Class A rankings: Stockmen’s among risers in latest poll

By Nick Gerhardt

ScoreMonster Contributor

Our latest round of rankings saw things stabilize a little bit after a brief revolving door at the No. 1 spot. Though things seem to settle down, there are a few curveballs.

The Minneapolis Cobras held down the No. 1 spot for the second time in a row but Air Freight Unlimited rose to the No. 2 slot, pushing Minnetonka down to No. 3. 

Stockmen’s Irish climbed a spot to No. 4 while Baseball 365 stayed at No. 5 after appearing on the list of three pollsters. Makes you wonder where it might have wound up. 

The St. Paul Hops hopped up two spots to No. 6 while St. Louis Park stayed at No. 7. 

Lyon’s Pub saw the biggest drop, going from No. 4 to No. 8 but the Warriors remain a tough out. 

The St. Paul Mudhens enter the top 10 for the first time at the No. 9 spot while the Minneapolis MudCats also entered the fray at No. 10, a spot they share with Highland Park. 

Jordan Wiggins — St. Anthony Hogs

1. Minneapolis Cobras

2. Minnetonka Millers

3. Air Freight Unlimited

4. Baseball 365

5. Stockmen’s Irish

6. St. Paul Hops

7. St. Paul Mudhens

8. Stillwater Loggers

9. Tri-City Shark

10. Lyon’s Pub Warriors 

Nat Croaker — Northwest Orioles 

1. Minneapolis Cobras

2. Air Freight Unlimited

3. Baseball 365

4. Minnetonka Millers

5. Stockmen’s Irish

6. St. Louis Park Pirates

7. Lyon’s Pub Warriors

8. Highland Park Beavers

9. St. Paul Mudhens

10. St. Paul Hops

Rick Tossey — St. Paul Capitals

1. Air Freight Unlimited

2. Baseball 365

3. Minneapolis Cobras

4. Minnetonka Millers

5. Stockmen’s Irish

6. St. Louis Park Pirates

7. St. Paul Hops

8. Lyon’s Pub Warriors

9. St. Anthony Hogs

10. Highland Park Beavers

Nate Behlen — Baseball 365

1. Minnetonka Millers — Stumbled out of the gates after the Fourth, but they’re still the 15-time championship ring wearin’, kiss stealin’, woo,  wheelin’ dealin’, limousine riding, jet flying, Erdall  spinnin’ townball winnin’ sons of a gun. Wooooooo!

2. Minneapolis Cobras — Also a bit of a Fourth of July hangover, but they still are a top team to beat. Been there, done that attitude and potentially getting Schmahl back for state could be huge.  Also, their 17-man bullpen sets them up nicely for a deep run. 

3. Air Freight Unlimited — Don’t let the St. Thomas pedigree fool you. These guys are like construction workers in the 80s.  When it’s time to do some baseball work they hop in the T-top Camaro and blast some Bon Jovi. Couple cups of coffee, rip some cigs, show up at the site and get the job done. 

4. Stockmen’s Irish — My biggest mystery team. Always a traditional top team, but I don’t know much about what’s going on there this year other than they’re at the top of the Skyline (I think).  It earns them the No. 4 spot. They might deserve to be higher. They might deserve to be lower. I really don’t know. 

5. St. Paul Hops — Been a fan all year. Jordan Ammons, aka-Aaron Judge Jr., looks like he has been having a big year. But they have quite a few other guys that seem to have been making an impact. 

6. Minneapolis MudCats — The Cats got some of their college summer league kittens back and have been purring ever since.  Looking to … ahem … roar … at state.

7. Lyon’s Pub Warriors — Some close losses against some tough league opponents to open the second half, but they are too talented and have too many veterans to not be considered a threat. 

8. St. Louis Park Pirates — Quietly getting hot. Won six straight. Just a low key year for them to this point.  Probably deserve to be ranked higher. 

9. St. Paul Mudhens — Much like the Cats, the Hens seem to be making a second-half run. 

10. (Tie) Highland Park Beavers/St. Anthony Hogs — I may be waaaay off here, but I think they’re similar styles in different leagues. They’re not one-trick ponies, they’ll both find multiple ways to win. That can make for a dangerous opponent. 

Class A rankings (As of July 20)(Pts)(Previous)

1. Minneapolis Cobras (37)(1)

2. Air Freight Unlimited (35)(3)

3. Minnetonka Millers (33)(2)

4. Stockmen’s Irish (31)(5)

5. Baseball 365 (24)(5)

6. St. Paul Hops (16)(8)

7. St. Louis Park Pirates (13)(7)

8. Lyon’s Pub Warriors (12)(4)

9. St. Paul Mudhens (8)(NR)

10. Highland Park Beavers (5)(9)

10. Minneapolis MudCats (5)(NR)

Also receiving votes: Tri-City Shark, St. Anthony Hogs

Photo via: Michael Mingo/Twin Cities Photography

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