Class A Rankings: May 24 Edition

–by Brett Kruschke

Last year the Dundas Dukes won the Class B championship and including the poll released earlier today, have been the unanimous No. 1 team for the first two polls. So, too, has it now gone for the Minnetonka Millers in Class A.

Matt Paulsen – a polling representative of the Riverview League – succumbed to “major computer problems” and wasn’t able to turn in his poll this week, but the show must go on:

PHIL McDERMOTT – St. Paul League

1) Minnetonka Millers (6-0) – cruising through their May schedule with lopsided wins
2) St. Paul Capitals (6-1) – solid start to 2016 and college players are arriving soon
3) St. Louis Park (9-2) – veteran-loaded lineup with power, great start to a busy schedule
4) St. Paul Shamrocks (?) – sleeper team for 2016 and they have a done a nice job rebuilding after 2013 title
5) Air Freight (?) – could be some turnover with the college players but a dominant pitching staff in 2015
6) Minneapolis Cobras (4-3) – lost their ace from 2015, should compete for Park National #1 seed
7) Lyon’s Pub (?) – their website doesn’t have overall record but some solid early wins with a clunker against Tonka
8) Diamond Cutters (?) – almost guaranteed to make the state tournament out of the Skyline

9) NW Orioles (?) – adding based on 2015 results, not sure if they have played any games in 2016

10) North St. Paul Red Roosters (1-0) – have been a factor in the Skyline the last couple years and should continue that trend

Bubble teams – Stockmen’s Irish, Mpls Lakers, Highland Park, St. Anthony, Mpls. Angels

RYAN MEEHAN – Skyline League

  1. Minnetonka Millers (6-0).  Through 6 games, the Millers are outscoring their opponents by an average score of 10-1.  The beat goes on.
  2. St. Paul Capitals (6-1).  Early wins over the Angels, Blaine, Bloomington, St. Anthony, and Tri-City.  And many of their college guys aren’t even back yet.
  3. St. Louis Park (9-2).  New additions Andy Davis and Tony Manville have combined for 27 innings, no earned runs and 45 strikeouts.
  4. Lyon’s Pub Warriors (7-1).  Apologies for leaving these guys out the first time.  Saw them play this week in Hinckley.  Looking solid.  Early wins over the Capitals, Cobras, Elko, and Mora.
  5. Minneapolis Cobras (4-3).  Tough early season schedule will prepare the Cobras for P-Nash play.
  6. Minneapolis Lakers (1-0).  Beat a good St. Anthony team on the road in their lone game so far.
  7. Minneapolis Angels (4-3).  Mixed results so far, but notable road wins over Coon Rapids and Howard Lake.
  8. Continental Diamond Cutters (0-0).  Yet to play.
  9. St. Paul Shamrocks (0-0).  Yet to play.
  10. Stockmen’s Irish (0-0).  Yet to play.

Dropped Out:  Northwest Orioles (0-0)

JON-ERIC URSETH – Park National League

  1. Minnetonka Millers (6-0) – a +54 run differential through 6 games is good right?
  2. St. Paul Capitals (6-1) – Only loss was to a rising Lyon’s Pub team
  3. Lyon’s Pub (7-1) – Only loss is to Tonka, beat the Cobras in a one-run league game
  4. St. Louis Park (9-2) – Won 5 straight.  Iron 9 beats most teams.
  5. Minneapolis Cobras (4-3) – Losses were to good teams in Park, Forest Lake and Pub.  Big matchup with Angels Tuesday.
  6. Continental Diamond Cutters – Can’t drop them for not playing yet.
  7. Minneapolis Lakers (1-0) – Win over St. Anthony, more games coming up.
  8. St. Paul Shamrocks – Do not start until June.
  9. Air Freight – Same as Shamrocks
  10. Minneapolis Angels (3-3) – Loss to Merchants to open up league play was surprising.  Will rebound.

Lots of teams not updating their websites. Hard to rank this week. Honorable mentions: NW Orioles, Tri-City Shark.

CLASS A RANKINGS (as of May 24):

  1. Minnetonka Millers (30 points)
  2. St. Paul Capitals (27)
  3. St. Louis Park (23)
  4. Lyon’s Pub (19)
  5. Minneapolis Cobras (17)
  6. St. Paul Shamrocks (12)
  7. Continental Diamond Cutters (11)
  8. Minneapolis Lakers (9)
  9. Air Freight (8)
  10. Minneapolis Angels (5)

Others receiving votes: Northwest Orioles (2), Stockmen’s Irish (1), North St. Paul Red Roosters (1).

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