Class A rankings: Minnetonka claims No. 1 for itself

By Nick Gerhardt

ScoreMonster Contributor

No doubt about it: Minnetonka claimed all four first-place votes to hold down the No. 1 spot.

Lyon’s Pub moved into the No. 2 spot while St. Louis Park slid to No. 3. The St. Antonhy Hogs stayed put at No. 4 while the St. Paul Capitals also remained in their previous spot at No. 5.  

Stockmen’s Irish moved up t No. 6 to make room for the Minneapolis Cobras, who moved up to No.7.

The rest of the top 10 included the Rosetown A’s at No. 9., the St. Paul Mudhens at No. 9 and the Tri-City Shark at No. 10.

Paul Melchior — Minneapolis MudCats

1. Minnetonka  19-0. ‘Nuff said.

2. Lyon’s Pub Warriors (Pub) — Beat Park and a tough Victoria team to win the Poppitz Tourney last week, and are undefeated in the Park National.

3. St. Louis Park — Lost tight games to Pub and Tonka in the last week, but still in rarified air.

4. St. Anthony Hogs Hogs — Remain in the clean-up slot this week. Rolling in the Skyline.

5. Minneapolis Cobras — The snakes keep scoring runs, and have shored up their pitching staff with former EP/Gopher/Twin, Cole DeVries. Bad news for the rest of the PNASH.

Tough to get a read on what’s happening in the Skyline and St. Paul. Their standings must be on the dark web somewhere. Best shot via social media looks like this:

6. St. Paul Capitals

7. Stockman’s Irish

8. Rosetown A’s

9. St. Paul Mudhens

10. Hamel Hawks

Others to watch: Edina, Bloomington, Baseball365, Kelly Fuels

Bryan Ludwig — St. Paul Mudhens

1. Minnetonka Millers — Jut beat SLP in a high profile match-up Monday night. A mainstay in the top 2-3 each year.

2. St. Louis Park — Power. Power. Power. This lineup gets it done seemingly at will.

3. Lyons Pub — One of the most balanced teams I’ve seen this season. They play great defense, are solid 1-9 with the wood, and seem to run out an endless line of dudes to the mound.

4. St. Anthony Hogs — This team has the talent and depth to build on their dark horse run in the 2019 Tournament.

5. St. Paul Capitals — The class of the St. Paul league is hitting their stride early and often.

6. Stockmen’s Irish — Young, deep, and powerful up and down the lineup. Bridges/Klingsporn/Baumgard are a deadly 1,2,3 on the bump.

7. Minneapolis Cobras  — Every time I check twitter these dudes seem to be hanging another W.

8. Rosetown A’s  — After a bit of a down 2018, the A’s are back in the hunt in a competitive St. Paul League.

9. Bloomington Bandits — Whether they show up with 9 or 19, these guys come to play.

10. Baseball 365 — Fun group of guys that battles for every out.

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Steve Schmitz — Minnetonka

1. Minnetonka Minnetonka  

2. Lyon’s Pub 22-9 Always competitive, two HUGE wins against PARK

3. St. Louis Park — 18-5 Should be No. 2 but somehow they have lost to Pub twice. Tough lineup 1-9

4. St. Anthony Hogss — I am new to this ranking stuff and I couldn’t find any data on them. However, I know they have two really good pitchers and beat the Cobras.

5. Stockmen’s Irish

6. St. Paul Capitals

7. Minneapolis Cobras — 12-2

8. Tri-City Shark

9. Hopkins

10. Edina

Rick Tossey — St. Paul Capitals 

1. Minnetonka — Undefeated, pretty amazing how they start the season every year.

2. Lyon’s Pub — Two wins over Park and the winner of the Victoria tourney.

3. St Louis Park — Playing and winning a ton of games, lost a close one to Tonka.

4. St Paul Capitals — 6-0 league start, pitching has been excellent so far.

5. Stockmens Irish  2-0 in league play, solid record in non-league games.

6. St Anthony — They continue to win games against top teams and not allow many runs.

7. Minneapolis Cobras — Park National looks like it will be a three-team race with Pub, Cobras and Baseball 365.

8. St. Paul Mudhens — Mediocre overall record but many close games with top competition.

9. Rosetown A’s — We saw several excellent arms in an 11-inning game vs. Caps.

10. Twin City Saints  New look roster in 2019, second in St Paul and some solid non-league showings.

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Class A rankings (As of June 23)

1. Minnetonka (40)

2. Lyon’s Pub Warriors (35)

3. St. Louis Park (33)

4. St. Anthony Hogs (26)

5. St. Paul Capitals (23)

6. Stockmen’s Irish (21)

7. Minneapolis Cobras (18)

8. Rosetown A’s (8)

9. St. Paul Mudhens (9)

10. Tri-City Shark (3)

Others receiving votes: Hamel Hawks, Bloomington Bandits, Baseball 365, Hopkins Berries, Edina Buckshots, Twin Cities Saints, Kelley Fuel Diesel, Minneapolis Angels

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