Class A rankings: St. Louis Park moves up as state spots get locked up

By Nick Gerhardt

This time our pollsters had no doubt as to the No. 1 team in Class A as the state tournament approaches. Remember the state tournament begins Aug. 14 at Palm Field in St. Anthony and wraps up with the championship Aug. 22. 

Minnetonka received all three first-place votes, Air Freight Unlimited held onto the No. 2 spot, but St. Louis Park moved up three spots to claim the No. 3 ranking.

St. Anthony also moved up three spots to move into the No. 5 ranking while the Minneapolis MudCats went from No. 9 all the way to No. 6. Plus, two new teams joined the top 10 in this ranking.

Check out what the experts thought. 

Rick Tossey — St. Paul Capitals

1. Minnetonka Millers

2. Air Freight Unlimited

3. Lyons Pub Warriors

4. St. Louis Park

5. St. Anthony Hogs

6. Minneapolis Mudcats

7. Stockmens Irish

8. Metro Knights

9. St Paul Capitals

10. TC Saints

Paul Melchior, Park National League

1. Minnetonka Millers — Would love to watch a three game set of Park vs. Tonka, with brews and burger of course.

2. Air Freight Unlimited — The Planes are strafing opponents and running away with the SPL. The Laubsher-led team is loaded up and down.

3. St. Louis Park — Tops in the Riverview right now; consider armed and dangerous.

4. Lyon’s Pub Warriors — Warriors are historic, balanced, and very tough to beat, especially in August.  

5. St. Anthony Hogs — Los Cerdos are on fire and tops in the Skyline. Peaking at the right time, and Bluth has finally found his power.

6. St. Paul Capitals — Rolling now in St. Paul, including key wins vs. AFU, HP, and Hops in July.  

7. Minneapolis MudCats — Tied with Pub at top of PNASH, swept Cobras and Angels and split with 365 and Pub. Young and spirited bunch.  

8. Baseball 365 — Finally scoring runs, and on fire. Look out.

9. Stockman’s Irish — Still waiting for the Hibernians to put it all together, but I’m guessing it’s soon.

10. Metro Knights — Locked up second in Skyline, Meehan’s team peaks in the postseason.

Just Missed: Highland Park, Hopkins Berries, Bloomington Bandits, TC Saints.

Jordan Wiggins — St. Anthony Hogs

1. Minnetonka Millers — Finished behind Park in the Riverview, but won their most recent head-to-head 11-1 on July 15. The gap may be closing, but they’re still the team to beat this time of year. 

2. St. Louis Park — Winning the Riverview is no joke. They’ve been quiet in August the last two years, but I think we all know what they’re capable of. 

3. Lyon’s Pub Warriors — Always a scrappy team and knows how to play in the postseason. Bit of a mess at the top of the PNash. but I’ll put my money on the experienced team come August. 

4. Air Freight Unlimited — Laubscher will presumably be able to throw their first two games of the state tournament (so long as they make it). With him on the hill and a bunch of college baseball players at the plate, this team could be dangerous. 

5. Metro Knights — A lot of good arms on this team. If their bats take care of business, they’ll go deep in the tournament. 

6. Minneapolis MudCats — An impressive season from Melchior’s squad. Not quite sure what or who this team has, but a share of the PNash title isn’t something to scoff at. 

7. Baseball 365 — Basically same assessment as the MudCats. Always a good baseball team and they’re winning a lot. 

8. St. Anthony Hogs — No. 1 in the Skyline and finally stringing wins together. Two weeks off due to ineligibility rulings is a long time – we will see if the hot streak continues. 

9. Minneapolis Angels — Always a good baseball team. We will see if they have enough fire power in the postseason. 

10. Stockmen’s Irish — Leaving these guys outside the top 10 would be silly. A bit of a down year but we all know what this team is capable of. They’ll be scary if they make it to Palm Field in August.  

Class A rankings (As of Aug. 5)(Pts)(Previous)

1. Minnetonka Millers (30)(1)

2. Air Freight Unlimited (25)(3)

3. St. Louis Park (24)(5)

4. Lyon’s Pub Warriors (23)(2)

5. St. Anthony Hogs (15)(8)

6. Minneapolis MudCats (14)(9)

7. Metro Knights (10)(7)

8. Stockmen’s Irish (7)(6)

8. St. Paul Capitals (7)(NR)

8. Baseball 365 (7)(NR)

Others receiving votes: Minneapolis Angels, Twin City Saints.

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