Class A rankings: Top 10 settles in as postseason progresses

By Nick Gerhardt

ScoreMonster Contributor

The final rankings for Class A mostly solidified teams’ spots. Minnetonka and St. Louis Park all remained in the top two spots, as they have all season. But the St. Paul Capitals nearly displaced the Pirates, falling one point shy of pulling into a tie for second.

Away from the top three, Lyon’s Pub Warriors moved down to No. 4 after being tied for third with the Capitals in the previous poll.

Stockmen’s Irish followed suit and slid down to No. 5 but the Minneapolis Cobras stayed put at No. 6.

The biggest change came at No. 7 with Rosetown climbing up from No. 9 in the previous poll. The A’s won a tiebreaker with the St. Paul Mudhens for the spot with a higher single vote.

That slid the Mudhens down to the No. 8 spot after holding the No. 5 spot in the previous poll.

The Minneapolis Angels claimed the No. 9 spot after being No. 7 last time and BARC Industries remained in the top 10 at No. 10. The Bullfrogs came in at No. 8 in the previous poll.

Ryan Meehan — Skyline League

1. Minnetonka Millers (33-6). The Millers win the Riverview, then promptly get ambushed by Edina in Game 1 of a best-of-three playoff series. Tonka is clearly unfazed at facing elimination, as they went ahead and scheduled a non-leaguer on the off day between Games 1 and 2.

2. St. Paul Capitals (26-7-1). The Caps are firing on all cylinders now, having won 23 of their last 25 games.  Clinched a 1-seed for the state tournament berth, sweeping Air Freight in convincing fashion (10-0 and 12-0) in their playoff series. With Kubitschek and McDevitt heading the rotation, expect a deep run in the tourney.

3. St. Louis Park (28-12). Bucked up for playoffs with a run of four consecutive road games against Chanhassen, Eagan, Chaska, and Young America. They’ll face a much lower hurdle to clinch their 14th consecutive state tournament berth.

4. Stockmen’s Irish (21-9). Won the Skyline regular season title by beating the St. Paul Mudhens head-to-head the final week of the season. Lost just three times in the month of July.

5. Lyon’s Pub Warriors (19-12). Finished the regular season with a 15-1 record in the Park National, but just 4-11 outside of league play. Not sure what to make of that.

6. Minneapolis Cobras (24-13). Cobras are one win away from punching their ticket to the state tournament.  Cobras and Irish faced off in a potential tourney preview and battled to a 1-0 final.

7. St. Paul Mudhens (21-14). Finished the regular season with a 13-3 record in the Skyline, but finish second under the tiebreaker scenario and must now face a very good St. Anthony pitching staff in Round 2 of the league playoffs.

8. Minneapolis Angels (16-10). Will the rust show after a long hiatus between the final regular season game and the start of playoffs? Guess not, as the Angels return from a 10-day break to beat River Falls 10-0 on the road.

9. BARC Industries Bullfrogs (14-6). Ran into some adversity toward the end of the regular season, but managed to get back on track just in time for the postseason. The pitching is dangerously thin right now, but the Bullfrogs can mash at the plate.

10. (tie) Rosetown A’s (12-4). Record reflects league play only. Lots of Hamline guys on the team and they seem to be clicking.

10. (tie) St. Anthony Hogs (23-14). It’s hard to keep a team with 23 wins out of the Top 10. Consistency has been the biggest challenge, but despite finishing league play at .500, the Hogs are very capable of making a deep tournament run. If they can get there.

Others: Kelley Fuels Diesel (11-5 in league play), Highland Park (10-6 in league play)

Matt Paulsen — Riverview League (check out Matt’s work at

1. Minnetonka Millers (34-6) – Tied with Edina in playoff series …

2. St. Paul Capitals (26-7-1) – Beat Air Freight with two shutouts to advance to state as St. Paul No.  1.

3. Lyon’s Pub Warriors (21-10) – Beat Metro Merchants to advance to state as PNash No. 1.

4. St. Louis Park Pirates (29-12) – Lost some games recently but sweep Hamel to advance to state.

5. BARC Industries Bullfrogs (14-6) – Maybe Skyline No. 1.

6. Minneapolis Cobras (25-13) – Beat Patriots and move to state as PNash No. 2.

7. Stockmen’s Irish (22-8) – Up 1-0 on Metro Knights.

8. St. Anthony Hogs – Beat a good Mudhens team to advance to state out of Skyline.

9. Minneapolis Angels (16-10) – Pitching, it’s good.

10. Edina (?) – These guys have beaten Tonka twice in the last week and a half and have forced a Game 3 in the playoffs. That gets you ranked!

Jon-Eric Urseth — Park National League

1. Minnetonka Millers – No. 1 seed in Riverview, but matched up with a pitching rich Edina squad.  

2. St. Louis Park – A walk-off bomb away from the Riverview title. Expect a deep run again.

3. Lyon’s Pub – Can’t argue with that league record. Playing championship-caliber ball.

4. St. Paul Capitals – Won the St. Paul title. Another scary team with a ring already.

5. Stockmen’s Irish – All four league champions should be in the top five. I already mentioned pitching as their key asset.

6. Rosetown – Came down the stretch strong and wrapped up the No. 2.

7. St. Paul Mudhens – Pitching heavy and playing well again.

8. Minneapolis Cobras – PNL No. 2 and have a much deeper staff.

9. Minneapolis Angels – Never count these guys out. Vet squad that never quits.

10. Edina Buckshot – Calling the dark horse here despite their Riverview seeding. Can they slay the mighty Tonka BEFORE state?

Just out: KF Diesel, BARC, Highland Park, Hopkins, Baseball 365

Phil McDermott — St. Paul League

1. Minnetonka – Riverview No. 1 automatic.

2. St. Louis Park – So close to that top seed losing on walk-off home run.

3. Lyon’s Pub – Park National No. 1 massive run differential in league play.

4. St. Paul Capitals – St. Paul No. 1 strong regular season finish.

5. Stockmen’s Irish – Skyline No. 1 and strong pitching and lineup.

6. Rosetown – St. Paul No. 2 with many lopsided wins in the second half.

7. Minneapolis Cobras – Park National No. 2 we haven’t seen them this year.

8. St. Paul Mudhens – Skyline No. 2 proved 2017 was no fluke, nice pitching staff.

9. Minneapolis Angels – Park National No. 3 another solid season.

10. Kelley Fuels Diesel – St. Paul No. 3, nice lineup, needs pitching to hold up down the stretch.

Just Missed – BARC Bullfrogs, Highland Park, Baseball 365, Edina Buckshot

Class A Rankings (As of Aug. 5)

Tiebreaker goes to the team with the highest single vote

1. Minnetonka Millers (40)

2. St. Louis Park (33)

3. St. Paul Capitals (32)

4. Lyon’s Pub Warriors (24)

5. Stockmen’s Irish (23)

6. Minneapolis Cobras (17)

7. Rosetown A’s (11)

8. St. Paul Mudhens (11)

9. Minneapolis Angels (9)

10. BARC Industries Bullfrogs

Others receiving votes: St. Anthony Hogs, Edina Buckshot, Kelley Fuels Diesel, Highland Park, Baseball 365, Hopkins Berries

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