Class A rankings: Minnetonka tightens grip after win over St. Louis Park

By Nick Gerhardt

ScoreMonster Contributor

Minnetonka left no doubt about its No. 1 ranking in Class A following a 2-1 walk-off win over St. Louis Park. The Millers have won 17 consecutive games and show no signs of slowing down.

St. Louis Park stayed put at No. 2 despite losses to Minnetonka and Class B’s No. 1-ranked Miesville.

The St. Paul Capitals remained at No. 3 in the rankings and claimed a 16-0 win over Kelley Fuels Diesel recently. Matt Halloran drove in seven runs and hit two home runs. The Capitals share the No. 3 spot with Lyon’s Pub, which claimed the Park National title.

Stockmen’s Irish rose up the ranks to No. 4 after claiming the No. 10 spot in the last poll and the St. Paul Mudhens moved up to No. 5 after holding down the No. 6 ranking last time.

The Minneapolis Angels remained at No. 7 while BARC Industries slipped from No. 5 to No. 8.

The Rosetown A’s settled into the No. 9 slot after just receiving votes in the previous poll. Highland Park appeared in the top 10 at No. 10.

Records accurate at the time the polls were submitted.

Matt Paulsen — Riverview League (check out Matt’s work at

1. Minnetonka Millers – (27-3) Tonka walked off Park with a home run with two outs to clinch the Riverview. And sources from Tonka insist that they won the Twitter battle with Eagan. When you are 27-3 you get to claim victory in close Twitter battles.

2. St. Louis Park Pirates – (25-9) I guess Park can still be second.

3. St. Paul Capitals – (19-7-1) No. 1 in the Saint Paul League and hot lately with a drubbing of Kelley Fuels Diesel.

4. Stockmen’s Irish – (17-7) 6-0 since the last poll and moving up the Skyline ranks.

5. Lyon’s Pub Warriors – (19-10) Clinched the Park National league where they are 14-1.

6. Minneapolis Angels – (14-8) No. 2 still in the P-Nash with a 12-4 record.

7. BARC Industries Bullfrogs (12-5) – Dropped some games lately but still having a good season.

8. Minneapolis Cobras – (20-11) When you have 20 wins you make the top 10.

9. Highland Park – I heard that Highland Park is second in the St. Paul League. I saw them play and they are a solid team.

10. St. Anthony Hogs – I am giving 10 to the Hogs. I don’t know how they are doing but they are just always good.

Ryan Meehan — Skyline League

1. Minnetonka Millers (27-3) – The Millers edge out St. Louis Park 2-1 to wrest back the Riverview crown and clear the way for a likely No. 1 overall seed in the Class A state tournament.

2. St. Louis Park (25-9) – Staff innings leader Andy Peterson is having a dominant season, with a 6-0 record and 0.40 ERA. He’s allowed just five runs (2 ER) in 45 innings of work.

3. St. Paul Capitals (17-7-1) – They’ve been getting contributions from a lot of different spots on the roster, which should make them a serious challenger for a state title.  

4. Lyon’s Pub Warriors (19-10) – The Warriors have just one loss in the last 30 days and already clinched the Park National outright last week.

5. Minneapolis Cobras (20-11) – Currently in a tie for second place in the Park National, the Cobras are well positioned to run the table to finish the regular season. Pitching staff got a little beat up against Cold Spring, but then bounced back for an impressive 4-3 win over St. Cloud’s Beaudreau’s the next day in the Nic Bell Classic.

6. St. Paul Mudhens (19-10) – The Mudhens have built a nice foundation of young players who show up to every game, which is half the battle in town ball. As a result, they’ve seized control of the Skyline with wins over Stockmen’s and the Bullfrogs.

7. Stockmen’s Irish (17-7) – After some inconsistency early in the year, the Irish lineup is firing on all cylinders to go along with a formidable front of the rotation. Winners of six straight, the Irish are 10-2 in league play.

8. Minneapolis Angels (14-8) – The Angels are already done with league play and finished with an impressive 12-4 record in the Park National. A relatively light July schedule should have them healthy and rested for the postseason.

9. BARC Industries Bullfrogs (12-5) – Another rash of injuries to the pitching staff has the Bullfrogs scuffling a bit in July, but they will be a dangerous team to face in a best-of-three playoff series as they look to make their annual pilgrimage to the state tournament.

10. Highland Park (9-3) – The record reflects St. Paul League play only, where they currently reside in second place.

Others: Rosetown A’s (9-4 in league play), Kelley Fuels Diesel (8-4 in league play)

Jon-Eric Urseth — Park National League

1. Minnetonka – Undefeated since previous rankings.

2. St Louis Park – Had a big league game with Tonka on Tuesday.

3. Lyons Pub – 13-1 in league and clinched the PN title.

4. St Paul Mudhens – 10-2 in league play and in position to take Skyline No. 1.

5. St Paul Capitals – 8-1-1 in St. Paul.

6. Rosetown – 9-4 in league, heating up and lefty Greg Weber can beat anyone.

7. Stockmen’s Irish – 10-2 in league play, moving them up.

8. Minneapolis Cobras – 8-3 and battling the Angels for Minneapolis No. 2

9. BARC Industries Bullfrogs – 6-2 in Skyline.

10. Kelley Fuels Diesel – 7-4 in St. Paul with some nice wins.

Just missed: Highland Park, Minneapolis Angels, TC Saints and Baseball 365.

Phil McDermott — St. Paul League

1. Minnetonka Millers – 27-3 and clinched the Riverview Tuesday against Park.

2. St Louis Park – 25-9, playing good ball of late.

3. Lyon’s Pub Warriors – 13-1 in Park National, clinched No. 1 seed.

4. St. Paul Capitals – 17-7-1 Ties? Leading the St. Paul League.

5. St. Paul Mudhens – Leading Skyline with an 11-2 record.

6. Minneapolis Cobras – 8-3 in PNL and can win out to be No. 2 seed. Much improved pitching.

7. Stockmen’s Irish – 10-2 in Skyline. No stranger to the state tourney and should pose a real threat.

8. Rosetown A’s – 9-4 in St. Paul. Mashing and scoring lots of runs.

9. Minneapolis Angels – 14-8 overall and finished 12-4 in PNL. Will be either No. 2 or No. 3 seed for PNL Playoffs.

10. BARC Industries Bullfrogs – 6-2 in Skyline. Let’s see how they finish.

Just out: Highland Park, Baseball 365, Edina Buckshot

Class A Rankings (As of July 20)

Tiebreaker goes to the team with the highest single vote

1. Minnetonka Millers (40)

2. St. Louis Park Pirates (36)

3. St. Paul Capitals (29)

3. Lyon’s Pub Warriors (29)

4. Stockmen’s Irish (19)

5. St. Paul Mudhens (18)

6. Minneapolis Cobras (17)

7. Minneapolis Angels (10)

8. BARC Industries Bullfrogs (9)

9. Rosetown A’s (8)

10. Highland Park (3)

Others receiving votes: St. Paul Hogs and Kelley Fuels Diesel.

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