Class A rankings: Minnetonka opens as the top-ranked team

By Nick Gerhardt

Leaves have started budding on trees, the crack of the bat has returned to diamonds across the state and so has the MBA top 10 rankings. 

The first rankings of the season often rely on last year’s finishes and it’s no suprise that defending champion Minnetonka starts the season as the No. 1-ranked team. So, without further ado, check out the rest of the rankings for Class A. 

Paul Melchior — Minneapolis MudCats

1.  Minnetonka Millers

2.  Minneapolis Cobras

3.  Stockmen’s Irish

4.  Highland Park Beavers

5.  Lyon’s Pub Warriors

6. St. Paul Capitals

7. St. Anthony Hogs

8. Baseball365

9. Air Freight Unlimited

10.  St. Louis Park Pirates

Bubble: Minneapolis Angels, Tri-City Shark, Minneapolis MudCats, St. Paul Hops, Bloomington Bandits

Rick Tossey — St. Paul Capitals

1. Minnetonka — Defending champs

2. Minneapolis Cobras

3. Stockmen’s Irish

4. Lyon’s Pub

5. St. Anthony Hogs

6. St. Louis Park Pirates

7. Highland Park Beavers

8. Baseball365

9. Air Freight

10. St. Paul Capitals

Just Missed — Metro Knights, Minneapolis MudCats, Bloomington Bandits, St. Paul Mudhens, St. Paul Hops

Matt Paulsen — MacStrength Grizzlies

1. Minnetonka Millers — Last year’s champs. They have 37 guys on their roster. There is no way that nine of them aren’t really good.

2. Minneapolis Cobras — They only have 23 people on their roster but one of them is Matty Germar and he is worth like 15 dudes so they are almost even with Tonka.

3. Saint Anthony Hogs — Always good, and their catcher Ethan Roe is destroying it in college this spring. He just set the single-season home run record for St. John’s.

4. Lyon’s Pub Warriors — They have to be in the top five so I am gonna put them at No. 4.

5. Stockmen’s Irish — Expecting big things from them. I think they have a TV contract so how can they not be a top five team?

6. St. Paul Capitals — Admittedly I barely saw any St. Paul teams last year. There was a killer disease running around so lay off.

7. St. Louis Park Pirates — An old and injured club who hit like 30 home runs in 23 games last year.

8. Highland Park Beavers — Surprise team last year that was pretty darn good

9. Baseball365 — They are the only store that sells only baseball stuff all year long. That’s cool.

10. Minneapolis North Stars — New team in the PNash.  First ranking is free, gotta earn the rest!

Jordan Wiggins — St. Anthony Hogs

1. Minnetonka Millers — 2020 champs. Seem to maintain the core guys we’ve come to know and fear and they continue to add young guys who are top level players. 

2. Minneapolis Cobras — Gave the Millers a really good run in the 2020 championship game. Probably the best lineup Nos. 1-9 in Class-A right now with a handful of good arms to pair with it. 

3. Stockmen’s Irish — Lineup full of guys who can run and go deep. Top three arms are 1A, 1B, and 1C. Timely hitting and defense would be enough for them to knock off anyone. 

4. Lyon’s Pub Warriors — Only really see these guys in the tournament. They’re usually winning a lot and always seem to come out on top in close games. 

5. St. Paul Capitals — Perennial powerhouse out of the St. Paul League. Always seem to have really solid pitching and defense and enough bats with pop to get runs across. I’m sure we will see them again in mid-late August. 

6. Highland Park Beavers — I knew nothing about this team until the 2020 tournament where they lost in the semis, but they looked like a group of guys who knew how to play baseball at a high level. If that same team comes back, they’ll win a lot of games again this year. 

7. St. Louis Park Pirates — We all know what this group of guys is capable of. Seventh is probably a slap in the face but the championship hangover from 2018 seemed to be of the two-year variety. If their young guys are around and the vets get their  fire back, they’ll be dangerous again this year. 

8. Northwest Orioles — Didn’t know much about this team but we played them in their first game of 2021. Guys were already hitting hard liners and they had two or three guys throwing mid/upper 80s. Raw team that should be able to hang with anyone. 

9. Metro Knights — Ryan Meehan always has a large group of good baseball players who love the game. They’re not afraid to play anyone and are always up to the challenge. Drew the Millers in round one last year after a great 2019 state tournament run. 

10. St. Anthony Hogs — Lost some key players but the core is still intact with some really good additions. Pitching and defense continues to be the motto. 

Class A rankings (as of May 16)

1. Minnetonka Millers — 40

2. Minneapolis Cobras — 36

3.  Stockmen’s Irish — 30

4 Lyon’s Pub Warriors — 28

5. Highland Park Beavers — 19

5. St. Anthony Hogs — 19

7. St. Paul Capitals — 17

8. St. Louis Park Pirates — 14

9. Baseball365 — 8

10. Air Freight Unlimited — 4

10. Minneapolis North Stars — 4

Also receiving votes: Northwest Orioles, Metro Knights, Minneapolis Mudcats, Bloomington Bandits, St. Paul Mudhens, St. Paul Hops, Minneapolis Angels and Tri-City Shark, Minneapolis North Stars

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