. After a single with force out at second base from Tanner Adam, and Mike Peschel got caught stealing at second, the Brewers had two outs when the runs started to score. Brandt Kolpack got walked and then used that speed to steal second while Chandler Ibach started his game where he went 2 for 3 with a single, scoring Kolpack and giving the Moorhead Brewers their first lead of the game.

A costly error by the Brewers pitcher David Ernst in which Jeff Butler got not just first, but scoring position based the error Ernst committed putting the momentum in the Prior Lake Jays favor. Joe Loftus hit a single to advance Jeff Butler to third. The lead was changed; when Mitchell Goodwin hit a double, that got Butler home and Loftus to third base putting two runners in scoring position for more. You would typically think the next stat line would say Rob Frederick hit a single to score Loftus, but that was not even close to it. Frederick swung at strike three, but due to the wild pitch was able to reach first, and Joe Loftus was able to score to get Prior Lake a 2-1 lead over Moorhead going into the top of the fourth.

The Jays held that small lead for only one inning, putting Moorhead in front for good for the rest of the game. At the bottom of the 5th, Chandler Ibach connected on his 2nd single of the ball game, and he got lucky breaks on the basepaths. Ibach moved on back to back passed balls, putting him at the 3rd base very quickly. It was a Matt Oye single to score in Ibach to give us a tie for a short period. Denver Blinn was the guy that turned this game over for Moorhead with his RBI single that scored Oye to give the Brewers the lead for good. After getting on with a walk, Spencer Flaten sat on base for a while but got the 3rd run of the inning by stealing home, giving the Brewers a 4-2 lead to close out the 5th inning.

Jayse McLean started a one-run inning in the 7th inning with a single. While Denver Blinn got up to bat, McLean kept moving on the base paths, which again two wild pitches put him on third base. The next batter Joe Hallock saw another wild pitch and would score Jayse McLean to get the Brewers up 5-2.

The hottest inning on the night came for the Brewers in the 8th, where they scored five more runs. The pitching change to Matt Cady broke this game back for no return possible for the Jays. Chris Clemenson, Derek Dormanen, Denver Blinn, Joe Hallock, were the contributors of the 5 RBIs with Hallock knocking in 2 to give the Moorhead Brewers a 10-2 win over the Prior Lake Jays.

Win: David Ernst, 8 strikeouts, 1 earned run allowed, only 3 hits allowed in 8 innings of work

Loss: Ben Eisenberg

Top Hitters: Mitchell Goodwin (Prior Lake) 1 for 3, one RBI. Joe Hallock (Moorhead) 2 for 4, one single and one double, 2 RBIs. Jayse McLean (Moorhead) 2 for 5, two singles. Chandler Ibach (Moorhead) 2 for 3, two singles, 1 RBI.

Moorhead will play in my opinion one of the toughest opponents in Dundas, who tallied 23 hits on Saturday afternoon. They will play next Saturday at 7 PM at The Joe in Shakopee.

Cold Spring Springers 10, Anoka Bucs 0:

2nd Inning: Joe Dempsey started his monster day for the Springers with a single in the bottom of the 2nd to get their first man on base of the day. Drew Bulson followed Dempsey getting his own single. With Drew VanLoy at the plate, he too singled, scoring the motor that Dempsey has to score the first run of the evening session at Shakopee. Brad Olson of Cold Spring hit a quality sacrifice bunt to move over Bulson to third and Olson to second base. Bulson scored run #2 off from the sacrifice fly to right field from Jeron Terres to make the score 2-0 Cold Spring after 2 innings.

3rd Inning: The Springers would mimic their efforts from the 2nd inning with two runs in the third. Garrett Fuchs started the 3rd off with a double, and then Jordan Barth followed Fuchs with one of his own scoring Fuchs. Joe Dempsey got on with a single moving Barth over to third. After a flyout from Drew Bulson, Barth scored on a passed ball from third while Drew VanLoy was up, giving the Springers a 4-0 lead.

6th Inning: Good things come in twos they always say, as the 6th was another inning of pure domination from the folks from the 320. Hunter Smith and Carter Chell of Anoka got on the score sheet with back to back singles to put runners on first and second in which was the only break Anoka would get, as those two hits were their only hits of the night and both runners were left on base. For Cold Spring, another new player to the score sheet Alex Jungels got on for a single, but he wouldn’t have to be on base long due to a home run by Brian Hansen to score the 2 more to make it 6-0 to close the 6th.

8th Inning: It was the 8th inning that showed us how good this Springs team is, as they 10 run and ruled the Bucs from Anoka after a four-run inning. Anoka got into trouble early, loading the bases with 0 outs to show for. Alex Jungels was next up at the plate and got on with a single+error as he advanced to score pinch-runner Nate Hinkmeyer and Brad Olson and make it a football score of 8-0 to start the 8th of the best way you can start it, with still 0 outs. With Terres on third, Garrett Fuchs had a sacrifice fly to score Terres. Although 9-0, Alex Jungels just kept playing on the basepaths, stealing third base and with a Jordan Barth single, scored the 10th run of the game, and closed out the victory for the Springs from Cold Spring.

Win: Nick Penick, 8 innings, only two hits allowed and a shutout.

Loss: Josh Parker

Top Hitters: Jordan Barth (Cold Spring) 2 for 4, one single one double, 2 RBIs. Brian Hansen (Cold Spring) 1 for 4, home run, 2 RBIs. Got the big bat out on his one hit! Garrett Fuchs (Cold Spring) 3 for 4, two singles one double, 1 RBI. Joe Dempsey (Cold Spring) 3 for 4, three singles.

Players of the Game: Jordan Barth and Nick Penick, Cold Spring.

Cold Spring will play the Elko Express, who won in walk-off fashion on Saturday night over the Moorhead Mudcats at 4 PM next Saturday in Shakopee.

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