Class A rankings: Latest poll welcomes two new teams to top 10

By Nick Gerhardt

ScoreMonster Contributor

Our four experts saw no reason to change their top two teams in this week’s poll and left Minnetonka at No. 1 and St. Louis Park at No. 2. The Millers and Pirates were unanimous choices in each spot.

The pollsters did see it was time for a change at the No. 3 spot and the St. Paul Capitals rose to claim it after being ranked No. 4 in the previous poll. That meant the Minneapolis Cobras dropped from that spot all the way to No. 8 in this week’s poll.

The Lyon’s Pub Warriors drew some attention behind their league play and climbed to the No. 4 spot after holding the No. 7 spot previously. 

BARC Industries stayed pat at No. 5 while the St. Paul Mudhens cracked the top 10 for the first time at No. 6.

The Minneapolis Angels slotted up a spot to No. 7 and this week’s poll welcomed in Kelley Fuels Diesel into the top 10 at No. 9. Stockmen’s Irish remained in the top 10 but dropped one spot to No. 10 this week.

Of note, all records were as accurate as possible when the pollsters submitted their rankings. Also, a gentle reminder to teams to post their scores on Teams can us the iScore app to score games and have that automatically updated on their MBA page. Check out how to use iScore here.

Jon-Eric Urseth — Park National League

1. Minnetonka Millers — Haven’t lost since last poll

2. St. Louis Park — No reason to move them out of the No. 2 spot

3. Lyon’s Pub Warriors — Winning every game that matters. 10-1 in Park National League

4. St. Paul Capitals — Leading St. Paul, scary lineup

5. St. Paul Mudhens — Playing well of a great run last year. 7-2 in league play

6. Minneapolis Angels — 8-3 in league and proved again that as long as they have one out left they can beat you

7. BARC Bullfrogs — 5-1 in league and will compete for the crown

8. Kelley Fuels Diesel — Beat the Capitals and looking good

9. Minneapolis Cobras — Dropped a pair of close league games after a tourney win

10. Baseball 365 — Pair of one-run games to the Cobras. When they play their best they can hang with anyone

Just out: St. Anthony Hogs, Stockmen’s Irish, Tri City Shark, Rosetown

Matt Paulsen — Riverview League (check out Matt’s work at

1. Minnetonka Millers (21-3) — On a seven-game winning streak since the last ranking AND engaged in a Twitter battle with Eagan. Though it is unclear who won the tweet off.

2. St. Louis Park Pirates (22-7) — Still scoring runs despite losing Bordewick to some wood bat league or another.

3. BARC Bullfrogs (9-2-1) — That is a pretty good record and they are No. 1 in the Skyline.

4. St. Paul Capitals (14-6) — No. 1 in the St. Paul League.

5. Lyon’s Pub Warriors (14-9) — They have actually only been 3-3 since the last poll but are an impressive 10-1 in league play and sitting atop the Park National.

6. Minneapolis Angels (11-8) — Like the Pub the record doesn’t blow you away but they are 9-4 in the Park National and sit in second place. They must get lots of sleep the nights before their league games or something.

7. St. Paul Mudhens (12-10) — The No. 2 team in the Skyline. These guys are 7-2 in league play. I have seen them. A solid team with some nice young players.

8. Minneapolis Cobras (15-7) — The Cobras of course have a good record but are third in the PNL at 6-2.  So for that reason I have dropped them in the polls but they will probably win state.

9. Stockmen’s Irish (11-7) — These guys are usually pretty good.

10. Kelley Fuels Diesel (1-0) — Well I had to pick someone else from the Saint Paul League and these guys have a 1.000 winning percentage according to the MBA website so they get the nod.

Phil McDermott — St. Paul League1. Minnetonka — Undefeated since previous rankings2. St. Louis Park — Still playing and winning a bunch of games and scoring a ton of runs3. Lyon’s Pub — 10-1 in league play moves them up the rankings4. St. Paul Mudhens — 7-2 in league play and won league title in 2017, looks like they have a nice pitching staff5. St. Paul Capitals — Lineup looking more potent with a few additions and hold a half game lead in tough St Paul League6. Minneapolis Angels — 8-3 in league play and beat the Cobras recently7. Kelley Fuels Diesel — 6-3 in St Paul right now and look much improved from 2017, 3-2 win over Capitals8. BARC Bullfrogs — Left them off the initial rankings after major pitching injuries in 2017, but will compete for Skyline No. 1 seed at 5-19. Minneapolis Cobras — 4-2 in league play is a small sample so they drop down a little for now10. Stockmen’s Irish — 4-1 in league play and they are very dangerous with two stud armsJust Missed: Highland Park, Tri City Shark, Rosetown, TC Saints, Baseball 365

Ryan Meehan — Skyline League

1. Minnetonka Millers (20-3) — Since we last checked in, they’ve gone 6-0 and allowed just eight runs in those six games.

2. St. Louis Park (19-7) — A couple of hiccups in league play, dropping one to the NW Orioles and needing a six-run rally in the bottom of the ninth to squeak out a win over Bloomington. Still, they’re at 6-2 in the Riverview and control their own destiny when it comes to claiming the top seed. Interesting stat of the day: Park batters have drawn 122 walks already this season and hit 80 doubles.

3. St. Paul Capitals (14-6) — Finally hitting their stride, winning nine of their last 10 games. Sitting comfortably on top of the St. Paul League with a 7-1 record in league play.

4. BARC Industries Bullfrogs (9-2) — Despite the relatively light schedule, the Bullfrogs have been building positive momentum in the Skyline. The first four in their lineup are all new (including two Minnesota-bound H.S. seniors), as is the starting rotation, but they’ve gelled quickly.

5. Minneapolis Cobras (14-7) — Tournament win in Cannon Falls. Just edged out the Warriors, 2-1 in a key midseason Park National matchup.

6. Lyon’s Pub Warriors (14-9) — Winners of eight of their last 10 games. Whatever the reason for their early struggles, the Warriors have been cleaning up in the P-Nash, going 10-1 in league play.  

7. St. Paul Mudhens (14-8) — A couple of convincing wins over Stockmen’s Irish and a good showing in Miesville has the St. Paul Mudhens proving that last season wasn’t a fluke. Currently at 7-2 in Skyline League play.

8.  Minneapolis Angels (10-7) — The overall record isn’t eye-popping, but they play a tough non-league schedule and they’re off to an 8-3 start in league play.

9. Kelley Fuels Diesel (6-3) — No online presence. The Diesel refortified their lineup with a few more Hamline grads.

10. Highland Park (6-2) — No online presence. Essentially a ghost team. Even when we played them, their lineup card listed only nicknames. Are they an apparition, like the players who walked out of Ray Kinsella’s cornfield? I think I saw Moonlight Graham in their dugout.

Dropped Out: St. Anthony Hogs (14-9), Stockmen’s Irish (11-7), Edina Buckshots (4-3)

Class A rankings (As of July 7)

Tiebreakers went to the team with the highest single vote

1. Minnetonka Millers (40)

2. St. Louis Park Pirates (36)

3. St. Paul Capitals (28)

4. Lyon’s Pub Warriors (25)

5. BARC Industries Bullfrogs (22)

6. St. Paul Mudhens (20)

7. Minneapolis Angels (18)

8. Minneapolis Cobras (13)

9. Kelley Fuels Diesel (10)

10. Stockmen’s Irish (3)

Others receiving votes: Highland Park, Tri City Shark, Rosetown A’s, TC Saints, Baseball 365, St. Anthony Hogs

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